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  • Heavy Metal Removal Systems- Brochure

    Common heavy metals like Nickel, Chrome, Zinc, Cadmium and Copper are typical byproducts of industrial and laboratory processes and can pose considerable health risks to human beings. It is required that their presence in wastewater be reduced to legal levels before being discharged into the environment as mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Packaged and custom Heavy Metal ...

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    ATOMISOL Metal Stabilization Technology Brochure

    Atomisol Metal stabilization and encapsulation is an alternative treatment technology for stabilizing toxic heavy metals in soils and production waste streams. The Atomisol proprietary stabilization systems render high levels of lead, chromium, cadmium, arsenic and other heavy metals into non-leachable, safe forms, suitable for onsite deposition or off-site disposal in Subtitle D landfills or ...

    By Ivey International Inc.

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    Lewatit - Model TP 207 - Acidic, Macroporous-Type Ion Exchange Resin Datasheet

    Lewatit TP 207 Lewatit TP 207 is a premium grade weakly acidic, macropcrous-type ion exchange resin with chelatng immodiacetate groups for the selective removal of heavy metal cations from weakly acidic To weakly oasic ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

  • Rekon - Ion Exchange Brochure

    Kontek has been a leading manufacturer and pioneer of fully automated self- regenerating ion exchange industrial wastewater recovery systems for over 35 years. ReKon Ion Exchange Systems have proven to be a reliable and cost-effective method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high quality de-ionized water for recycling. Kontek’s customers use ReKon ...

    By Kontek

  • Selective Ion Exchange

    The High Quality Route to clean water. Water Quality valuesProFilter® TREATING RINSE WATER CONTAINING HEAVY METAL CONTAMINATION FROM TREATMENT CFS. THE HIGH QUALITY ROUTE TO CLEAN WATER 1 Selective Ion Exchang ProFilter® Treating Rinse water Containing heavy Metal Contamination Today tough discharge limits ...

    By TreatMent

  • R-208 Ion Exchange Resins Brochure

    BULLETINR-208EMAY 2009ION EXCHANGE RESINSF.O.B. Northbrook, Illinois Specifications subject to change without notice. For: High purity water / Precious metal recoveryRecirculated rinses / Waste treatmentHeavy metal removalFOR MAKE-UP WATER AND RECIRCULATED RINSES Mixed bed resin is designed for use in a single column or multiple columns in series to provide water to a 20,000 ohm ...

    By Serfilco International Ltd

  • Ion Exchange Resin Brochure of Danhao Corp.

    CATALOG 2013 EDITION Jiangyin Danhao Trading Co.,Ltd. , parent company name Danhao(Asia) Resin Technology Limited, is on the base of formerly named company EastragonResin in 2005,mainly exported products range has been now expanding from professionally manufactured ion exchange resins into water treatment equipment and accessories which service for the various water treatment solutions and ...

  • R-201 Ion Exchange Resin Chambers and Systems Brochure

    LABMASTER©SPACE-SAVER®GUARDIAN© "SPECIAL"GUARDIANBULLETINR-201_MAUG 2008ION EXCHANGE RESINCHAMBERS and SYSTEMS• For PRECIOUS METAL RECOVERYThese resin systems can recover gold and other metals from plating operations easily and economically. Select the proper resin for gold recovery from acid or cyanide rinse water. Depth of resin column assures good solution contact for maximum metal recovery. ...

    By Serfilco International Ltd

  • Stripwound Metal Hose Products Brochure

    Corrugated Metal Hose & asseMbliesHOSE MASTERThere are many different types of hose available on the market, including metal, rubber, composite, PTFE, and fabric. The decision of which hose type to buy depends on the application for which the hose is being used. Generally, there are eight factors that should alert you to consider using metal hose:1. TemperaTure exTremes ...

    By Hose Master LLC

  • Flue Gas Cleaning System With Energy Recovery and ADIOX for Dioxin Memory Effect Removal Brochure

    1Annual Report 20112 3Managing Director’s statementNew business opportunities with Babcock & Wilcox VølundNow that we are part of B&W Vølund, one of the world’s leading suppliers of equip-ment for waste treatment, new business opportunities are opening up for us, and this development is giving our joint customers increased coordination of complete deliveries. Right now we are collaborating with ...

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    Environmental Analysis Brochure

    Quality control of water, soil, and airEnvironmental analysisMetrohm ... • is the global market leader in titration • is the only company to offer a complete range of ion analysis equipment – titration, voltammetry, and ion chromatography • is a Swiss company and manufactures exclusively in Switzerland • grants a 3-year instrument warranty and a 10-year warranty on chemical suppressors for ion ...

    By Metrohm AG

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    ContraFast Brochure

    CONTRAFAST®High-Rate Thickening ClarifierCONTRAFAST® High-Rate Thickening ClarifierThe CONTRAFAST high-rate thickening clarifier utilizes a combination of internal and external solids recirculation and tube settling clarification. The CONTRAFAST unit is capable of running at rise rates of 6 gpm/ft2 and higher. This is more than four times the rate typically used for conventional clarifiers. In ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    CONTRAFAST High-Rate Sludge Thickener Clarifier - Brochure

    The CONTRAFAST high-rate thickening clarifier utilizes a combination of internal and external solids recirculation and tube settling clarification. The CONTRAFAST unit is capable of running at rise rates of 6 gpm/ft 2 and higher. This is more than four times the rate typically used for conventional ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    AdEdge - Modular Water Treatment Systems Brochure

    EPA regulations for contaminant removal have placed an unprecedented challenge upon small public water systems to cost-effectively meet safe drinking water compliance objectives. Many small potable water systems such as schools, day care centers, housing developments, and manufacturing facilities need options that are simple, affordable, and effective. Additionally, solutions are needed that ...

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    Myron - 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers Operation Manual

    warning: all monitor/controllers are factory set to operate on 115 vac. before applying power ensure the input power "115/230 vac" selection is correct for your requirements. failure to do so is beyond the responsibility of the myron l company. see section ii.e.2. and figure ii.e.1. warning: ensure power is off while installing electrical equipment. if monitor/controller is installed, ensure the ...

    By Myron L Company

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    New ChromBook catalog - Edition 2015

    This new edition of the ChromBook catalog is a rich source of information, with complete details about our entire chromatography portfolio, as well as valuable advice about modern methods and ...

    By Merck

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    Bench Scale Equipment Product Guide

    For More Information: Call Sterlitech Corporation at (877) 544-4420 or (253) 437-0844, Or visit www.sterlitech.com HP4750 Stirred Cell HP4750 STIRRED CELL The Sterlitech™ HP4750 is a high-pressure, low hold-up volume (1 ml), chemically resistant stir cell that performs a wide variety of membrane separations. FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Safe Operation - ability to safely process volatile ...

    By Sterlitech Corporation

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    We are pleased to announce that effective September 13, 2010 Enviroquip changed its name to Ovivo USA, LLC

    Over 200 years of innovation, creativity and expertise have been drawn together to form what we hope will become the finest water company in the world. Operating in 21 countries and over 5 continents, we are the only global company dedicated to water and to water alone. Ovivo is by no means the biggest (that can be the remit of our competitors), but we do aim to be the ...

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    Derivatization Reagents: For Selective Response and Detection in Complex Matrices

    Applications in Chromatographic Analysis and Separations:GCHPLCChiralTLCDerivatization ReagentsFor Selective Response and Detection in Complex Matrices2 sigma-aldrich.com/derivatization ORDER: 800-247-6628 (US only) / 814-359-3441Table of ContentsThe Value in Derivatization for Separation Science ............................... 3Derivatization for GC ...

    By Merck

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    CTCII - - Conductivity/TDS Chemical Treatment Controller / Cooling Tower Controller Operation Manual

    Since 1957, the Myron L Company has been providing customers with quality products at an affordable price by designing and producing products that are Accurate, Reliable, and Simple to use. Quality you have come to rely and depend on. As you read through this operation manual you will see the CTCII is truly designed to be user friendly and simple to install. The CTCII is packaged as a complete ...

    By Myron L Company

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