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    VF & HI-Q Mini Catalog of Radiation Monitoring Products & Systems - Catalog

    VF, a. s. is a successful and reliable partner in the field of radiation protection and monitoring, which provides its clients with flexible, technologically advanced, high quality solutions tailored to the client‘s needs and ...

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    HI-Q Air Sampling & Radiation Monitoring Equipment - 2016 Catalog

    The HVP-5000AFC-Series high volume air samplers are housed in a clear-anodized aluminum outdoor shelter. The unit incorporates a maintenance-free, 2 or 3 stage centrifugal blower powered by a brushless, variable speed maintenance-free motor. Blower selection is dependent upon individual sampling environment. The speed of the motor is controlled by a programmable logic controller (PLC) that ...

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    SaphyGate - Model GN - SNM Gamma Neutron Radiation Portal Monitor Datasheet

    Sensitive and accurate: SaphyGate-GN combines very large PVT detector, sophisticated electronics and algorithm to exceed the challenging IAEA, IEC and ANSI standards. Background noise shielding automatically taken into account. Automatic scan: no intervention by control personnel. 100 ms fast and real-time count rate analysis during measurement. Rugged material designed for all weather ...

    By Bertin Instruments

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    UNO - Stand Alone Radiation Thermometers Brochure

    UNO is a range of high precision, stand-alone, non contact temperature measurement systems which benefit from a rugged and versatile design, extensive range of optional accessories and traceable calibration coupled with exceptional accuracy and reliability. Range of standard through-the-lens sighting thermometers Range of fibre-optic thermometers with optional laser targeting system ...

    By AMETEK Land

  • Radiation Monitoring Hardware- Brochure

    The InLight® Dosimetry System is an example of LanDauer® Fleximetry, the industry’s most flexible dosimetry program. This flexibility lets you choose from the options below that best meet your organizational requirements.InLight® Complete Dosimetry System SolutionmicroStar® Dosimetry ReaderManufacturingreceiving/analysisannealing shippingassignMent/packagingasseMblylabel printingarchiving ...

    By Landauer

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    Environmental Monitoring Brochure

    Environmental Monitoring Environmental surveillance and early warning solutions related to the measurement of radioactivity and chemicals in air, soil and water 2 Environmental Monitoring ? Environmental monitoring by Saphymo Saphymo offers a broad range of products and turn-key solutions for all tasks related to the monitoring of radiation in the environment. Since more than 30 ...

    By Bertin Instruments

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    GammaTRACER gamma monitoring References

    www.saphymo.de>>> NEW ...

    By Bertin Instruments

  • Model CRM-2 - Passive Radiation Monitor Brochure

    The CRM-2 is a popular industrial radon monitor that is used to passively monitor radon over an area. The CRM-2 also uses proven photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology to detect photons generated by the supplied Lucas type passive scintillation cell detector. This monitor also incorporates a lockable chassis that is designed for inclement weather conditions. It is also designed to be mounted on a ...

    By Pylon Electronics Inc

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    Bertin Technologies Brochure

    Our open world has been undergoing in-depth geopolitical, societal and economic upheavals, requiring ever-more competitiveness and security for businesses, people and countries. To meet those new needs, at Bertin Technologies, we rely on the real strengths of our DNA: passion for innovation, field expertise of diversified technologies and agile mindset to anticipate market ...

    By Bertin Instruments

  • STS 800 Series Ionising Radiation Contamination monitors

    STS 800 series Ionising Radiation SIMULATORS STS specialises in the conversion of standard instruments for training purposes. A range of instruments from the Rotem Ram Gene to the Electra are available all designed to replicate the response and characteristics of the real instruments. • STS Simulators are able to replicate the characteristics of contamination from radioactive sources ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd

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    Model VCEM5000/5100 - Flue Gas Flow Monitor - Datasheet

    The VCEM 5000/51000 represents the latest generation of CODEL's unique flow monitors. These systems measure the velocity of stack gases using a highly accurate time of flight measurement that is derived from a cross correlation analysis of the infra-red emissions of the turbulent ...

    By Codel International Ltd

  • ATOMTEX - Model AT1117M - Radiation Monitor - Brochure

    AT1117M Portable combined multifunction radiation monitor is designed for measuring X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate, alpha and beta radiation surface activity and flux density from contaminated surfaces, and neutron radiation flux ...


  • Model AB6A - Portable Radiation Monitor Brochure

    The Pylon AB6A Portable Radiation Monitor is our next generation laboratory-grade instrument for fast, accurate measurement of radon levels. Every bit as reliable as our previous monitors, the Pylon AB6A incorporates advanced technology and user-friendly features for enhanced performance and versatility. In addition to our proven photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology and multiple detector ...

    By Pylon Electronics Inc

  • Model CRM-1 Active - Radiation Monitor Brochure

    The CRM-1 is a popular industrial radon monitor that is used to actively monitor radon in process gases. The CRM-1 also uses proven photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology to detect photons generated by the supplied Lucas type active scintillation cell detector. This monitor incorporates a lockable chassis that is designed for inclement weather conditions. It is designed to be mounted on a surface ...

    By Pylon Electronics Inc

  • STS 900 Series Simulated Radiation Monitors

    STS 900 Series Survey Meter SIMULATORS STS specialises in the conversion of standard instruments for training purposes. Instruments are designed to replicate the response and characteristic of the real Instrument from manufactures such as Automess, Thermo and Ludlum. Why Use STS Simulators for Training? • STS Simulators are able to replicate the ionising radiation field from radioactive ...

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd

  • Radiation Protection Brochure

    The ultimate tool for obtaining accurate NORM measurements in hazardous areas or difficult conditions Intrinsically safe, Easy to use, Rugged and waterproof design, The TRACERCO NORM Monitor-IS is a groundbreaking, ATEX approved instrument, with dual probe capabilities; Geiger Muller (GM) and scintillator that for the first time, enables users to monitor wet and dry ...

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    atg UV Technology - Main Brochure

    Drinking Water: From small well water supplies to large water treatment works UV disinfection is a proven barrier to pathogenic micro-organisms including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Waste Water: From municipal treatment to water recovery for irrigation and re-use, UV treatment can provide the final disinfection stage required to meet increasingly strict ...

    By atg UV Technology

  • Radiation RS-700 Self-Contained Gamma-Ray and Neutron (Optional) Radiation Detection and Monitoring System Datasheet

    Tel: 01525 383438 sales@geomatrix.co.uk www.geomatrix.co.uk Radiation Solutions Inc RS-700 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The RS-700 is a self-contained gamma-ray and neutron (optional) radiation detection and moni-toring system. It can be used in land vehicles, helicopters, UAVs or at a fixed location. The system has a built-in GPS receiver to accurately locate each measurement. It is also ...

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd

  • Model NexGen-SSS - Drinking Water Radiation Safety Monitor Brochure

    Model NEXGEN-SSS is a multi-detector water monitor /controller for simultaneous measuring of alpha, beta and gamma-emitting radio nuclides. The electronics are microprocessor with color LCD display. The pre-amps are plug in modules allowing change or addition of functions at a later date, and allow rapid repair by module replacement in the field. The modular system is covered by TA's unique ...

    By Technical Associates

  • Model RS-700 - Mobile Radiation Monitoring System Brochure

    Intended for use in land vehicles, helicopters, UAVs or at a fixed location, the RS-700 is a self-contained gamma ray and neutron radiation monitoring and detection system. The RS-700 utilizes advanced DSP / FPGA* technology and software techniques that provide laboratory levels of spectral performance that were previously unachievable on mobile platforms. Despite it's state-of-the-art ...

    By Radiation Solutions Inc.

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