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    Merckoquant® Test Strip Brochure

    Simply rapid.Merckoquant® – the mobile analysis systemMerckoquant ®COMBINING ULTIMATE SIMPLICITY WITH SPEED2Test strips are true high-tech products – a mobilelaboratory on just a few square millimeters of backing. Merckoquant® test strips are suitable for the semiquantitative detection of ions and of inorganic and organic substances. They can be used to measure concentrations from as low as 1 or ...

    By Merck

  • ROSOMA - Strip Cutter Brochure

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ROSOMA Strip cutter Range of application ROSOMA machines and systems represent the current and future state-of-the-art technol-ogy in fish processing. They comply with the rules and regulations in force and the high hygiene standards of the food industry. Construction of the machine The machine is a combined screwed-welded assemblage where welds are used to a limited degree ...

    By ROSOMA GmbH

  • Steel Separating Strips-Adaco

    Seite 1 von 1 D. Nr. 004 Version 3.0 en Product information for Adaco® Steel separating strips Scope of application: Adaco Steel separating strips are applied in dental surgery as well as in dental laboratory, for the manual creation of inlays and adamantine in the interdental space. Practice: The Steel separating strip is carefully introduced in the interdental space ...

    By Ackermann KG

  • Sterisol - Emitter Strips Brochure

    Sterisol emitter strips for the simultaneous disinfection of room air and surfaces in dry or humid rooms. Cost-effective, fast germ level reduction by direct disinfection at times when there are no people present e.g. during the night or in closed areas and ...

    By Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH

  • Air Stripping Towers Brochure

    Air Stripping Towers Single-Source Responsibility for Packing, Internals and Engineering Support Sanitherm has partnered with"LANTEC PRODUCTS INC." to incorporate the most efficient internal packing available today LIQUID DISTRIBUTORS Designed to Satisfy a Broad Range of Operating Conditions Pictured at the right is a typical liquid distributor with single parting box and weir troughs. Liquid ...

    By Sanitherm Inc.

  • pH-Fix Test Strips

    MNMNMACHEREY-NAGEL MACHEREY-NAGELKATEN100013/pHFix_pt en1/10/0/11.2007 HAPrinted in Germanyu Inconceivable range of applicationsfor pH-Fix and pH-Fix PT test sticksu Comprehensive product rangepH-Fix – classic flat boxesRange pH gradation REF pH 0 – 14 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 –11 – 12 – 13 – 14 921 10pH 0.0 – 6.0 0 – 0.5 – 1.0 – 1.5 – 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 – 3.5 – 4.0 – 4.5 – ...

    By Macherey-Nagel GmbH & Co. KG

  • pH-Fix Test Strips Brochure

    pH-Fix Test StripsEasy, accurate, reliableC T LCHEMICALS TEST KITS &PAPERSLAB EQUIPMACHEREY-NAGELMNCTL Scientific Supply Corp. 1-631-242-4249 Official distributor of 1016-3 Grand Blvd. 1-888-686-3454 (toll free)Deer Park, NY 11729 1-631-242-4504 (FAX) www.ctlscientific.comC T LCHEMICALS TEST KITS &PAPERSLAB EQUIPMACHEREY-NAGELMNC T LCHEMICALS TEST KITS &PAPERSLAB EQUIPCTL ...

    By CTL Scientific Supply Corp.

  • TDS806 Cavitation Stripping of Gases and Oxygenation of Liquids pdf

    TECHNOLOGY DATA SHEET TDS806 Cavitation Stripping Gases from Liquids and Oxygenation and Biological Control Global Advantech Limited Exceptional clean technologies for a sustainable future..... Energy House, 14 Maurice Close, Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, PE28 0HD, United Kingdom t +44 (0)845 519 0159 / e / Copyright © 2011-2012 Global Advantech ...

  • TW-STPKG-1 - Strip Tension System Brochure

    1004 Reder Road / Griffith, IN 46319 / 219.924.3366 / www.techweigh.com1004 Reder Road / Griffith, IN 46319 / 219.924.3366 / www.techweigh.comRolling Mill Sensors Tension Measuring SystemsThe dependability and the accuracy of the TWS Tensiometer is a requirement in the heavy applications and harsh environment of the rolling mills. Full systems engineering applications are ...

  • Quantofix Relax test strip reader 2016

    QUANTOFIX® RelaxAutomated reader for QUANTOFIX® test strips• Highest precision• Objective readings• Easy result administrationQUANTOFIX® Relax Dip & Read TestsPerfect vision Exact resultsCTL Scientific Supply Corp. Official distributor of1-631-242-4249 1-888-686-3454 (toll free)1-631-242-4504 (FAX) www.ctlscientific.comQUANTOFIX® RelaxA revolution in test strip ...

    By CTL Scientific Supply Corp.

  • Horizontal Environmental Wells Handbook Brochure

    Horizontal Environmental Well Handbook 1 Prepared by Directed Technologies Drilling, Inc. December 2004 Horizontal Environmental Well Design and Installation PREFACE Horizontal environmental wells have emerged as one of the robust and proven remediation technologies of the 21st century. Over the past fifteen years, hundreds of horizontal remediation wells have been installed in every ...

  • Well Watch - Model 660 - Water Level Indicator User Manual

    Eno Scientific Well Watch 660DL Page 1 WELL WATCH 660DLSonic Water Level IndicatorUSER MANUALEno Scientific PO Box 1586Hillsborough, NC 27278USAwww.enoscientific.com910-778-2660Copyright NoticeCopyright © 2014 Eno Scientific, Hillsborough, NC 27278, USA.All rights reserved.Part number: 661-901-6611 Eno Scientific Well Watch 660DL Page 2 WELL WATCH 660DLUSER MANUALTable of ContentsPRODUCT ...

    By Eno Scientific

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    Reflectoquant® System Brochure

    And where do you carry your lab?The Reflectoquant® Systemfor mobile on-site analyticsReflectoquant®-the laboratory that fits in yourwaistcoat pocketThe Reflectoquant ® system uniquely combines the simplicity of test strips and test kits with the accuracy of instrumental mobile on-site analytics in the shape of the RQflex®10 and RQflex® plus10 reflectometers.Reflectoquant® tests: Developed for ...

    By Merck

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    Merckoquant® - Disinfectant Control Brochure

    Disinfectants – everything under controlMerckoquant® – to check for presence of effectiveconcentrations and absence of disinfectantsMerck KGaA64271 Darmstadt, GermanyFax +49 (0) 6151/72 33 80E-mail: environmental.analysis@merck.deInternet: fea.merck.deMerckoquant®-test stripsTo check cleaning and disinfection processesEffective cleaning and disinfection in food production and hospitals are an ...

    By Merck

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    VA-Teknik - Plastic Chain Scraper - Brochure

    VA Teknik’s plastic chain scraper is a proven product that has been on the market for more than 40 years. With thousands of installations from North to South and east to west in all corners of the world VA Teknik possesses extensive expertise. We offer you reliability and consistency with our well-engineered chain scrapers. A solid performing product where continuous development work is ...

    By Hydria Water AB

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    Nitratech - Model 18.40 - 5-500 ppm Reflectometer Brochure

    The Nitrachek reflectometer is a pocket size digital measuring instrument for a simple and quick determination in the field of the nitrate content in water or in a watery extract of soil or crop. The method is based on read-out of nitrate test strips. After a test strip is held in the solution it is placed in the optical read-out apparatus. The instrument has a memory for up to 20 measuring sets ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

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    Operating instructions IP Datalogger OTT netDL 500

    EnglishOperating instructionsIP DataloggerOTT netDL 500OTT netDL 1000We reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements without notice.3Table of contents 1 Scope of supply 5 2 Order numbers and version code 5 3 General ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    VA Teknik - Chain Scrapers in Sand Traps Brochure

    VA Teknik’s chain scraper is based on our well-known plastic chain scrapers, which have been on the market for over 30 years. During recent years, we have successfully installed chain scrapers in sand traps using our plastic chain and stainless steel scrapers. Besides corrosion resistance, the plastic chain provides a very lightweight and strong construction that produces less load on ...

    By Hydria Water AB

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    OTT SE 200 Shaft Encoder - Operating Instructions

    The float-operated OTT SE 200 Shaft Encoder provides continuous water level measurement of groundwater and surface ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    VA Teknik - Grit Trap Scraper - Brochure

    VA Teknik’s grit trap scrapers are based on the same principal as our well-known plastic chain & flight scrapers, which have been on the market for over 40 years. We have successfully installed chain & flight scrapers in aerated grit traps using our plastic chain and stainless steel scraper flights. Besides excellent corrosion resistance, the plastic chain provides a very ...

    By Hydria Water AB

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