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    Air Monitoring: A Complete Line of Products for Air Monitoring

    A Complete Line of Products for Air Monitoring¦ Adsorbent Tubes Solvent Desorption Thermal Desorption¦ Passive Sampling¦ Whole Air Sampling¦ Pumps and Accessories¦ Chemical StandardsAir Monitoring2 ordering: 800-247-6628 (US only) / 814-359-3441IntroductionSupelco is proud to offer this comprehensive catalog featuring our air monitoring product line with ...

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    Clean Air Solutions for Incineration - Brochure

    Incineration processes, due to high temperature reactions, convert waste into ash, flue gas, and heat. These processes are very challenging from the air pollution control standpoint because of the variety and characteristics of the air contaminants generated. From a regulatory standpoint, the industry is divided into a number of categories: Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators (CISWI), ...

    By Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC

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    Pollution - Model VEGA-MPS - Multipoint Sampler Brochure

    Vega-MPS can be connected to 8, 16 or 24 sampling lines, depending on the model. Vega-MPS connects the micro-gaschromatograph to up to 30 sample points in a wide range around the instrument, through inert PTFE or steel pipelines. A pump sucks continuously from all lines, and a multi-point valve connects them cyclically to the analyzer, so that the next sample is always ready and ...

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    PAH analysis in ambient air

    Specific solution for the measurement of PAH in ambient ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    Pollution - Model EDU-3 - Enrichment and Desorption Unit Brochure

    This device can be connected to Vega-GC (or between Vega-GC and Vega-MPS) to increase the concentration of air samples, improving the GC sensitivity. It is based on the widely used technique of adsorption and thermal desorption from a cartridge containing an active phase, which selectively traps a family of components (aromatics, oxygenated etc…). It is therefore possible to increase the ...

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    Radiello® Diffusive Sampling System - Your Complete Guide to Passive Air Sampling

    Radiello continues to be the preferred diffusive/passive sampling device in Europe for over 10 years. Sigma-Aldrich, as the global distributor of radiello, has introduced the samplers into the US and other world markets, as well as into new applications. Analytical scientists frequently are finding new and interesting ways to use radiello for sampling difficult or very low levels of compounds ...

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    Submarines Automatic Air Quality Monitoring Applications Note

    In a submarine there are several airborne chemical substances which are known for their effects on the health of persons exposed to. In operating condiƟons, the most important that can be found are: carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), oxygen (O2), hydrogen (H2), Freon, Halon and Acrolein. The air higher pressure during underwater activities has to be considered because the analytical ...

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    TAPI - Model 701 - Zero Air System - Manual

    OPERATION MANUAL MODEL 701 ZERO AIR GENERATOR TELEDYNE ADVANCED POLLUTION INSTRUMENTATION DIVISION (TAPI) 9480 CARROLL PARK DRIVE SAN DIEGO, CA 92121-5201 TOLL-FREE: 800-324-5190 FAX: 858-657-9816 TEL: 858-657-9800 E-MAIL: WEB SITE: 01671H DCN6051Copyright 2007 – 2011 Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation 08 April 2011 01671H ...

    By Teledyne API

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    Pollution - Model Micro GC GCX - Micro Gas Chromatography Modular System Brochure

    Based on the micro gas chromatography technology, the GCX is an instrument that finds its best use on-line. Due to its configuration can be placed in ...

  • Air Pollution Control Equipment and Systems - Brochure

    A Chemical Process Engineering Company founded in 1979 Specifies Systems for Pollution Control and General Process applications Solves your most complicated Air and Water Pollution problems on an "Equipment Only" or Turnkey basis Also offers Consulting and Design Engineering and Specification Writing for supply by others ...

    By D.R. Technology, Inc.

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    e-Series Ecodesigned Criteria Pollutants Analyzers - Brochure

    Dedicated to the measurement of regulated pollutants such as ozone (O3), carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NO- NO2 and NOx), the e-Series of analysers, has been designed with a special consideration to the environmental impacts of the product during its whole ...

  • Air Pollution SOQ Brochure

    WAYNE PLAZA II ¦ 155 ROUTE 46 WEST - SUITE 109 ¦ WAYNE, NJ 07470 ¦ 973-575-2555 ¦ FAX: 973-256-2200 ¦ ¦ STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS Air Pollution Consulting Services Ambient Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring Services TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1: OVERVIEW SECTION 2: AIR POLLUTION CONSULTING SERVICES SECTION 3: AMBIENT AIR QUALITY ...

    By Enviroplan Consulting

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    F&J - Model DF-604D - Digital Air Monitoring System - Brochure

    The DF-604D Series Air Sampling Systems are designed for remote unattended continuous air sampling applications. The DF-604 Series Air Samplers feature a brushless motor with electronic motor speed control that maintains a user selectable flow rate. The flowrate range attainable through the filter media is dependent upon the air porosity of the filter media. The DF-604D Series design accommodates ...

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    Equipment Manufacturing General for Water & Wastewater Systems - Catalogue

    Water flow control devices are designed to serve to a wide variety of duties. Selection of the correct device to suit the duty is important to overcome the design criteria and provide the most cost effective solution. The range of available operating equipment is extensive: from simple direct operation by hand wheel to complex control systems by electrical actuation. The range of water flow ...

  • Air Pollution Control Systems Brochure

    Air Pollution Control Systems Patented Venturi Scrubbers Tray Scrubbers Packed Absorption Towers Cyclones Activated Carbon Adsorption Demisters ...

    By Altech Technology Systems

  • Air Pollution Control Systems Brochure

    McGill AirClean is uniquely positioned in the air pollution control industry with the ability to supply multiple solutions for any given application. With this advantage, we will customize an ideal solution based on an individual application, and not just promote a single type of technology because it is all we can offer. We offer turnkey systems with complete engineering, manufacturing, ...

    By McGill AirClean LLC

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    Precision Zero Air User Manual

    Precision Zero Air User Manual 2013 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 0 - 09/01/13 Precision Zero Air UM Page 2 2013 © Peak Scientific - Rev. 0 - 09/01/13 Contents Change History 3 How to use this manual 3 Introduction 4 Safety Notices 5 Symbols 5 Safety Notice to Users 5 Warranties and Liabilities 6 Technical Specifications 7 Environment 7 Inlet Conditions 7 Outlet Gas 7 Electrical ...

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    Indoor Air Quality Meters (IAQ) - Indoor Air Quality Monitors Brochure

    6 Harnessing the Power of Mobile Computing for Advanced Environmental Measurements GrayWolf is changing the way that environmental measurements are taken. The DirectSense IAQ harnesses leading-edge sensor technology with the power and performance of mobile computing: your choice of Pocket PC, XP/Vista PC or embedded computer platforms. • An essential component of any professional IAQ ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

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    F&J - Model DF-804 - Digital Flowmeter Environmental Air Sampler (110V) - Brochure

    The DF-804 Series Air Sampling Systems are designed for remote unattended continuous air sampling applications. The DF-804 Series Air Samplers feature a brushless motor with electronic motor speed control that maintains a user selectable flow rate. The flowrate range attainable through the filter media is dependent upon the air porosity of the filter media. The DF-804 Series design accommodates ...

    By F&J Specialty Products, Inc.

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