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    TechPro II - TPH1, TP1 & TH1 - Operation Manual

    The TechPro II incorporates several new features including: waterproof enclosure, keypad calibration, FULL 4 digit LCD, the addition of a 20 location memory storage, and enhanced performance to name just some of the improvements. Additionally, “salinity” units may be selected. See Features and Specifications on pages 2 & 3. For your convenience, on the bottom side of your TechPro ...

    By Myron L Company

  • Series Q156 Gauge Cocks (Valves) Brochure

    SERIES Q156 & Q136 VALVES FOR TABULAR GAUGE GLASS These valves are manufactured for different types of connections. All valves have forged bodies of carbon steel or of stainless steel as per the requirement. All carbon steel are rust proofed. High quality borosilicate tubular glass should be used with these valves. The pressure rating is dependent on length of the glass tube and pressure rating ...

    By Quality Gauge & Valve

  • Mo Model Series Q136 - Gauge Cocks Valves Brochure

    The Quality Series Q156 uses an offset integral bonnet pattern and seat. This series has forged bodies of both steel and stainless steel as per required. Guard rods and other accessories can also be attached to protect the tubular glass from breakage. Quality equips the lower Tubular Valve with a protection shutoff. This device is the stainless steel ball which closes off fluid channel when the ...

    By Quality Gauge & Valve

  • Appropriate Design Elements for a Habitat Banking Scheme

    Exploring potential demand for and supply of habitat banking in the EU and appropriate design elements for a habitat banking scheme Final Report submitted to DG Environment 25 June 2012 This page is intentionally blank Exploring potential demand for and supply of habitat banking in the EU and ...

    By Crestwood Environmental Ltd

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    Peristaltic Pumping: The Perfect Dispensing Solution Brochure

    DISPENSING PERFECTIONWatson-Marlow Bredel leads the world inmanufacturing high accuracy peristalticdispensing pumps and tubing, representingthe best combination of speed, accuracy,ease-of-use, and versatility of any dispensingdevice. Our peristaltic design is perfect fordispensing delicate, viscous, corrosive orabrasive fluids in research and productionprocesses around the globe. With peristaltic ...

  • Company Brochure

    www.hobbsvalve.comHobbsAt Hobbs Valve we believe in pushing the boundaries even further in terms of innovation and...Quality AssuranceHobbs Valve guarantees high quality design and manufacture with an embedded philosophy of professional service...Fire Safety & Service SupportFire safe test for metal seated valves BS EN ISO 10497:2004 (2010).We have a policy of professional service, customer...Why ...

    By Hobbs Valve

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    TAPI - Model 200E - Manual

    TECHNICAL MANUAL MODEL 200E NITROGEN OXIDE ANALYZER © TELEDYNE ADVANCED POLLUTION INSTRUMENTATION DIVISION (TAPI) 9480 CARROLL PARK DRIVE SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA 92121-5201 USA Toll-free Phone: 800-324-5190 Phone: 858-657-9800 Fax: 858-657-9816 Email: Website: 04410 Rev D Copyright 2007-2010 DCN 5731 Teledyne Advanced Pollution ...

    By Teledyne API

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    Analyser Data Manager Operating - Manual

    Introduction This manual explains how to use the Analyser Data Manager software for the model types listed below: G100 CO2 0-20% G110 CO2 0-100% G150 CO2 0-10,000ppm G200 N2O 0-1,000ppm G210 N2O 0-100% Hyperbaric Analyser ...

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    DiveAir 2 Compressed Air Monitor - Operating Manual

    The Diveair 2 Diving Air Analyser has been designed to measure the composition of compressed air used to fill gas cylinders for underwater diving operations. As well as being able to measure the concentrations of Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen, the analyser can also measure possible contamination due to Carbon Monoxide and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Diveair 2 Analyser will measure Carbon ...

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    PoolPro - PS9TK - Operation Manual

    The POOLPRO™ PS9TK has been designed to include titration measurements for Alkalinity, Hardness and LSI and an LSI Calculator for water balance analysis. The POOLPRO also features Myron L Company's exclusive Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE) function for making ORPbased free chlorine measurements, as well as optional Bluetooth® wireless data transfer. Other features include a clock with ...

    By Myron L Company

  • ClimateCHECK- Brochure

    Stabilize Foundations.Grow Capabilities.Seize Opportunities.INNOVATIVE GREENHOUSE GAS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS | founders and sponsors of and ghginstitute.orgGet a Better Return with OurClimate Services Our climate services help you set the standard, going beyond compliance to see the opportunity to generate better returns. Our clients range from large, corporate GHG reductions ...

    By ClimateCHECK

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    Delta-T - Model SM300 - Soil Moisture and Temperature Sensor - Manual

    The SM300 measures soil moisture content and temperature. Its sealed plastic body is attached to two sensing rods which insert directly into the soil for taking readings. A waterproof plug connects to a choice of signal cables. Both extension cables and extension tubes can be used. The soil moisture output signal is a differential analogue DC voltage. This is converted to soil moisture by a data ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

  • CTA Conference Overview

    SSttaanndd SSiizzeeSSttaaggeessPPRRVViissiittoorr CCoonnffiirrmmaattiioonn LLeetttteerrssBBooootthh PPaacckkaaggee IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn CCoouunntteerrOOnnlliinnee AAddvveerrttiissiinnggPPrriivvaattee MMeeeettiinngg RRoooommPPoosstteerrssFFaaiirr GGuuiiddee // CCoonnffeerreennccee PPrrooggrraammTTiicckkeettssEEmmaaiill SSiiggnnaattuurreeAAddddiittiioonnaall ...

    By Koelnmesse, Inc.

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    Hydropower Plants & Water Distribution- Brochure

    NIVUS - Flow Solutions forI n s t r u m e n t a t i o n F o r W a t e r I n d u s t r yHydropower Plants Water Distribution&www.morguefile.comHydropower and Water Distribution2Various sensor types allow to perfectly adjust the systemWater Resources Applications+ Billing Networks+ Open Channel Monitoring and Flow Control+ Pump Station Monitoring+ Domestic Water Supply Monitoring+ No calibration ...

    By NIVUS GmbH

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    SevenExcellence pH Meter - Professional Multi-Channel Meter with Touch Screen Brochure

    Excel in the Lab with SevenExcellence™ pH-meters unmatched performance. SevenExcellence™ is the perfect choice for applications where maximum measurement accuracy is required. The multi-channel instrument allows measurements of 1, 2 or 3 parameters simultaneously, either in the same or in different ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

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    Ultrameter II - 6PFC and 4P - Analytical Instruments Operation Manual

    Model 6PIIFCE includes Myron L Company’s exclusive Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE) feature for making ORP-based free chlorine measurements. Both Ultrameter IIs now also feature optional Bluetooth® wireless data transfer. Other features include a clock with time and date, memory of up to 100 locations with time and date stamp, the ability of the user to adjust the timeout “Auto ...

    By Myron L Company

  • The Climate Trust 2009 Annual Report

    The Climate Trust 2009 Annual Report leadershipEveryone must act to rapidly reduce the accumulation of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere to prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. However, many companies are uncertain about which actions to take in anticipation of climate legislation or regulation. That is why The Climate Trust is providing utilities and other companies access ...

    By The Climate Trust

  • Green Energy from Wastewater Filter Sludge

    Energy Reduction Aeration and biosolids processing exhibit the two highest energy requirements of all the unit operations in a typical municipal wastewater treatment plant. By removing 40% to 70% of solids before the biological wastewater plant, the Salsnes Filter reduces aeration and biosolids processing energy needs by over 30%. Energy Surrogates Salsnes Filter cake can be incinerated to ...

  • Quadax - Butterfly Valve Brochure

    Available up to 40' and larger available up to 2300 psi and above temperature range -454°F to +1472°F body styles: API-609 lug style ANSI B16.10 long pattern flanged ISO-5752 short pattern flanged DIN 3202 F4/S4 buttweld ...

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    TAPI - Model T700 - Dynamic Dilution Calibrator - Manual

    Operation Manual Model T700 Dynamic Dilution Calibrator Also supports operation of Model T700U (when used in conjunction with T700U addendum, PN 06876) © TELEDYNE ADVANCED POLLUTION INSTRUMENTATION (TAPI) 9480 CARROLL PARK DRIVE SAN DIEGO, CA 92121-5201 USA Toll-free Phone: 800-324-5190 Phone: 858-657-9800 Fax: 858-657-9816 Email: Website: ...

    By Teledyne API

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