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    OSE II shoreline clean up Philippines Estancia

    ??????????????? ??????????????Oil?Spill?Eater?II?used?on?another?shoreline?spill?in???????????????????????????????Estancia?Philippines??April?5,?2014?? ?? ?“A significant spill of heavy oil (bunker C type) occurred when Power Barge No. 103 ran aground at the shores of Estancia during the height of typhoon Haiyan. Between 21 and 23 November, environment experts from the Philippines Environmental ...

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    OSEI storage tank clean up information

    ????????????????????????Spill?clean?ups?from?storage?tank?leaks?and????????????????????????storage?tank?clean?Outs?with?OSE?II??The?OSEI?Corporation?manufactures?a?first?response?bioremediation?product?Oil?Spill?Eater?II?that?has?been?used?to?clean?up?leaks?around?storage?tanks?from?valve?breaks,?line?breaks?and?small?holes?in?tanks,?as?well?as?for?tank?sludge?clean?outs.?OSE?II?has?been?cleaning? ...

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    DESMI Oil Spill Response Product Brochure

    OIL SPILL RESPONSE EQUIPMENTProven Oil Spill TechnologyPROVEN TECHNOLOGY2PROVEN OIL SPILL TECHNOLOGYDESMI design and manufacture an extensive range of systems to recover oil and chemicals from the marine and inland environment including industrial applications. The products include skimmers, booms, storage tanks, power packs, pumps, dispersant systems, vessels and ancillary items. This equipment ...

    By DESMI A/S

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    Oil Spill Response Segment Brochure

    PROVEN TECHNOLOGYOIL SPILL RESPONSEProven Oil Spill TechnologyOIL SPILL RESPONSEThe Oil Spill Response solutions from DESMI are trusted throughout the industry. Whether the requirement is for offshore or the shoreline area; the Arctic or Equatorial environment, we continue to deliver proven solutions for all spill conditions at the best life cycle costs.OFFSHORE 4COASTAL ...

    By DESMI A/S

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    DeconGel - Model 1102 Gel - For Oil and Grease Clean-up - Brochure

    With DeconGel 1102 Gel, users can easily decontaminate nearly any source with ease by troweling or brushing the product onto contaminated surfaces. DeconGel offers up to 100 percent decontamination in all ...

    By KT Chemicals, Inc.

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    Model 2852-HCF - Floating Oil Spill Alarm User Manual

    Over 40 years of capacitance experience stands behind the 2852-HCF Oil Monitor. The unique floating sensor continuously monitors for the accumulation of oil at the water ...

    By Arjay Engineering Ltd.

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    Geotech Oil Water Separator Datasheet

    Features Coalescing media pack Lockable and airtight lid for secure operation 60 Lt/ M flowrate Can be set up with float switches and transfer pumps Small footprint 2” BSP fittings ...

    By Geotech

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    Industry Product Overview

    PROVEN TECHNOLOGYINDUSTRY PRODUCT OVERVIEWValue-added Liquid Transport SolutionsDESMI Gear PumpsROTAN® GP – General PurposeROTAN® HD – Heavy DutyROTAN® PD – Petrochemical DutyROTAN® CD – Chemical DutyROTAN® ED – Environmental DutyCapacity RangeUp to 50 m3/h / 220 gpmUp to 250 m3/h / 1100 gpmUp to 170 m3/h / 748 gpmUp to 170 m3/h / 748 gpmUp to 90 m3/h / 396 gpmSpeed Up to 1750 rpm Up to 1750 rpm ...

    By DESMI A/S

  • Oil Spill Bioremediation Products

    ShoreClean™  Oil Spill Bioremediation Products and Services ? Green ? Natural ? Regenerative ? Proven technology ShoreClean is a safe and natural solution for effectively cleaning oil spill contamination from aquatic environments. When ShoreClean bags or booms are properly implemented, flowing water or wave action releases oil-degrading microbes and nutrients to stimulate oil degradation. ...

    By EnSolve Biosystems, Inc.

  • Spill clean-up procedures - SpillFix IndustrialOrganic Absortbent

    Spill Clean-up ProceduresSpillFix Universal Organic AbsorbentThese spill clean-up procedures are provided in the absence of, however definitely do not replace, any currentworkplace procedures and policies.Fast acting SpillFix Organic Absorbent must be applied in conjunction with the proper Spill Response equipment andPersonal Protection Equipment (PPE). Only individuals with formal spill contents ...

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    Ready L-Bracket Spill Berm- Brochure

    Secondary Spill Containment Berm For High Traffic Applications.. ...

    By Ready Containment, LLC

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    Product Catalog

    Simple Solutions LLC Makers or Wolverine Brand Activated Carbon Filters Simple Solutions Distributing LLC 24 Penmere Rd West Milford NJ 07480 Toll-Free: 866-NO-STINK (866-667-8465) Phone: 973-846-7817 Fax: 973-858-0219 www.industrialOdorControl.com sales@industrialodorcontrol.com Budget Conscious Solutions For The Waste Water Industry Product Catalog-2013 ...

    By Simple Solutions Dist. LLC

  • Oil Spill- Brochure

    OIL SPILL24/7 RESPONSEHAZ-MAT24/7 RESPONSEINDUSTRIALSERVICESSTANDBYRESCUEENVIRONMENTAL& SAFETYPRODUCTSSAFETYCOMPLIANCETRAININGTRANSPORTATIONSERIVESWASTEMANAGEMENT& DISPOSALOMI Environmental Solutions (OMIES), a leader in oil spill response for over 40 years, has a well-respected, experienced team of professionals with the expertise to resolve any environmental service problem such as a spill, ...

    By OMI Environmental Solutions

  • Oil Spill Brochure

    PRODUCTS FOR A CLEANER ENVIRONMENTOil Skimming Systems For All Your Industrial Applications Wastewater Treatment Settling Ponds API Separators Parts WashersCentral Coolant ResivoirsBIG NEEDS OR SMALL NEEDS ...PHONE: (504) 347-9292 FAX: (504) 347-8900e-mail : crucial_inc@msn.comCRUCIAL,INC P.O. BOX 840111 NEW ORLEANS,LA 70184Compact IndustrialMop Skimmers The C-13 ...

    By Crucial, Inc

  • Model EATER II (OSEII) - Biological Spill Oil Brochure

    OIL SPILL EATER II (hereinafter OSE II)  is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product and it contains exact proportions of enzymes, bio surfactants, nutrients and other necessary constituents for complete life cycles and biodegradation that converts the waste into a natural food source for the enhanced native bacteria found in the environment. The end result of this process is ...

    By Besco

  • The Natural & Effective Land Oil Spill Cleanup Solution Spill-Bac- Brochure

        TECH DATA SPILL-BAC    ©Micro-Bac International, Inc.® • 3200 N. IH 35 • Round Rock, TX 78681-2410 • (512) 310-9000 • Fax (512) 310-8800 • Toll Free (877) 559-1800  General  Description:  Spill-­-Bac  is  a  proprietary  blend  of  specially  selected  biologicals   and   biochemicals   used   to   remediate  crude  oil  spills  on ...

  • Spill-Sorb

    Absorption Corp Phone: 360-734-7415 6960 Salashan Parkway Fax: 360-671-1588 Ferndale, WA 98248 http://www.absorbent.com SPILL-SORB™ All Purpose Floor Absorbent Recycled Cellulose-Based Clay Replacement Spill-Sorb was formulated to address many of the environmental, usage and disposal issues associated with traditional clay floor absorbents. Clay absorbents are commonly used across the ...

    By Absorption Corp

  • ACO - Spill Control Oil-Water Separator - Brochure

    The ACO spill control oil/water separator is based on the principle of gravity; where oil is lighter than water and will float and that solids are heavier and wil therefore sink. It does not use enzymes or require frequent maintenance just periodic removal of solids and oils. The spill control oil-water separator is manufactured from durable, chemical resistant polymer concrete to withstand the ...

    By ACO Polymer Products, Inc.

  • Canadyne - Oil Sorbents and Spill Kits Brochure

    Canadyne Technolog ies Inc. O i l Sorbents / Sp i l l K i ts Oi l Sorbents / Sp i l l K i ts Application Guide Use Canadyne Oil Sorbents and Spill Kits for a complete range of industrial mainte-nance and environmental spill applications. Canadyne offers a wide variety of sorbents, spill kits and accessories for all your environmental, safety, and hazmat needs. Canadyne oil ...

    By Canadyne Technologies Inc.

  • Miros OSD Oil Spill Detection System Brochure

    - measuring the ocean surfaceMiros OSD™ - Oil Spill Detection SystemThe tool making your oil spill contingency more effective and reliable- day and nightDB/099 Rev. 3Oil Spill Detection by Radar and Thermal ImagingMinimizing damage and cost from oil spills require systems and procedures to be present when the incident occurs. The Miros OSD™ System offers key functionality for oil spill detection ...


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