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    Anaerobic Digestion Solutions Brochure

    WesTech provides innovative designs for custom digester covers using the latest structural standards while integrating ease of erection and economical value. By offering you three major structural designs - truss, beam, and DuoSphere""-WesTech can provide the right system design to meet your specifications. WesTech Anaerobic Digester Covers are an excellent choice for your new or retrofit ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    Thermophilic Digestion - Efficient Digestion of Organic Matter in Waste Streams Brochure

    Application: Fermentation represents a natural and anaerobic dissimilation process during which organic biomass is transformed. Certain bacterial strains are capable of converting organic material mainly into methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (C02) and water. The efficiency of the conversion is determined by the system and the nature of the substrate. This anaerobic digestion process takes place in ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    DIGESTMIX Efficient Mixing and Heating System for Digesters Brochure

    The unique DIGESTMIX system is capable of mixing and heating the content of a digester at minimum operating (energy and maintenance) costs. This mixing b heating device facilitates a stable temperature, intensive mixing and abatement and prevention of floating layers and scum in the reactor. The DIGESTMIX can also be delivered in mixing mode ...

    By Colsen International b.v.

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    EWT Digestion Equipment - Brochure (PDF 521 KB)

    The anaerobic sludge digestion process accelerates the natural decomposition of sludge, allowing safe, nuisance-free disposal. Over eighty years ago, anaerobic digestion of sludges in covered tanks was proven to be a useful method of solids reduction. Since thattime, effective digester mixing has been demonstrated to enhance the anaerobic digestion process. Experience has also shown that ...

  • Anaerobic Digester Covers Brochure

    The JDV/Ralph B. Carter Anaerobic Digester Covers, for over 50 years, have provided Municipalities and Industry a safe, proven design for efficient installation, long operation and service life of the Anaerobic Digestion Process. JDV has extensive experience in refitting your existing installation or can provide design and installation support and services for new construction ...

    By JDV Equipment Corporation

  • Anaerobic Thermophilic Digestion Profile

    AP-2 Anaerobic Digestion Thermophilic 1107.doc AP-2 Wastewater Anaerobic Digestion (Thermophilic) Anaerobic DigesterSteamBoilerNatural GasRe-circulated SludgeMethaneSludgeDSI HeaterPPPPWAS HoldingTankThickening Application: Anaerobic Digestion – Sludge Heating (Thermophilic) Municipal Wastewater facilities facing growing processing demands and limits in their current facilities, are ...

    By ProSonix LLC

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    AppliTek AnaSense - On-Line Anaerobic Control Analyzer - Brochure

    On-line monitoring of critical process parameters and process efficiency in anaerobic digesters. Advanced features On-line, automatic measurements of volatile fatty acids (VFA), bicarbonate, alkalinity, pH and ammonia in one single run Second generation design with less moving parts, simple maintenance and requiring no special analytical skills Complete separation between electronics and wet ...

    By AppliTek NV

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    Process expertise for sustainable municipal waste water solutions

    www.andritz.comProcess expertise for sustainable municipal wastewater solutions02 03It’s time to turn your waste into new business opportunitiesRising energy costs. Expensive labor. Growing populations. Is your wastewater plant prepared for all these challenges? Today, more than 50% of the world’s population of seven billion live in cities – and the trend towards urbanization continues to rise. ...

  • Steam Injection Heating for Anaerobic Digestion of Wastewater & Sludge Heating

    Direct steam injection (DSI) is an emerging technology formunicipal biosolids heating, especially in processes thatuse anaerobic digestion. DSI has a long track record in challenging slurry heating applica-tions. Steam is readily available and can be inexpensive to produce.Scaling from small to large flows with steam is effective and reliable. When applied correctly, DSI provides significant ...

    By ProSonix LLC

  • Multiple Tank Cover Digesters

    BioEnergy Storage Solutions include the industry's best cover options for digester applications. The gas zone of a digester is the most corrosive area and requires appropriate design. Along with this corrosiveness, there are many other factors (environmental, mixer loads, pressure, vacuums, ancillary equipment loads, etc.) that need to be considered in cover selection. CST Storage can design and ...

    By CST Industries Inc

  • Energy From Digester Gas Brochure

    Optimised biogas utilisationEnergy from digester gasThe complete solutionOur companyENER-G designs, installs and operates biogas combined heat and power (CHP) systems for a variety of digestion plants.Digestion plants produce a biogas which has high methane content, approximately 50-70%. This otherwise environmentally harmful gas is a rich fuel that can drive a CHP unit generating both heat and ...

    By ENER-G

  • EUCOlino - Compact, plug-and-play digester

    EUCOlino 50 kW 64 kW 75 kW 100 kW L x W x H 2) 3) 112‘ x 26‘ x 20‘ 112‘ x 26‘ x 20‘ 112‘ x 26‘ x 20‘ 112‘ x 26‘ x 20‘Digester Digester Volume1)Option 1 7,063 ft3 (52,830 gal) 7,063 ft3 (52,830 gal)Option 2 14,126 ft3 (105,660 gal) 14,126 ft3 (105,660 gal)Combined Heat and Power Unit (CHP) and Control RoomEngine MAN “filius 104“(50/70)4) MAN "filius 204" (64/85)4) MAN "filius R06" ...

    By BIOFerm™ Energy Systems

  • Aero-Fac - Sludge Digestion System (SDS) Brochure

    The Aero-Fac Sludge Digestion System (SDS) provides ongoing biological sludge digestion with extremely low operating and energy costs. Aero-Fac® is a high-process-rate, small footprint wastewater treatment system that has been well proven with a variety of municipal and industrial wastewater applications in all types of climates. Aero-Fac® employs an advanced and optimised form of a ...

    By Gurney Environmental Ltd.

  • Process Development Service - Brochure

    PRINTED ON RECYCLED PAPER AC/PD/02 What we doAxion Consulting has extensive hands-on technical experience and commercial knowledge of a wide range of industrial and chemical processes. Our process and product development team has the skills, connections and capacity to develop novel ...

    By Axion Group

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    Eimix - Mechanical Sludge Mixers - Brochure

    AUTOMATIC TROUBLE-FREE, EFFECTIVE SLUDGE MIXING Ease of operation and maintenance Heat exchanger jacket compatibility Ragless propeller design Improved uptime & long continuous service periods Removable mixing mechanism to avoid de-gassing or de-watering the ...

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    EIMIX - Mechanical Sludge Mixer - Brochure

    Automatic Trouble-Free Effective Mixing; Key features & benefits • Unique non-clog propeller design does not collect rags, fibers or hair • Highly effective mixing • Removable mixers for servicing • Steel draft tube ...

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    Biosolids Treatment - Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment Brochure

    Technology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial Sludge. Cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatment. Cambi’s Thermal Hydrolysis Process (THP) is a proven and reliable technology that has been used around the world since 1995 in existing and “green field” projects to reduce both disposal quantities and the cost of building and operating ...

    By Cambi Group AS

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    Increased Renewable EnergyReduced Biosolids VolumeTechnology for Enhanced Anaerobic Digestion of Municipal and Industrial SludgeTurbocharge Your DigesterThe Pathogen-free nutritious biosolids product can be used as organic fertiliser in agriculture, or as soil improver BIOSOLIDS BROchuRE www.cAMbI.coMUnleash the Power of Anaerobic Digestion cambi Thermal Hydrolysis Sludge Pre-treatmentCambi’s ...

    By Cambi Group AS

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    WesTech General Brochure

    Since 1973, WesTech has gained extensive experience in water and wastewater treatment for a wide range of equipment and processes. Prior to making a treatment recommendation for a particular application, WesTech works closely with you to gather necessary information for the entire process. This process driven approach, along with the combined experience of our process and application engineers, ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    WesTech Engineering - General Brochure

    WesTech has built a solid reputation for reliable process equipment and superior service worldwide. We design, engineer, and manufacture quality equipment for municipal, mining, and industrial treatment ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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