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    BM Respirometry - A State of the Art Technology – Brochure

    1 BM Respirometry a state of the art technology 2 BM respirometery is a technology where the traditional and most advanced respirometry techniques are gathered in one exclusive design developed by SURCIS Company. BM Respirometry makes use of a single reaction vessel, that in certain modes, can replicate the actions that occur at a treatment plant within the conditions set for the test. The ...

    By SURCIS, S.L.

  • Product Testing for Biodegradability

    For more information: 1.228.392.7977 or Visit us online at: Product Testing for Biodegradability Product Marketing Claims ©Yuri Arcurs, Photographer “Readily” or “Ultimate” Biode-gradable OECD, ASTM, ISO Testing Methods and more**… RespirTekTM can help you determine if your product as a whole or its individual components meet the ASTM, EPA, ISO, or OECD definitions of ...

    By Respirtek, Inc.

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    Template for Bid Solicitation of the AER 800 - Brochure

    Leading the field in Respirometry for over 23 years Template for Bid Solicitation of the AER 800 A Respirometer system capable of measuring aerobic or anaerobic activity in bench scale aqueous and solids reactors with real-time graphing of rate and volume data and unattended computer acquired data for post test analysis. The system must meet or exceed the following specifications. 1. ...

    By Challenge Technology

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    Surcis Services for Activated Sludge Process

    S SUURRCCIISS SSEERRVVIICCEESS FFOORR AACCTTIIVVAATTEEDD SSLLUUDDGGEE PPRROOCCEESSSS Surcis, as engineering company, offers a wide variety of services to assist an activated sludge process in its initial starting-up phase, for any problem related with the wastewater treatment, operative parameters, energy optimization or engineering project support. A key component from Surcis ...

    By SURCIS, S.L.

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    BM Respirometery Applications For Toxicity Brochure


    By SURCIS, S.L.

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    AppliTek Ra-TOX - On-Line Toxicity Analyzer - Datahseet

    Part of the On-line Analyzers Suite Advanced features • Detection of acute and chronic toxicity on the activated sludge of waste water treatment plants • Measurement of the respiration rate by means of a single dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor • Low consumption of nutrient, sludge and waste water • Second generation design with small footprint, ...

    By AppliTek NV

  • Respirometer Applications

    Respirometer   1          RESPIROMETRY  SYSTEM    ADVANTAGES  OF  ECHO  RESPIROMETER  SYSTEM                                       August  2015      MADE  IN  EU        ECHO, Ltd Stari trg 37, SI-3210 Slovenske Konjice, EU -Slovenia Tel.: + 386 (0)3 759 23 80 / Faks.: + 386 ...

    By ECHO d.o.o.

  • Economical Respirometer - Oxymax-ER Brochure

    Economical Respirometer for Sludge, Waste Water, Bioremediation, Bioleaching, Biotoxicity, Compost, Fermentation, Fruits/Vegetables and Soil Monitoring Columbus Instruments has adapted our patented Micro-Oxymax© technology into an affordable multi-chamber/multi-gas economical respirometer. Our new Oxymax ER series provides performance suitable for the majority of applications in environmental ...

    By Columbus Instruments

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    Lab and Field Instrumentation Brochure

    Ty p i c a l E l e c t r o c h e m i s t r y A p p l i c a t i o n sTy p i c a l O p t i c a l / B O D A p p l i c a t i o n sEnvironmental MonitoringPhotometric Measurements with pHotoFlex®Reaction Kinetics and Absorption Spectrawith photoLab® 6600 UV-VISDilution BODwith inoLab® Oxi 7310 and automatic documentationBiodegradation according to OECDOECD 301: Determination with OxiTop® ...

    By WTW - a xylem brand

  • Smallwat Programme

    Day 1: Monday, 25 April 2011 8:00 -10:00 ACREDITATION 10:00 -11:00 PLENARY ROOM OPENING SESSION Authorities Board 11:00 -11:30 KEYNOTE SPEECH Dr. George Tchobanoglous. California Davis University. “THE CHALLENGE FOR SMALL COMMUNITIES IN THE 21ST CENTURY” 11:30-12:00 COFFEE BREAK 12:OO-13:30 PLENARY ROOM PLENARY PRESENTATIONS Ms. Olivia Castillo Board Member UNSGAB - United Nations ...

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