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    MS-720 Portable Spectroradiometer - Technical Specifications

    The MS-720 portable spectroradiometer is designed to measure the spectral irradiance in the range from Visible to Near-Infrared. The MS-720 is mainly used for the data acquisition for geological features, vegetation, oceanography, remote sensing and other applications. MS-720 is a handheld sensor with an integrated LCD and an internal memory, therefore it is suitable for outdoor stand-alone ...

    By EKO Instruments

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    Instruments and analyzers for spectral irradiance portable solutions - Brochure

    Reflection and transmission measurements on materials, vegetation, water or atmosphere give valuable information about biological, physical and chemical processes. Processes driven by solar radiation, in particular bands of the spectrum through the so called action spectra, can be analysed or quantified with a sensor senitive in the particular spectral band. The MS-720 portable spectroradiometer ...

    By EKO Instruments

  • Model PFC-5001 Portable Field Calibrator Brochure

    PORTABLE FIELDCALIBRATORMODEL PFC-5001BULLETIN PFC-1OverviewThe Model PFC-5001 Portable Field Calibrator is ahighly stable irradiance light source for performingabsolute characterization of field-calibrating narrowband spectroradiometers in-situ. While it isoptimized for use with the Model RSS1024 andModel UVRSS-1024 spectroradiometers, it can bereadily setup and adapted to a wide variety ...

  • Lightweight Compact Field Portable Spectrometers-PSP-1100

    spectral evolution Si Photodiode Array UV-VIS-NIR Spectrometers (320-1100nm) Suggested application– Solar Measurement Validate the class of any commercially available contimuous solar simulator using the SR-500 Spectroradiometer as per IE-C60904-9/ASTM E927-05. The graph was generated using the easy-to-use DARWin SP Data Acquisition and Analysis software included with each Spectrometer. The ...

    By Spectral Evolution

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    Instruments and analyzers for measuring spectral irradiance - Brochure

    Spectral irradiance is the irradiance of a surface per unit frequency or wavelength. spectral irradiance of a wavelength spectrum is measured per watts per square metre per nanometre (W·m−2·nm−1). Spectroradiometers are devices designed to measure the spectral power distribution of a source. From the spectral power distribution, the radiometric, photometric, and ...

    By EKO Instruments

  • HandySpec - Spectrometer Systems Brochure

    The HandySpec systems are specifically designed for the measurement of diffuse reflection/emission characteristics of plants and soil using sunlight as a natural light source. Various spectrometer modules are available to cover a maximum range of 360 - 2150 nm. To compensate for the irradiance variation, the system is designed as a 2-channel device with an independent reference channel to measure ...

    By tec5USA, Inc.

  • Luzchem LED Exposure Panels EXPO-LED

    Luzchem LED Exposure Panels EXPO-LED Luzchem’s LED exposure panels, EXPO-LED, are a cost effective and flexible solution for narrow and broadband irradiation, specially designed for customers whose requirements are not met by Luzchem’s wide range of photoreactors. These LED building blocks offer a new dimension in narrow and broadband visible exposure tools. One set of safety goggles is ...

    By Luzchem Research Inc.

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