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    Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Learning from Frontline Experience with Contamination

    Steve E. Hrudey and Elizabeth J. HrudeyIdeal crop marks1P–*C 20752 (5/14) QGDedicated to the world’s most important resource, AWWA sets the standard for water knowledge, management, and informed public policy. AWWA members provide solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy, and enhance our quality of life.Ebis ercipis et, seribus serci blame verior ...

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    Monitoring Drinking Water Quality with the PlasmaQuant® MS - Special Application Note

    1. Introduction Fresh drinking water is needed for life as well as being a valuable source of vital minerals for health. Water for consumption is sourced from various resources including surface fresh waters, ground water and even seawater. The source often dictates the level of pre-treatment required before it is considered safe for consumption. While groundwater is naturally filtered and may ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

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    Water and Food Analytics Catalog

    Water and Food Analytics Test Kits, Instruments and AccessoriesMerck Millipore is a division of When analyzing water and food, trust plays a very important role. Only careful analysis using tests that are performed correctly and are delivering sound results will help to maintain and improve our quality of ...

    By Merck

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    Water treatment and water disinfection - Catalogue

    Water treatment and water disinfection - ...

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    Changing Consumers’ Perceptions on the Value of Water

    Shape the Perception of Water’s Worth© 2014 American Water Works AssociationAvailable at the AWWA StoreIdeal crop marksDedicated to the World’s Most Important Resource ™Melanie K. GoetzCommunicating Water s Value Talking Points, Tips & StrategiesExcerpt from the book included.Buy Now© 2014 American Water Works Association53Chapter 8The Paradox of Value: Water Rates and the Law of ...

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    Communicating Water’s Value: Talking Points, Tips & Strategies

    Shape the Perception of Water’s Worth© 2014 American Water Works AssociationAvailable at the AWWA StoreIdeal crop marksDedicated to the World’s Most Important Resource ™Melanie K. GoetzCommunicating Water s Value Talking Points, Tips & StrategiesExcerpt from the book included.Buy Now© 2014 American Water Works Association53Chapter 8The Paradox of Value: Water Rates and the Law of ...

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    WWEM 2014 - Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring Conference Brochure

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WWEM 2012 Supporting Trade AssociationsWWEM Brochure V2:WWEM 2014 4 page brochure 10/4/13 15:55 Page 2Visitor ProfileVisitors From the 2012 Event Included:Affinity Water Shared Services Ltd - Quality Control ManagerAirbus Operations Ltd - UK Environmental ManagerAirforce of Zimbabwe - Environmental Health ...

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    Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies - Brochure

    At De Nora Water Technologies we make water treatment easy. That’s why we offer a range of innovative treatment technologies used the world over to help protect and preserve the world’s most precious ...

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    Deployable Water & Wastewater Solutions - Brochure

    creating value in water through innovation, creativity and expertise A New Global Force in Water As society and the global economy demand more and more from water, there is a growing requirement for ever more specialist applications to manage clean water, to create specialist process waters, to treat wastewater, to extract energy from  wastewater and to champion the reuse of water. The 2010 ...

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    Tethys Instruments - Model UV300-5D - Online Drinking Water Analyzer Brochure

    The UV300-5D is a pre-defined configuration of the UV300 analyser dedicated to drinking water monitoring. It offers the possibility to monitor simultaneously FIVE parameters: Total residual chlorine, Turbidity, pH, Conductivity, Temperature. All this is done by a single unit that allows high performance measurements at a cost effective price. An automatic cleaning system maintains clean the flow ...

    By Tethys Instruments SAS

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    Economical Disinfection with ECA Water Brochure

    Increasing consumer expectations and growing competition is forcing soft drinks manufacturers to produce high-quality products more economically – a trend that is being additionally intensified by the boom in organic beverages. In doing so, purification takes a central role in the process of drinks production. Extremely high demands made on the shelf-life and flavour of products can now be ...

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    VOCs monitoring in water using Purge&Trap instrument

    VOCs monitoring in water at ppt and ppb levels using Purge&Trap ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    Surface Water

    InventoryTo make surface water or any other water suitable for consumption and industrial processing an inventory needs to be carried out. This inventory should give answers to the following questions> What is the quality of the raw water?> What are the requirements for the process water?> Which technologies will be most suitable to fulfill these requirements?> Is the current Water Treatment ...

    By Sweco Nederland BV

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    Best Practise: Energy from wastewater

    Use of biological wastewater treatment to generate energy, preserve resources and lower operating costs. The challenge in terms of sustainability: Reducing energy consumption and optimising operating costs is an important aspect for many companies. Under certain conditions these goals can be combined in an intelligent wastewater treatment plan. By recovering energy, recycling water and minimising ...

    By EnviroChemie GmbH

  • MIOX for Drinking Water Brochure

    MIOX for Potable Water A direct replacement for chlorine and other biocide chemicals used in all types of water treatment. MIOX is On-Site Generation Technology Generating chemicals on site, on demand is safer, cost effective, and eco-friendly. ? Eliminates storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals. ? Dramatically improved safety; less liability. ? Lifecycle costs much lower than ...

  • Drinking Water Systems Brochure

    Welcome to Kinetico Water is the very basis of life, touching everyone and everything. Our need for water is fundamental. Here at Kinetico it is our mission to produce the best possible drinking water solutions for you and your family. We are a recognised leader in drinking water systems, our products are brilliantly designed, easy to use and offer unrivalled reliability. A Kinetico drinking ...

    By Kinetico International

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    CapWa Water Recovery

    IntroductionHigh quality water is needed for most steam generating processes. Characteristics of high quality water are that it has a low conductivity and that it contains no organic compounds. In order to achieve these standards, raw water needs to be treated and demineralized. This treatment process can be very laborious and costly depending on the raw water source. An example of a rather clean ...

    By Sweco Nederland BV

  • Drinking Water Treatment Brochure

    HEADWORKS BIOLOGY SEPARATIONu MEMBRANEu DISINFECTION BIOSOLIDS SYSTEMSApplication brochure: Drinking Water TreatmentMunicipal Drinking WaterOUR SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEMBecause of its comprehensive portfolio, Degrémont Technologies can offer a wide range of solutions for municipal applications. The Degrémont Technologies’ products have been designed so that they can integrated in to all ...

  • Drinking Water Sondes Operations Manual

    6-SERIES DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS 600DW-B Sonde 6920DW Sonde 650 MDS Display/Logger 6500 Process Monitor Environmental Monitoring Systems SAFETY NOTES TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND WARRANTY INFORMATION Contact information for technical support and warranty information on YSI’s Environmental Monitoring Systems products can be found in Section 8, Warranty and ...

    By YSI - a Xylem brand

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