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  • KUBOTA - Model Z602-E4B - Industrial Diesel Engine Brochure

    Kubota Super Mini Series, the most compact multi-cylinder liquid cooled industrial diesel engines, complies with EPA Tier 4 emissions  regulations. These  are  the  most  stringent emissions regulations in the world in this class. Kubota engine less than 19kW meets emission standards over the NRTC and also meets the NTE ...

  • Workshop on Emerging Pollutants in Non-industrial Indoor Environments - Brochure

    Background & Objectives Exposure to semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in non-industrial indoor air and dust is an important exposure pathway for humans, since we spend a high proportion of our time in indoor environments – and the levels of some SVOCs are often higher indoors than outdoors. Despite this, there is still lack of knowledge on the occurrence and distribution of ...

  • Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP) for Industry and Coal, Oil, Biomass Power Datasheet

    © ALSTOM 2013. All rights reserved. Information contained in this document is indicative only. No representation or warranty is given or should be relied on that it is complete or correct or will apply to any particular project. This will depend on the technical and commercial circumstances. It is provided without liability and is subject to change without notice. Reproduction, use or ...

    By Alstom

  • Environmental Projects for the Pulp and Paper Industry in the U.S.A. - Technical Paper

    Environmental Projects for the Pulp and Paper Industry in the U.S.A. Ms. Karra Nichols Mr. David W. Keyser A. H. Lundberg Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 597 Bellevue, WA 98009 SUMMARY U.S. pulp and paper mills have been actively upgrading their environmental systems in order to comply with new government regulations restricting emissions. These include noncondensible gas collection and ...

    By Lundberg, LLC

  • Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Training Course for the Oil and Gas Industry - Brochure

    EI oil and gas training 2015 EI oil and gas training 2015 this courseAll organisations operating in the oil and gas sector must regularly develop, manage and adjust budgets and forecasts to reflect changing market conditions and their competitive performance. To do this successfully and establish credible budgets and business plans ...

    By Energy Institute (EI)

  • IC Controls - Model 655-T - Industrial pH Analyzer User Manual

    USER MANUALMODEL 655-TMICROPROCESSOR pH ANALYZERum-655-212CONTENTS IC ControlsCONTENTSum-655-212CONTENTS............................................................2655-T ...

    By IC Controls Ltd.

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    Metal and Grinding Sludge Recycling System Brochure

    Metal sludge recycling econ industries GmbH • Schiffbauerweg 1 • 82319 Starnberg • Germany Tel: +49 (0)8151 44 63 77 - 0 • • Applications and design Process: Indirect heated vacuum thermal desorption / vacuum distillation Source: Subtractive manufacturing of metals, filtration of cutting fluid for metalworking Input Material: Grinding ...

    By econ industries GmbH

  • Tech Bulletin No.2 : Modern Gas Cleaning Techniques for TRS and SO2 Control in the Pulp and Paper Industry Brochure

    The control of SO2 and total reduced sulfur (TRS) emissions in the pulp and paper industry can be effectively achieved using the RotaBed Fluidized Bed Scrubber*. As the US pulp and paper industry develops and implements strategies to meet the Cluster Rule requirements, particular attention will be paid to the control of both sulfur dioxide (SO2) and total reduced sulfur compounds ...

    By Bionomic Industries Inc.

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    Well Site Navigator for Online Audit System Brochure

    Well Site Navigator for natural gas and chemical production is a complete and economical system that allows you to create custom legal registers and audit protocols specific to your natural gas or chemical production facility. These comprehensive checklists cover EPA’s New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) and National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), outlined in ...

    By RegScan, Inc.

  • How To Select A Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer For Use In An Industrial Application - Application Notes (PDF 31 KB)

    Control Instruments® Corporation Technical Note How to Select a Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer for use in an Industrial ApplicationFIDs are the best sensor choice Several different sensor technologies may be used to detect hydrocarbons, including: catalytic; photo-ionization; infra-red; gas chromatography; and flame ionization. Of these possibilities, flame ionization (FID) is considered the best ...

  • IC Controls - Model 210-P - Industrial pH/ORP Analyzer User Manual


    By IC Controls Ltd.

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    Anguil - Vapor Combustor - Enclosed Flare Brochure

    Thermal flaring technologies used for the destruction of Hydrocarbons, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) are designed in two basic configurations; open and enclosed flame burners. Recent regulations on visible emissions, vapor radiation, Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and noise pollution have driven industry away from open flaring and towards the enclosed vapor ...

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    Thermal Oxidizers

    Thermal ...


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    Determination of TOC in stack through the innovative FID analyser easy to carry

    The industrial chimney's emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are becoming issues of global importance and to have an accurate knowledge about how to test VOC turns into a strategic issue. VOC emissions are quantified and monitored according to standard EN 12619, using FIDanalyzer which uses hydrogen and other reference gases in pressurized cylinder. Operators must then approach the ...

    By Pollution Srl

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    Determination of TOC in stack

    Determination of TOC in stack through the innovative FID analyser easy to carry PROBLEM: The industrial chimney's emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are becoming issues of global importance and to have an accurate knowledge about how to test VOC turns into a strategic issue. VOC emissions are quantified and monitored according to standard EN 12619, using FID analyzer which uses ...

    By Pollution Srl

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    Vac-Con - Compressed Natural Gas Option Combination Sewer Cleaner Brochure

    Vac-Con is prepared to meet the demands of changing environmental regulations. In addition to its significant and industry-leading line of diesel fuel powered vacuum equipment, Vac-Con offers alternative-fueled equipment to be responsive to specific local air-quality standards. Vac-Con will provide the latest technology in CNG fuel systems with chassis and engines to meet Vac-Con’s high ...

    By Vac-Con, Inc.

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    Clean Air Solutions for Incineration - Brochure

    Incineration processes, due to high temperature reactions, convert waste into ash, flue gas, and heat. These processes are very challenging from the air pollution control standpoint because of the variety and characteristics of the air contaminants generated. From a regulatory standpoint, the industry is divided into a number of categories: Commercial/Industrial Solid Waste Incinerators (CISWI), ...

    By Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC

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    CHROMA CO CO / CO2 / CH4 /HCHO Analysis - Brochure

    A gas analyser using flame detection with a catalytic methaniser module to analyse CO/CH4 and CO2 for air or gas monitoring. A 19" inch rack mountable chassis, 5U high. It has the ability to be used as a fully integrated system for automatic sample analysis as well as a transportable unit for use on various sites. Our application flexibility allows the chromaCO start up to meet the customer's ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    F-A747 Filter Robot Brochure

    Filter Weighing for Emission Determination Fast Results for the Automotive IndustryFilter Weighing SolutionSmart filter handlingThe innovative filter holder allows acclimatization, storage, transport and weighing all in one, without filter removal and any interruption.High throughputThe automated process speeds up the weighing time of 60 filters down to 60 minutes while keeping the ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

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    TURBOTAK Scrubber

    TurboTak Scrubber Gas Absorption and Particulate Emissions Control E n G i n E E r E d S y S t E m S & S E r v i C E STurbotak ScrubberThe Turbotak Advantagethe turbotak Wet Scrubber is a low maintenance, low-pressure drop air pollution control solution.How it Worksthe turbotak Wet Scrubber uses a finely atomized liquid to remove combinations of particulate, acid gases (Cl2, ClO2, SO2, etc.), ...

    By Babcock & Wilcox MEGTEC LLC

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