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    Precast Concrete Potable Water Storage Tanks Brochure

    This Section includes one (1) precast concrete tank suitable for the storage of potable ...

    By LLC

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    Measuring Technique & Automation Solutions for Environment & Disposal Brochure

    Environmental technologies will be key technologies for Europe in the coming future. This applies specifically to countries like Germany, Austria and Switzer - land, where this industry will not only secure the quality of life but also safeguard ...

    By Endress Hauser AG

  • Corrosion-Resistant Rotating Scum Skimmers Brochure

    For Rectangular Clarifiersand Oil SkimmingR O T A T I N G S C U M S K I M M E R SR O T A T I N G S C U M S K I M M E R S• Eas i l y Ins ta l l ed , • Low Ma in tenance , • S imp le , and E f f ec t i ve Des ign .• Eas i l y Ins ta l l ed , • Low Ma in tenance , • S imp le , and E f f ec t i ve Des ign .l.0 GENERALUnder this section of the specification the contractor shallfurnish ...

    By Plasti-Fab, Inc.

  • EVOLUTION - 5800 - Thermal Imaging Camera Specifications

    Evolution® 5800 TIC Product SpecificationBecause every life has a purpose...I. PurposeII. TypeIII. Component PartsTo establish minimum standards for the MSA Evolution 5800 Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) and Evolution 5000 Series Universal Truck-Mounted Charging System. Evolution 5800 TICs are tools for firefighters and first response emergency personnel, used for search andrescue, fire scene ...

  • NPR-5300 High Strength, High Corrosion Resistant Epoxy System Brochure

    After 112 days exposure to a variety of chemicals which may be present in municipal sewage NPR- 5300 series demonstrates outstanding chemical resistance. Independent third party testing performed to the standards of The City of Los Angeles Standard Specifications For Public Works Construction “Greenbook” by Ramtec Laboratories, Inc., Paramount, California. Standard weight change ...

    By Neopoxy International

  • FIBEROCK® Brand Panels Abuse-Resistant Submittal Sheet - F102

    Description Fiberock® Interior Panels, AR are engineered to provide increased resistance to abrasion, indentation, and penetration for interior walls and ceilings in demanding construction applications. These gypsum fiber panels are designed to outperform paper-faced gypsum board. Strong, solid and durable, they resist denting, breaking and puncturing—even in high-traffic areas. ...

    By USG Corporation

  • Statement of Qualifications for Designing, Building, and Operating In Situ Thermal Remediation Projects - Brochure

    Statement of Qualificationsfor Designing, Building, and Operating In Situ Thermal Remediation Projects2014©TerraTherm, Inc. 2014, All Rights ReservedPrepared by:151 Suffolk LaneGardner, MA 01440T: (978) 730-1200F: (978) 632-3422www.terratherm.comTHIS PAGE INTENTIONALLY LEFT BLANKStatement of QualificationsAdvise, Design, Build, Operate©TerraTherm, Inc., 2014, All Rights Reserved 1Table of ...

    By TerraTherm, Inc.

  • Optris - Model CT - Precise Non Contact Temperature Measurement From -40°C to 900°C Manual

    Scope of supply CT electronic box, pre-installed sensing head (cable length according to order), operators manual You will find the serial number on a label on the electronic box. The cable is labeled with the serial number of the head. Always use these numbers when you contact the customer service concerning maintenance, additional order of components, spare parts or ...

    By SRP Control Systems ltd.

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    On Pluvio2 Precipitation Gauge - Operating Instructions

    The OTT Pluvio2 precipitation gauge is used for automatic determination of the intensity and amount of precipitation. In contrast to conventional precipitation gauges, the OTT Pluvio2 works using the balance principle. The OTT Pluvio2 reliably recognizes precipitation, whether liquid or solid, by determining the weight of the collecting bucket. The OTT precipitation gauge is characterized in ...

    By The OTT Hydromet Group

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    FibreCrete - Model No. 218 - Epoxy Novolak Fiber-Reinforced Lining System

    FibreCrete™ - Epoxy NovolaK No. 218 is a fiber-reinforced, chemically-resistant, 100% solids, epoxy novolak lining system used to protect concrete and steel from chemical and physical abuse. The interlocking fiber matrix of FibreCrete™ systems exhibit outstanding flexural and tensile ...

    By Sauereisen Inc.

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    SewerGard - Model No. 210 - Trowel Applied Polymer Lining for Municipal Wastewater - Datasheet

    Sauereisen SewerGard® No. 210 is an aggregate-filled epoxy material. This lining system is specifically designed to protect concrete surfaces of municipal wastewater treatment structures and collection systems from chemical attack and physical abuse. No. 210's nonsagging application properties permit economical repair and protection of vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces of both new or ...

    By Sauereisen Inc.

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    Lab and Field Instrumentation Brochure

    Ty p i c a l E l e c t r o c h e m i s t r y A p p l i c a t i o n sTy p i c a l O p t i c a l / B O D A p p l i c a t i o n sEnvironmental MonitoringPhotometric Measurements with pHotoFlex®Reaction Kinetics and Absorption Spectrawith photoLab® 6600 UV-VISDilution BODwith inoLab® Oxi 7310 and automatic documentationBiodegradation according to OECDOECD 301: Determination with OxiTop® ...

    By WTW - a xylem brand

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    Sauereisen - Model No. 33 - Acid-Alk Cement Mortar Grade - Datasheet

    Sauereisen Acid-Alk Cement No. 33 -Mortar Grade is the original one-part, chemical-setting, inorganic, modified silicate base cement. Supplied in powder form, No. 33 - Mortar Grade is mixed with potable ...

    By Sauereisen Inc.

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 16.99 - 8 Channels Automatic Agro Meteostation Manual

    Eijkelkamp Soil & Water designed a standard 8 channel meteostation for measuring, recording and processing of the standard parameters: wind speed and wind direction, global radiation, air temperature, air humidity and precipitation. The station is constructed around a foldable mast which can be taken apart, allowing for mobile applications of the station. The datalogger (16.99.15) with ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water

  • ENDURO 600 - Brochure

    product data • ENDURO® 600ENDURO® 600 MACRO-SYNTHETIC FIBERENDURO 600 is the latest high performance macro-synthetic fiber developedfrom the innovative HPP technology which was pioneered and patented by PropexConcrete Systems. ENDURO 600 has been specifically designed to satisfy thedemanding requirements of modern day shotcrete reinforcement and equipment.FEATURES & BENEFITS• Geometrically ...

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    Perspectives Water - Wastewater 2012 Brochure

    In the past the measurement of biogas and sewage gas was a compromise. Today Prosonic Flow B 200 offers a safe measuring method under all process condition. Humidity, condensation, dirt, low process pressures and high dynamic range - these are the challenges to the flow measurement technology in sewage treatment plants, especially immediately downstream of the ...

    By Endress Hauser AG

  • Model 4000 - Arc Weldable Strain Gage Brochure

    The Model 4000 Strain Gage is designed primarily for arc welding to steel structures such as tunnel linings, excavation bracing, piles and bridges. The gage has a 150 mm gage length (longer or shorter versions are also available), a 3000 µε range and a 1 µε sensitivity. The gage can be adapted for bonding to concrete or for bolting to steel surfaces by modification of ...

    By Geokon Inc

  • Construction Material Brochure

    Sr. No Description of Test Test Method Soil 1 In-situ Density by Sand Replacement Method Using Large / Small Pouring Cylinder BS 1377 Part 9 2 In-place Density Test by Sand Cone Method ASTM D 1556 3 In-situ Density Test Using Nuclear Densitometer BS 1377 Part 9 ASTM D 6938 4 Dry Density – Moisture Content Relationship (MDD-OMC)BS 1377 Part 4 ASTM D 1557 5 Particle Size Distribution / ...

  • Industrial Brochure

    Industrial SolutionsS P E C I A L T Y C O N T R A C T I N G S E R V I C E S ? T E C H N O L O G I E Swww.structural.netTECHNOLOGIESInnovative Solutions for Turnarounds & MaintenanceSTRUCTURAL collaborates with clients to improve infrastruc-ture by combining our award-winning specialty construction, repair and maintenance services with our proprietary technolo-gies to provide innovative ...

    By Structural

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