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    Preparative Chromatography Brochure

    PreparativeChroma? tography enPreparativeChroma? tography Sepacore® – Easy to use and efficient preparative chromatographyBuchi is a leading world-wide supplier of core technologies in the areas evaporation, purification and separation. Whether working with a simple flash purification system or with a complete preparative chromatography system dealing with all aspects of separation and ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Analysis of Pesticides in Beef Kidney

    Reporter 31.1 | and Beverage AnalysisReduce Matrix Background and Improve Overall Analyte Recovery for the Analysis of Pesticides in Beef KidneyKatherine K. Stenerson and Jennifer Clausjennifer.claus@sial.comThe exposure of farm animals to agricultural pesticides continues to be a major concern among food producers. For example, in the case of organochlorine ...

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    Dioxin & PCB Analysis Brochure

    The Supelco Dioxin Prep system provides a highly effi cient means of extracting and isolating dioxins, furans, and PCBs from stack gases, wastewater, soil, food, blood, and milk. The prep system design reduces solvent usage, decreases sample preparation time by 1-2 days, and results in extraction recoveries greater than 85%. The convenient multi-layer silica gel column is key to the extraction ...

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    Analysis of Herbicides in Drinking Water

    Food & Beverage Analysis of Herbicides in Drinking Water Herbicides are used throughout the world to combat the growth of unwanted plant life. These polar compounds are hydrophilic, so they may find their way into drinking water sources. Because they show some level of toxicity to humans, quantitative and qualitative information can be used to determine whether a water source is safe ...

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    Pollution - Model Micro GC GCX - Micro Gas Chromatography Modular System Brochure

    Based on the micro gas chromatography technology, the GCX is an instrument that finds its best use on-line. Due to its configuration can be placed in ...

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    Increased Pigment Removal with Analysis of Pesticides in Oranges

    Although pesticides have proven to be invaluable in crop production, the same toxicity, stability and mobility that enables them to effectively kill insects causes detrimental effects in humans. The importance of pesticide residue analysis led to the development of the Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, Safe (QuEChERS) sample preparation approach by Anastassiades and Lehotay, a dispersive SPE ...

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    PAH analysis in ambient air

    Specific solution for the measurement of PAH in ambient ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    Environmental Analysis Brochure

    Quality control of water, soil, and airEnvironmental analysisMetrohm ... • is the global market leader in titration • is the only company to offer a complete range of ion analysis equipment – titration, voltammetry, and ion chromatography • is a Swiss company and manufactures exclusively in Switzerland • grants a 3-year instrument warranty and a 10-year warranty on chemical suppressors for ion ...

    By Metrohm AG

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    Application Note: Accurate Fuel Dilution in the Field Using the Q6000 FDM: A Comparison to Gas Chromatography

    Introduction Fuel contamination in a lubricant is one of the most important lubricant failure modes in internal combustion engines. The presence of fuel reduces the oil viscosity which decreases the load carrying ability of the lubricant. Unchecked fuel dilution issues in a lubricant can lead to severe wear to bearings, gears, and pistons. Other fuel dilution failure mechanisms include lubricant ...

    By Spectro Scientific

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    Sulfur compounds measurement in natural gas

    Analysis of H2S, Mercaptans and/or THT with MEDOR Exp Natural gas used for household consumption typically contains odorant sulfur components for safety reasons. As natural gas is normally odorless, the sulfur components are artificially added. When natural gas is transported between various companies, regions or countries, gas companies have to verify that the sulfur species are present as ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    Baseline - Model Series 9100 - Gas Chromatograph Datasheet

    Every application is factory configured before delivery, making set-up and installation that much easier. Our world-class team of Service Specialists are available to offer installation and product support. ...

    By AMETEK MOCON - Baseline

  • GC Care Gas Chromatography Columns

    Innovation with IntegrityGas ChromatographyGas Chromatography ColumnsGC CAREBruker Daltonics is continually improving its products and reserves the right to change specifications without notice. © BDAL 02-2011. #275544Bruker’s commitment to providing the very best in analytical systems extends beyond providing great instrumentation. In most cases, a good analytical system encompasses instruments, ...

    By Bruker Corporation

  • Gas Chromatography Connection Supplies Brochure

    Agilent Self Tightening Column Nut and Gas Chromatography Connection SuppliesTHE RIGHT CONNECTIONS MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE2NOW IT’S EASIER THAN EVER TO GET RELIABLE GC RESULTS THROUGH BETTER GC CONNECTIONSColumn connections have been a source of frustration and wasted time since the advent of GC. For starters, simple connections can leak, causing high background noise, damaged GC column ...

    By Agilent Technologies, Inc.

  • Catalogue of Gas Chromatography columns and accessories

    Gas chromatography columns and accessories gas chromatography columnsApplication specific columnsGC-MS columnsChiral columnsHigh temperature columnsFast gc columnsRetention gaps, press-fit connectorsGas chromatography columns and accessories 2GC columns: available dimensionsFastConventinalWide-BoreID 0.05mm 0.10mm 0.15mmLength from 2 to 5 m from 2 to 5 ...

    By Stratlab Ltd

  • Natural Gas Analyzer by Multidimensional Gas Chromatography Brochure

    Natural Gas Analyzer by Multidimensional Gas Chromatography Zack Ji, GS-Tek. NaiZhong Zou, Beijing Chromtech Institute Introduction • Natural Gas Analyzer (NGA) are developed based on Agilent-6890/6820 GC. This system employs multidimensional GC technique to analyze components in the sample such as O2, N2, CO, CO2, H2S, C1-C12 Hydrocarbons. The system is equipped with two valves, three packed ...

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    Sulfur compounds measurement in natural gas with Exp enclosure solution

    Solution for sulfur compounds measurement in natural gas and gaseous fuel following ASTM ...

    By Chromatotec Group

  • Model 300 Series - Gas Chromatography Instruments- Brochure

    The 300 series fast GC is an unconventional gas chromatograph using directly heated columns for rapid heating and cool down. It is truly a fast GC with cycle times measure in seconds and not minutes. The system does not have an oven as in a conventional GC products because direct heating of the column eliminates the need for ...

    By Ellutia

  • AGC - Version TrendVision - Gas Chromatography Software - Brochure

    A New Approach From AGC Instruments, TrendVision Software is a complete chromatography package specifically designed to address the needs of gas chromatograph users in various areas of Industry. TrendVision is a second generation offering built on the foundation of the successful TrendVision 3 product. TrendVision has been fully redesigned to meet the needs of modern operating systems. The ...

    By AGC Instruments Ltd.

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    Biofuel Process Analysis - Application Notes

    We’ve taken technology that we developed for one industry and modi-fied it for application in related industries.WE ARE A GLOBAL LEADERAMETEK, Inc. is a leading diversified manufacturer of electronic instru-ments and electromechanical devices. We have over 11,000 colleagues at more than 80 plants across the United States and in 14 countries around the world. Supporting those operations are more ...

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