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    Model MMF - Multimedia Filtration Systems - Brochure

    Advanced Equipment and Services is a global provider of custom skid-mounted filtration systems that includes many standard features which make them suitable for the most demanding applications. The steady growth and continuous success of the company is premised on innovative designs and quality without compromise. Our systems give you the reliability, durability and performance you expect. We ...

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    Load Tap Changer Filtration Systems Brochure

    Proven performance. Electric utility companies continue to show interest in using Hilsorb™ dryer fi lters on their transformer load tap changers (LTC). Rightfully so, as these fi lter cartridges have extended the time between maintenance intervals, thereby saving utility dollars. Dryer/fi lter cartridges, such as the PD718-12-CN, remove free water as well as particulate down to 1 micron ...

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    Ceramic Membrane Filtration System for Industrial Parts Washers

    The new dense pack ceramic membrane crossflow technology is the ideal way to maintain your parts washing operation and keep it in superior condition. Continuous recycling through the ceramic membrane keeps the wash solution clean and free of oil, fine particles, metals, and other contaminants which in turn, improves product yield. The non-complex design is easy to install, and requires minimal ...

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    Industrial Sedimentation and Filtration Brochure

    WesTech’s advanced line of industrial sedimentation equipment includes a wide range of clarifiers and thickeners to meet your process requirements. With precision engineering to meet rigid standards, WesTech provides high torque, long life, and reliable equipment. WesTech’s sedimentation equipment is supported by a reliable engineering staff with extensive experience. This experience ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc.

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    CMV-1 Ceramic Membrane Crossflow Vinegar Filtration System - Brochure

    The Star Filters Ceramic Membrane System is an ideal way to lower your vinegar filtration costs. The filtration system utilizes highvelocity “crossflow” across the membrane surface. The advanced-technology ceramic membranes deliver superior performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The robust filter design and high efficiency can help solve your tough filtration challenges. The ...

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    OmniFlow Water Filtration System Operations and Maintenance Manual

    The OWF115 water filtration system is a portable unit with self priming pump and two stage filtration. The Water Filtration System is designed for indoor use only and to operate in upright standing position. Locate the Water Filtration System close to the waste water storage on a level, dry surface and standing upright. The Water Filtration System pump is self priming and has up to 9 feet of ...

    By Omnitec Design, Inc.

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    GWT Series - Ultra Filtration Systems Presentations

    GWT Ultra filtration systems incorporate advanced membrane technology. These membranes are highly efficient low fouling and back-washable rigid spiral filtration membranes. GWT Ultra filtration systems are flexible systems. These systems are available in conventional submerged or integrated membrane system configurations to meet your specific filtration requirements. Cost effective high ...

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    Ahlstrom Disruptor - Water Filtration Presentation

    Disruptor®Water Filtration TechnologyContact information: Rod Komlenic rod.komlenic @ahlstrom.comRevision: 25 August 2011© 2011 Ahlstrom CorporationDisruptor®* - A new filtration technology Welcome to the world of Disruptor®, a unique and broad spectrum water filtration technologyThe development of this electroadsorptive technology started nearly 10 years ago with fundamental research by Fred ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

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    OmniAire - Model 18000 - HEPA Air Filtration System Manual

    For your larger projects the OmniAire 18000 is the right tool. The modular design of this system allows for ease of transport and many different configuration choices. The 3 HEPA filter cabinets are connected to the blower with 18" flex ducts which allows them to be placed up to 25 feet away from the blower, and also allows them to be placed in different areas if necessary. The design of the HEPA ...

    By Omnitec Design, Inc.

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    OmniAire - Model OA18000 - HEPA Air Filtration System - Datasheet

    The OmniAire 18000 is our largest portable HEPA air system with a 18,000 CFM air flow capacity. The OA18000 is a modular air filtration machine with a unique versatility in setup and number of optional filters to assist you on your projects. The OmniAire 18000 can be used to purify and re-circulate air or create positive or negative air pressure containment areas. It is used for mold, asbestos ...

    By Omnitec Design, Inc.

  • TEKLEEN - MTF Series - Self-Cleaning Water Filtration Systems Brochure

    Check List for Optimal Filter Performance [ ] There should be no back-pressure on the flush line. A 1” valve should have a 2” waste line. Do not use rubber hosing or flexible tubing for the waste line. [ ] The differential pressure gauge should be mounted within 3 feet of the filter. Long tubing lines will result in faulty gauge readings. [ ] The water supply line to the top of the ...

    By Automatic Filters, Inc.

  • Self Cleaning Filters Brochure

    These blade style self clean filters are used for the filtration of virtually all fluids from water to very high viscosity fluids where the filter is cleaned without the operator accessing the unit or even on a completely automatic basis with no operator involvement in the cleaning operation. Oxford Filiation's innovative self-clean filter technology offers you improved output, greater efficiency ...

    By Oxford Filtration Ltd

  • Filtration Systems

    More Solutionsfor MoreProductionThreadWindingsHow It WorksenerscopeSelf-CleaningUltra Fine FilterEnerscope offers innovative,self-cleaning microfiber filterswithout cartridge replacement.Fast, Efficient Self-Cleaning Technology. Theseunits are heavy duty, automatic, self-cleaningdepth filter cartridges that are designed for2,000 to 45,000 bbld per unit and filters at 1µ(and larger) using ...

    By Enerscope Systems Inc.

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    Ahlstrom DuraLube 3S For Automotive Oil Filtration Brochure

    Introducing our new range of fully synthetic oil filter media. Ahlstrom DuraLube 3Sgives the strength required to deal with the new advances in automotive technology without the need of additional supports, saving you time and ...

    By Ahlstrom-Munksjö

  • Amiad - EBS Series - Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter for Fine Filtration Brochure

    a m i a d f i l t r a t i o n s o l u t i o n sfeatures:EBS Filters Large filtration area, reliable operating mechanism and simple construction make the EBS filter the ideal solution for filtration of high-flow and poor quality water to very fine filtration degrees Automatic flushing according to pressure differential and/or according to time No interruption of downstream flow ...

    By Total Water Solutions (TWS)

  • Uniflo - Jet Self Cleaning Filter Systems Brochure

    Uniflo Jet self-cleaning filter systems are designed for high-volume/pressure applications and high velocity products. Uniflo® technology is ideal for lower viscosity liquids such as recycled and fresh water for most cooling and spray applications. Cleaning is achieved as the liquid moves through the filtration slots and the velocity flushes unwanted particles axial through and out of the ...

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    OmniFlow - Model OWF115 & OWF12VDC - Commercial and Industrial Service Water Filtration System Datasheet

    OmniFlow is commercial and industrial service water filtration system designed for purification of waste water at asbestos, lead abatement projects and similar sources at construction sites. Our portable system consists of a self priming, positive displacement pump and two filtration stages with 20 and 5 micron filters. The unit is capable of high suction lift and 45 psi discharge pressure. This ...

    By Omnitec Design, Inc.

  • Manual Self-Cleaning Filter Brochure

    MOD. NANOFILTRO 1/2" NANOFILTRO 3/4" NANOhot 1/2" NANOhot 3/4" CONNECTIONS 1/2” 3/4” 1/2” 3/4” FLUID FLOW RATE (Lt./min 3.5 ATM.) 20 25 20 25 Micron STD 100-150 100-150 100-200 100-200 Ø (mm.) 65 65 65 65 H. (mm.) 150 150 150 150 Max water temperature (Co) 40O 40O 90O 90O Max working pressure (bar) 10 10 ...

    By Euroacque SRL

  • HiDROFiL - Self Cleaning Filters - Brochure

    HiDROFiL is a range of self-cleaning filters with back-wash, featuring a peculiar system of rotating suction nozzles which grants the most appropriate cartridge surface ...

    By Atlas Filtri S.r.l.

  • Automatic Self-cleaning Filter- Brochure

    features:• Large filtration area, reliable operating mechanism and simple construction make the EBS filter the ideal solution for filtration of high-flow and poor quality water to very finefiltration degrees• Automatic flushing according to pressure differential and/or time• No interruption of downstream flow during flushing• Robust and reliable self-cleaning mechanism even on marginal ...

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