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    InnuPure Model C16 - Magnetic Particle based Extraction System - Application Note

    3-Lysis Buffer System: Ideal optimization for automated DNA isolation from Canola homogenates using the InnuPure ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

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    Hilco Gas Filters Persentations

    Hilco Gas Filters/Separators and Strainers. Hilco Gas Filters/Separators and Strainers can be used for any gases. Experience to date has mainly been natural fuel gas applications. Goal is to remove solid and liquid contaminate to desired levels as not to plug or foul fuel nozzles. Current customers are GE, Siemens, GE Packaged Power and several end ...

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    Dryer Filter Systems Brochure

    Engineered to maximize water and carbon removal and increase dielectric strength Hilco dryer filter systems are designed for increased efficiency, compact sizing, and reduced cost. Designed to restore insulating oils used in transformer switching equipment and circuit breakers, the new dryer filters require fewer cartridges because they include the new super-absorbent media. Hilco dryer filters ...

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    EWT™ Scourguard™ Filter Troughs - Brochure

    Air-Scour and Backwash Simultaneously with Minimal Media Loss; Key features & benefits; • Simultaneous air-scour and backwashing • Stainless steel and fibre-reinforced plastic construction available How we create value • Efficient removal of deeply embedded contaminants • Minimal media loss, ensuring long unit life • ...

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    Brackett Green - Debris Filters - Brochure

    Most power plants employ extensive pre-screening at cooling water intakes. Despite this, additional filtration may be required at locations where the cooling water is loaded with heavy debris and marine life. Brackett Green® debris filters provide a vital line of defense related to common problems found downstream of pumps, and prevents such debris from entering into the heat exchanger or ...

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    Particulates - 6 Ch Particle Counter Brochure

    Features: • View / Log 6 Particle Sizes Simultaneously • 0.3 - 25 µm • 0.1 CFM (2.9 LPM) Flow Rate • Optional µg/m3 Concentration Mode • Touch Screen Interface • Removable / Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery • Optional Temperature/Relative Humidity Probe • Internal Audible Alarm • On-board Memory (stores 3,000 samples) • Belt clip for walk-thru surveys or attachment to WolfPackTM Area ...

    By GrayWolf Sensing Solutions

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    High Flow PH Series Filter Cartridge Brochure

    High Flow cartridges replace existing cartridges with improved efficiency, lower pressure drop. The movement today is for cleaner fuel, lube oil and hydraulic oil. With lube and hydraulic oils, cleaner fluid means less wear of moving parts, umproved performance and reduced downtime. Cleaner fuel means less wear of injectors, reducing the chance of increased fuel consumption, idle speed creep and ...

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    Andritz - Model Stardisc - Vacuum Disc Filter - Brochure

    At ANDRITZ SEPARATION, it is our ambition to reach the highest levels of performance and quality. As a strong partner around the globe, we are dedicated to fi nding the right solution for your separation challenge. And as part of the ANDRITZ GROUP, we can rely on an international network of highly qualifi ed specialists and leverage worldwide synergies to provide you with sophisticated ...

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    ANDRITZ - Filter Presses Side-Bar and Overhead Design - Datasheet

    The filter press holds a unique position in the chemical and production industries, on account of its unlimited process flexibility and ability to separate the finest particles whilst producing maximum mechanical dewatering of the separated solids. As the pioneer in development and design of automatic filter presses we have worked together with hundreds of industrial customers to maximise ...

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    White Paper - Particle Counters for Oil Analysis: Design and Specifications

    Introduction When implementing machine condition monitoring for machinery lubricating oils, typically the first strategy you implement is contamination control. Particle counting is the method used to monitor the solid contamination of new and in-service fluids. Solid contamination sources include solid oxides from surface oxidation inside the machinery, sand and dirt from the environment, worn ...

    By Spectro Scientific

  • NANOCHEM - DOC Particle Filter Brochure

    NANOCHEM® DOC™ Particle Filter0246810121410 psig (0.17 MPa)20 psig (0.24 MPa)30 psig (0.31 MPa)60 psig (0.51 MPa)Inlet PressureFeatures and Benefits• Filtration for all applications from source to point-of-use• Enhances manufacturing process economy and improvesequipment performance• Versatile and upgradeable design– Acts as stand-alone particulate filter– Allows future installation of BLOC® ...

  • Model ICE - Particle Filter Brochure

    The product of six years research in collaboration with IFP (French Petroleum Institute), this patented filter marketed by CTI since 2006 is based on very different manufacturing technology and processes from those used in the filters previously available on the ...

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    Hydrasand - Continuous Sand Filter for Efficient Effluent Cleaning - Brochure

    Sand filtration is a well-known technology for separation of small suspended solids particles in water. The Hydrasand sand filter is an economical solution for continuous cleaning of sand to achieve efficient effluent ...

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    LOFCLEAR - Filter Bags - Datasheet

    Cost Effective Filter Bags for Absolute Filtration Applications Lofclear filter bags now make absolute filtration viable in many applications where only standard bags could be used due to cost constraints. Made from 100% pure polypropylene materials compliant with food requirements, LOFCLEAR filter bags contain no leachables or lubricants such as silicone oils. In addition, their excellent oil ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

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    ACCUGAF - Filter Bag - Datasheet

    ISO 9002 Quality Manufacturing Every step in the manufacturing process is performed according to strict ISO 9002 regulations and guidelines. Our manufacturing plants feature the latest, most advanced production equipment, including fully automated welding and cutting instruments. Industrial Products complete production process is characterised by total quality control and total quality assurance. ...

    By Lenntech Water Treatment

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    Draygon AMF Advancing Media Filter - Brochure

    The Draygon AMF Advancing Media Filters are Draygon's newest advancing media filters and will eliminate particles as small as 5 microns (standard is 25 microns, all sizes available) from the waste stream. The AMF has dual level probes for automatic operation, a discharge pump to automatically transfer the filtered waste stream to your supply for DRG wastewater evaporators, and redundant safety ...

    By Draygon LLC

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    Fine Ceramic Filter FF Brochure

    EnvironTec fine filters are fitted with filter candles made from Pantel (special fire clay). As the gas flows through the filter candles from the outside to the inside foreign matter is separated out on the outer wall. The filter material used is chemically resistant/neutral, has a high filtration performance coupled with a low pressure loss and is easy to clean with pressure ...

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH

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