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    RainWise - Solar Radiation Pyranometer Datasheet

    The RainWise Pyranometer is designed for measurements in solar, agricultural, meteorological and hydrological studies. The sensor features a PIN silicon photo diode mounted in a fully cosinecorrected miniature ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    Solar Radiation Pyranometer - SOL-PYR Datasheet

    SPECIFICATIONS WeatherLog® Catalog No.®25 Federal Street Bar Harbor, Maine 04609Phone: 207-288-5169 Fax:207-288-3477SOL-PYR Temperature Dependence: .06% per oC maximum Cosine Correction: Cosine corrected up to 80o angle of incidence Operating Temperature: -65oC to +80oC Operating ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    HI-Q Air Sampling & Radiation Monitoring Equipment - 2016 Catalog

    The HVP-5000AFC-Series high volume air samplers are housed in a clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The unit incorporates a maintenance-free, 2 or 3 stage centrifugal blower powered by a brushless, variable speed maintenance-free motor. Blower selection is dependent upon individual sampling environment. The speed of the motor is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that ...

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    CORAMAT Radiation Monitor for Large Objects Datasheet

    CORAMAT is made up of 3 large plastic scintillators and is used for the radiation monitoring of large objects, such as scaffolding tubes. When the device is activated, it detects gamma background. Items are loaded manually on the infeed conveyor. The user activates the control cycle by pressing the “Measure” key and the conveyor starts automatically. The blue LED on the light ...

    By Saphymo

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    UNO - Stand Alone Radiation Thermometers Brochure

    UNO is a range of high precision, stand-alone, non contact temperature measurement systems which benefit from a rugged and versatile design, extensive range of optional accessories and traceable calibration coupled with exceptional accuracy and reliability. Range of standard through-the-lens sighting thermometers Range of fibre-optic thermometers with optional laser targeting system ...

    By AMETEK Land

  • Solar Radiation Meter Brochure

    The measuring device has been designed primarily for engineers, architects, fitters and measurement ...

    By IKS Photovoltaik GmbH

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    Accu-Flo Thermal Mass Flow Meter - Operating Manual

    We are pleased that you have purchased a LANDTEC ACCU-FLO Mass Flow Meter for your requirement. We hope that you are satisfied with the performance, operation and design of our highly precise, NIST traceable Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter. LANDTEC is your source for monitoring, measuring and controlling the gas mass flow in your industrial process or environmental application. Our high performance, ...

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    Oil Water Interface Meter (Handheld and Standard) Operating Manual

    1. Instructions specific to hazardous area installations (Reference European ATEX Directive 94/9/EC, Annex II, 1.0.6.) The following instructions apply to equipment covered by certificate numbers Sira 04ATEX2366: The equipment may be located where flammable gases and vapours of group IIB may be present. The equipment is only certified for use in ambient temperatures in the range -20ºC to ...

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    Hydro/ 2 and Hydro/ 3 - Motor Metering Pumps Operating Instructions Manual

    Metering pumpsHydro/ 2 and Hydro/ 3Operating instructionsP_HY_0004_SWENOriginal Operating Instructions (2006/42/EC)984721 BA HY 017 10/15 ENPlease carefully read these operating instructions before use. · Do not discard.The operator shall be liable for any damage caused by installation or operating errors.The latest version of the operating instructions are available on our homepage.Read the ...

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    MiniTRACE - Contamination Meter Datasheet

    Fast response time (1 sec.) Free settable alarm thresholds Long battery lifetime: 2000 h Display unit CPS, optionally Bq (related to Co-60) Infrared interface Excellent price-performance ratio ...

    By Bertin Instruments

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    TopTrak - Model 820 Series - Economical Analog Mass Flow Meters - Brochure

    This instruction manual covers the installation, operation and maintenance of Sierra’s 820 Series product line including the following Top-Trak™ Models: 822 Mass Flow Meter with display (nylon flow body). 824 Mass Flow Meter without display (nylon flow body). 826 Hi-Flow Meter with display (aluminum flow body). 827 Hi-Flow without display (aluminum flow body). 822-S Mass Flow Meter ...

    By Sierra Instruments, Inc.

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    RadTRACE - Gamma Dose Rate Meter

    www.saphymo.deGamma Dose Rate Meter? Dose and Dose Rate function? Fast response time ( ...

    By Saphymo

  • Ram Gene Ionising radiation Survey Meter

    NEW Exclusive to Pycko Scientific ROTEM RAM GENE 1 mkII RADIATION SIMULATOR Following the introduction of the Ram Gene contamination simulator two years ago STS have now launched the Ram Gene Radiation Simulator Why Use STS Simulators for Training? • Members of the Emergency Services are able to train for any eventuality using an instrument which looks, feels and sounds like the ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd

  • STS 901A Simulated Thermo RO20 radiation meter

    Eberline RO20 STS 901A SIMULATOR STS specialises in the conversion of standard instruments for training purposes. The STS 901A is one of our most popular instruments designed to replicate the response and characteristic of the real Eberline RO20. Why Use STS Simulators for Training? • STS Simulators are able to replicate the ionising radiation field from radioactive sources including ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd

  • UVM 500 UV Radiation Meter Brochure

    Ultralight AG · Gewerbeweg 29 · FL-9486 Schaanwald · Liechtenstein · Tel: +423/373 56 56 · Fax: +423/373 36 78 · mail@ultralight.li · www.ultralight.liSeite 1/1TIM1_070511_ENUV Radiation Meter UVM 500To check and control UV curing processes, we have deve-loped a radiation meter which can travel on the conveyor belt to simulate the sample.Two LCD displays show:- the total radiated energy- the peak ...

    By Ultralight AG

  • DSM-500 Digital Radiation Survey Meter Brochure

    Handheld MetersDSM-500Digital Radiation Survey MeterThis microprocessor-controlled instrument represents the new gold standard ofsurvey instruments. The DSM-500 boasts an oversized digital display and aunique capability for dual probe capability. Comes standard with timed-countcapability, probe-saturation and error indicators.Auto-Ranging DisplayLarge Easy-to-read Digital DisplayDual Probe ...

    By W.B. Johnson Instruments

  • PCE-SPM 1 Solar Radiation Meter

    0DQXDO3&(?630??6RODU?0HWHUZZZ?SFH?JURXS?HXURSH?FRPThe meter has datalogging and RS-232 functions, so users canmake a further analysis by accessing either of both features forconvenience.1. Solar Power Panel Industry:Take the meter to measure the solar power at the installedplace to find out the most advantageous angle and directionfor the solar power radiation before the solar panel is ...

    By PCE Instruments UK Ltd

  • STS 901 Simulated Eberline RO2 Radiation Meter

    Eberline RO2 STS 901 SIMULATOR STS specialises in the conversion of standard instruments for training purposes. The STS 901 is one of our simulated instruments designed to replicate the response and characteristic of the real Eberline RO2. Why Use STS Simulators for Training? • STS Simulators are able to replicate the ionising radiation field from radioactive sources including ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd

  • Sunshine duration meter and Direct radiation meter (PDF 331 KB)

    LSI SpA - Loc. Dosso - 20090 Settala (MI) - ItalyTel. (+39) 02.95414.1 - Fax (+39) 02.95770594http://www.lsi-lastem.it - E-mail: info@lsi-lastem.itFig. Descrizione/DescriptionMODELLI MODELSRADIOMETRO DIRETTO SENZA PUNTAMENTO,ELIOFANOMETRODIRECT RADIATION & SUNSHINE DURATIONMETERMW8003.3-01/03Modelli/Models Codici/CodesAlimentazione/Power ...

    By LSI-LASTEM srl

  • Sper Scientific - Model 840007, 840026 - Radiation Detection Meter - Instruction Manual

    This manual contains valuable information about the nature of ionizing radiation that should be understood by the user so that accurate measurements can be made. Information on the care of your Geiger counter is also included. If the following instructions are followed, your radiation monitor will give you many years of reliable ...

    By Sper Scientific

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