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    Model OFS-2000C - Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) - Combustion Air Flow Brochure

    OSI's patented Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) makes drift-free measurements across the entire stack, duct or pipe diameter and calculates an accurate average flow reading. It is the only flow sensor that gives a true non-contacting cross-stack flow measurement of the process. The OFS uses our EPA Method 14 approved optical scintillation technology. The optical scintillation technique relies on ...

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    Air Monitoring: A Complete Line of Products for Air Monitoring

    A Complete Line of Products for Air Monitoring¦ Adsorbent Tubes Solvent Desorption Thermal Desorption¦ Passive Sampling¦ Whole Air Sampling¦ Pumps and Accessories¦ Chemical StandardsAir Monitoring2 ordering: 800-247-6628 (US only) / 814-359-3441IntroductionSupelco is proud to offer this comprehensive catalog featuring our air monitoring product line with ...

    By Merck

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    CalTrak XL Primary Standard High-Flow Gas Flow Calibration - Datasheet

    Bring world class accuracy to your facility. Sierra’s CalTrak XL is the leading high flow primary gas flow calibrator on the market today. With increased demand for higher flows of process gas, there is a requirement to validate and calibrate high flow gas meters and controllers. Designed to replace aging bell provers, the XL meets that need with an impressive standardized accuracy of +/- ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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    Thermox WDG-V Combustion Analyzer Features

    # COMPONENT SENSOR ENHANCEMENTS1 Enclosure The Sensor enclosure size and weight has been reduced by over 30% and features a hinged door IP65 enclosure as standard. Lightweight, high “R” value, blanket insulation inside the enclosure insures sensor temperature stability throughout wide ambient temperature cycles.2 Sensor Heater Block High output single cartridge heater with improved thermal ...

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    THERMOX WDG-VC Combustion Analyzer Datasheet

    PROCESS INSTRUMENTSTHERMOX®www.ametekpi.comWDG-VC flue gas oxygen & combustibles analyzerClose-coupled extractive design for fast response in a wide range of flue gas applications up to 3000°F (1648°C). Completely field serviceable.SENSORPrinciple of Operation: Zirconium oxide for net oxygen measure-ment and dual hot-wire catalytic detectors for combustibles. Output Range:Oxygen: From 0-1 to ...

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    THERMOX WDG-VRM Rack Mount Combustion Analyzer Datasheet

    PROCESS INSTRUMENTSTHERMOX®www.ametekpi.comWDG-VRM oxygen analyzer Oxygen analyzer that can be used alone or as an integrated part of a CEM (Continuous Emission Monitoring) system.SENSORPrinciple of Operation: Zirconium oxide for net oxygen measurement Output Range: Oxygen: From 0-1 to 0-100%Accuracy:Oxygen: ±0.75% of measured value or ±0.05%, whichever is greaterDrift: ...

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    Lancom - 4 - Portable Combustion & Stack Emissions Gas Analyser Datasheet

    We are specialists in non-contact temperature measurement and combustion monitoring with our products finding applications across diverse industries such as steel and glass making, power generation and cement manufacture. As part of AMETEK Process & Analytical Instruments Division since 2006, our customers benefit from the worldwide AMETEK sales and service ...

    By AMETEK Land

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    FlatTrak - Model 780S Series - Mass Flow Meter - Manual

    Sierra’s Series 780S FlatTrak Mass Flow Meter provides a reliable solution for monitoring gas mass flow rate. Low-flow sensitivity, fast response and outstanding rangeability have made this model the instrument of choice for many critical gas flow applications. The Series 780S meter solves the problems associated with monitoring flow in installations where long runs of straight pipe are not ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • MiniKnowz - - Combustible Gas Sensor Modules

    © 2002-2005 Neodym Technologies Inc. MiniKnowz™ Datasheet- Revision 1.0.0 – Page 1 MiniKnowz™ Intelligent Gas Sensor Module FEATURES - MOS Sensor & HCMOS microcontroller - Hydrogen, methane & propane versions - 0-50% LEL measurement - 200/400 ppm logical resolution - 30 seconds start-up time - 4 secs. T90 response time - 10 secs. T10 recovery time - Normal, Warning, Alarm & Error ...

    By Neodym Technologies Inc.

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    WDG-VCM - Flue Gas Oxygen, Combustibles & Hydrocarbon Analyzer Brochure

    PROCESS INSTRUMENTSTHERMOX®www.ametekpi.comWDG-VCM flue gas oxygen, combustibles & hydrocarbon analyzerClose-coupled extractive design for fast response in a wide range of flue gas applications up to 3000°F (1648°C). Completely field serviceable.SENSORPrinciple of Operation: Zirconium oxide for net oxygen measure-ment and dual hot-wire catalytic detectors for both combustibles and methane. ...

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    TAPI - Model 701 - Zero Air System - Manual

    OPERATION MANUAL MODEL 701 ZERO AIR GENERATOR TELEDYNE ADVANCED POLLUTION INSTRUMENTATION DIVISION (TAPI) 9480 CARROLL PARK DRIVE SAN DIEGO, CA 92121-5201 TOLL-FREE: 800-324-5190 FAX: 858-657-9816 TEL: 858-657-9800 E-MAIL: WEB SITE: 01671H DCN6051Copyright 2007 – 2011 Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation 08 April 2011 01671H ...

    By Teledyne API

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    TunnelCraft - Model III - NO2 Air Quality Monitor (AQM) Datasheet

    Tunnel Atmosphere Monitoring i/d : 100033 Issue : A Rev : 2 Date :28/2/2011 © 2010 CODEL International Ltd. We reserve the right to modify designs without prior noticeCODELProduct Data SheetTunnel Atmosphere MonitoringTunnelCraft 3 - NO2 Monitor Nitrogen DioxideHigh accuracy & stabilityHigh reliabilityZero maintenanceSimple operation - no moving componentsLow-cost ...

    By Codel International Ltd

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    QuadraTherm - Model 640i/780i Series - Insertion and In-Line Mass Flow Meters - Manual

    From Sierra’s beginning over forty years ago, Founder Dr. John G. Olin was driven by the vision of supplying industrial customers with the world’s most accurate mass flow meter. And, he knew it was a “sensor” game. The development of an industrialized metal-sheathed sensor in the early 80s was Sierra’s first big step, but Dr. Olin is a driven innovator, and this was ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

  • S4100C - Intelligent Combustible Gas Sensor - Manual

    MODEL S4100C Hydrocarbon Smart Transmitter The information and technical data disclosed in this document may be used and disseminated only for the purposes and to the extent specifically authorized in General Monitors in writing. Such information and technical data are proprietary to General Monitors and may not be used or disseminated except as provided in the foregoing sentence. ...

    By General Monitors

  • PowerKnowz Combustible Gas

    © 2004 Neodym Technologies Inc. PowerKnowz™ Datasheet- Revision 1.0.1 – Page 1 PowerKnowz™ Intelligent Gas Detector FEATURES - MOS Sensor & HCMOS microcontroller - Hydrogen, methane, propane & CO versions - 0-50% LEL measurement (0-450 ppm CO) - 50/100 ppm logical resolution (2 ppm CO) - 30 seconds start-up time - 4 secs. T90 response time (240 secs. CO) - 10 secs. T10 recovery time ...

    By Neodym Technologies Inc.

  • Air check Ex Combustible Gas Monitor - Manual Brochure

    Air ChecküüEX LEL Gas Monitor Instruction Manual PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc. 557 Capital Drive Lake Zurich, Illinois 60047 Phone: 847-726-6000 Fax: 847-726-6051 Toll-Free: 888-788-8050 PureAire Monitoring Systems, Inc. 10/25/07 1 Table of Contents 1: ...

  • CCD - Catalytic Combustion Detector Datasheet

    The Catalytic Combustion Detector responds to all hydrocarbons withthe selectivity of an FID and the sensitivity of a TCD. The entire detector’sdiameter is merely one centimeter. Its sensor element consists of a tiny coilof platinum wire embedded in a catalytic ceramic bead. Each CCD detectorhas a pair of sensor elements. The sensors are housed in high-grade, flame-proof nylon, and ...

    By SRI Instruments Europe GmbH

  • testo 320 commercial combustion analyzer

    1testo 320. Combustion analysis in HDHigh Def & Heavy DutyFor Residential & Commercial Applications2testo 320testo 320 - Combustion testing solutions in HD.Combustion analysis in high definition is more than just a brilliant display. It’s a combination of proven measurement standards, contractor-rugged design, and Testo’s innovation. The result - testo 320 - makes combustion analysis easier to ...

    By Testo Inc.

  • Model CWD2005 - Combustion Calorimeters Brochure

    The combustion calorimeters of the CWD2005xxx device series (Calorimetry, Wobbe-Index and Specific Density) are used to determine the gas quality according to the (German) G260 and G262 working sheets and the respective ...

    By Union Instruments GmbH

  • Knowz Combustible Gas - Ammonia - CFC Detector

    © 1990 - 2005 Neodym Technologies Inc. Knozw™ Datasheet- Revision 1.1.0 – Page 1 Knowz™ Gas Detector FEATURES - Long life MOS sensor - Combustible. ammonia & CFC versions - 0-80% LEL detection (combustibles) - 30 - 300 ppm ammonia detection - 300 - 3000 ppm R-21/22/113/134a detection - 30 seconds start-up time - ...

    By Neodym Technologies Inc.

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