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    Preparative Chromatography Solutions Brochure

    Quality in your hands” is the guiding principle that shapes our philosophy and our actions. It challenges us to provide outstanding services that are precisely tailored to your needs. This means that we must stay in close contact with our customers. That is why we keep in touch and continue to work very hard to understand you and your business even better. We help you by providing ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Preparative Chromatography Brochure

    PreparativeChroma? tography enPreparativeChroma? tography Sepacore® – Easy to use and efficient preparative chromatographyBuchi is a leading world-wide supplier of core technologies in the areas evaporation, purification and separation. Whether working with a simple flash purification system or with a complete preparative chromatography system dealing with all aspects of separation and ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Radiello® Diffusive Sampling System - Your Complete Guide to Passive Air Sampling

    Radiello continues to be the preferred diffusive/passive sampling device in Europe for over 10 years. Sigma-Aldrich, as the global distributor of radiello, has introduced the samplers into the US and other world markets, as well as into new applications. Analytical scientists frequently are finding new and interesting ways to use radiello for sampling difficult or very low levels of compounds ...

    By Merck

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    VOCs monitoring in water using Purge&Trap instrument

    VOCs monitoring in water at ppt and ppb levels using Purge&Trap ...

    By Chromatotec Group

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    Product Guide Analytical Instrumentation

    Tradition with innovative power Analytik Jena has a long history and tradition in developing high quality and precision analytical systems which dates back to the inventions made by Ernst Abbe and Carl Zeiss over 150 years ago. Within the last 25 years our company group has grown to become one of the most innovative manufacturers of analytical measuring technology ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

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    Ultrameter II - 6PFC and 4P - Analytical Instruments Operation Manual

    Model 6PIIFCE includes Myron L Company’s exclusive Free Chlorine Equivalent (FCE) feature for making ORP-based free chlorine measurements. Both Ultrameter IIs now also feature optional Bluetooth® wireless data transfer. Other features include a clock with time and date, memory of up to 100 locations with time and date stamp, the ability of the user to adjust the timeout “Auto ...

    By Myron L Company

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    SpeedExtractor E-914/E-916 Pressurized Solvent Extraction Laboratory Instrument - Brochure

    The SpeedExtractor is your best solution for fast Pressurized Solvent Extraction (PSE). Increase productivity by processing up to 6 samples in parallel. Streamline the workflow of your sample preparation thanks to ease of sample loading and ready-to-use extract ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

  • Cell Stream - Rapid Sample Preparation Instrument Brochure

    Our instrumentation works in conjunction with our reagent kits and microfluidic cartridges for a complete solution, enabling the user to isolate and stain target cells (e.g. Legionella) from a water sample. The concentrated and purified sample can be directly quantified with a standard flow cytometer. Our disposable and convenient-to-use microfluidic cartridges enable the user to perform fully ...

    By rqmicro AG

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    Multivapor - Model P-6 and P-12 - Efficient Evaporation for Multiple Samples - Technical Datasheet

    The Multivapor is a compact 6 or 12 position parallel vortex evaporator, designed to optimize existing personal process workflows. Achieves high efficiency for multiple sample evaporation at an impressive small footprint and an easy ...

    By BÜCHI Labortechnik AG

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    Micropurge MP20 for Low Flow Groundwater Sampling - Operating Manual

    Foreword The QED MicroPurge MP20 Flow Cell is an advanced purge water quality monitoring system specifically intended for use in ground water sampling, especially related to low-flow sampling methods. The MP20 Flow Cell includes the following key features: Exclusive PurgeScan parameter stabilization monitoring function, which signals when selected stabilization criteria have been met and stores ...

    By Geotech

  • FRITSCH Product Overview Sample Preparation

    Discover our FRITSCH Instruments for Sample Preparation ...

    By Fritsch Milling and Sizing

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    Metrohm - Model 797 VA - Computrace Instrument for Voltammetry Stand for Trace Analysis System - Brochure

    The 797 VA Computrace is a modern voltammetric measuring stand that is connected to a PC via a USB port. The PC software provided controls the measurement, records the measuring data and evaluates it. Due to the well-laidout program structure operation is very easy. All the methods described in the Metrohm Application Bulletins and Application Notes are preinstalled. The new potentiostat with ...

    By Metrohm AG

  • Automated Sample Preparation Sample Handler Brochure

    Automate your processesAutomate your labInnovate withw w w . s c p s c i e n c e . c o mEasyPREPsample handlerSCP SCIENCE Testingmade EASY PREPAutomated Sample PreparationDispense up to 7 reagent Sample DilutionSample AliquotingSample TransferSample Normalization Serial Dilutions Calibration Curve PreparationLevelSensingSample HandlerFlowchartICP/AA LABSDigestion MethodDispensing ...


  • DigiPREP Sample Preparation Made Easy

    SCP SCIENCEDigiPREPSample Preparation Made Easysales@scpscience.comwww.scpscience.comProviding Innovative Solutions to Analytical ChemistsCertificate of Registration This is to certify that the quality management system of has been assessed and registered by Intertek as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 The quality management system is applicable to: Certificate Number: ...


  • ERICA - Automated Sample Preparation System Manual

    The ERICA system is very similar to the DEENA II, except the ERICA only dispenses the reagents.  It does not heat the samples.  It is fully automated with four BELL-Art racks that hold the vials for ease of handling and portability.  The Machine will handle up to four reagents, or eight with upgrade, and allows up to six standards with the optional syringe module. The ERICA system ...

    By Thomas Cain, Inc.

  • In-Line Sample Preparation Analysis Modules Brochure

    IN-LINE SAMPLE PREPARATION AND ANALYSISSample preparation can significantly decrease laboratoryproductivity. Even when the analysis is rapid, distilling,digesting or extracting a sample prior to analysis is extremelytime-consuming. In response to this problem, Lachat offers a suite of automated in-line sample preparation and analysis modules for Total and WAD cyanide, Total Nitrogen, Total ...

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    multi N/C - TOC Analyzer for the fully automatic and simultaneous analysis of the parameters TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC und TNb in liquid samples

    The multi N/C series sets standards! Working with multi N/C® means measuring parameters as TOC, NPOC, POC, TC, TIC and TNb quickly, easily and without any system conversion – and a guarantee for compliance with the valid national and international standards, such as: ISO, EN, DIN, EPA, ASTM, USP, FDA and ...

    By Analytik Jena AG

  • Model XPREP - A6 & A12 - Automatic Sample Preparation System Brochure

    The XPREP-A series is the fastest column method sample preparation system in today’s market. Specially designed to meet international standards like ISO, EPA and DIN methods (e.g. ISO 9562, EPA 9020). It automatically runs 100 mL water samples over the AOX/TOX columns at controlled sample flow of 3mL/min. Once the water sample has passed through the columns a wash cycle automatically ...

  • Automatic MicroDilutor and Sample Preparation Unit AMD 2000- Brochure

    Burkard Scientific (Sales) Ltd, PO Box 55, Uxbridge, Middx, UB8 2RT, UK. Tel: +44 (0)1895 230056 Fax: +44 (0)1895 230058 Email: For more information visit our web site at AMD2000 AUTOMATIC MICRODILUTOR AND SAMPLE PREPARATION UNIT Features • Automatic calibration from single stock standard. • Easy to use, true in-line dilutor. • ...

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    Application - Direct atomic absorption mercury determination in tissues and biological samples

    Introduction Mercury and its compounds are highly toxic substances fo r humans. It occurs naturally and exists in various forms: elemental (or metallic); inorganic (e.g. mercuric chloride); and organic (e.g., methyl- and ethylmercury). These forms all have different toxicities and implications for health. Among naturally occurring mercury compounds, methylme rcury exerts a significant influence ...

    By Lumex Instruments Group

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