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    Environmental Data Acquisition System - Brochure

    Exclusive features: Acquisition, processing and display of any type of environmental data: gas and dust analysers, meteorological sensors, samplers, Advanced tools for statistics, validation and reports Advanced control of the measurement chain ...

    By Environnement S.A

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    eSAM Environmental Data Acquisition System - Brochure

    Data acquisition from any type of environmental system: analysers, sensors, meteo, samplers, ... Automatic data prevalidation taking into account the acquisition context Automatic management of the analyser’s calibration ...

    By Environnement S.A

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    OSI Data Acquisition Platform (ODAP) Brochure

    The Model 2100-301 OSi Data Acqusition Platform (ODAP) is a powerful data collection system designed to provide the best value solution for your meterological system needs. Quality all weather connectors are provided for each sensor on the lower surface of the ODAP. The connectors on the underside of the unclosure provide additional environmental protection. The enclosure does not need to be ...

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    Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis Software - Datasheet

    Insight is a Windows based data acquisition software program, used for logging measurement data directly from a LANCOM portable gas analyzer. Data can be analyzed either as it is collected in real time, or during review of logged data. A range of statistical and graphical tools allow the user to perform measurements, manipulate, report, present and print ...

    By AMETEK Land

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    Lancom - Version 4 - Data Acquisition & Analysis Software Datasheet

    Insight is a Windows based data acquisition software program, used for logging measurement data directly from a LANCOM portable gas analyzer. Data can be analyzed either as it is collected in real time, or during review of logged data. A range of statistical and graphical tools allow the user to perform measurements, manipulate, report, present and print ...

    By AMETEK Land

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    MAE - Model A5000M - 24-Bit Data Acquisition System for Structural or Environmental Monitoring - Datasheet

    24-bit data acquisition system for structural or environmental monitoring, characterised by extreme compactness and versatility of use. A5000M device is an independent data acquisition unit, equipped with graphic display, charge-transfer keyboard and removable S.D. memory, to carry out acquisitions from multiple types of measurement sensors (movement transducers, inclinometers, environmental ...

  • Data Acquisition System- Brochure

    FALCON™Models TA220-1000 SeriesDATA ACQUISITION SYSTEMSStand-alone & with RecorderPortable, 1 to 16 ChannelsThe SOLTEC Model TA220-1000 series are data acquisition systems with enhanced functionsfor color data display, acquisition, and analysis. Three mainframe models, TA220-1100,TA220-1200, and TA220-1300 are available. The TA220-1100 features data monitoring andacquisition. The TA220-1200/1300 ...

  • Data Acquisition System Brochure

    Badger Meter’sData Acquisition System (DAS)P.O. Box 581390, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74158 (918) 836-8411 • Fax: (918) 832-9962www.badgermeter.comWhere would I use this system?There are countless applications that could benefit from this technology. College campuses, industrial facilities, military bases, shopping centers, condominiums, irrigation, and remote applications are very common users of these ...

    By Badger Meter, Inc.

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    WeatherLog Aervideo - Weather Data for Airport Advisories Instruction Manual

    RAINWISE AERVIDEO SERIAL NUMBER RAINWISE AERVIDEO INSTRUCTION MANUAL AerVideo is manufactured in the USA by RainWise, Inc. of Bar Harbor, Maine. Congratulations.. We are pleased that you chose to purchase our instrument. We are proud of it, and it is our sincere wish that its performance be a lasting and gratifying experience for you. If you follow these instructions, the installation ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    miniIPS - Intelligent Pressure Sensor Brochure

    The miniIPS is a precision underwater pressure sensor; 0.01% accuracy, a titanium housing and a choice of pressure ranges make it a cost effective solution for offshore engineers, vehicle pilots, and other operators who require highly accurate depth information in real time. The miniIPS is also supplied as an OEM for sensor integration to other ...

    By Valeport Ltd

  • V8 Wireless - Data Acquisition System Datasheet

    Specification version 3.1, July, 2012. Subject to change without notice.• Flexible, adaptable configurations• Lightweight, highly portable• Operates –20°C to +50°C• No cable links required between network units or transmitter• Cable or wireless link to local network of auxiliary units• GPS-synchronized to transmitter and local networkV8 Networked Multifunction Receiver for Geophysical ...

    By Phoenix Geophysics Limited

  • Orbcomm - Model ODAM - Data Acquisition Module Brochure

    The ODAM unit is a versatile data logger for analog and digital data acquisition as well as an actuator control unit. It is a fully programmable data logger/controller with nonvolatile memory, internal power supply and a battery backed clock in an titanium underwater housing. It is based on the powerful CR10X data logger from Campbell Scientific Inc.. Up to 12 single ended analog inputs, any pair ...

  • Networked Underwater Data Acquisition System (NUDAS) Brochure

    Access/Sensor Node NUDAS Gateway BuoyNUDASNetworked Underwater Data Acquisition SystemHigh Level System Operational Specification SPECIFICATION/DESCRIPTION COMMENTDEPTH Rated to 300m Note: rating - operational depth of sensor used may be differentRANGE Minimum 2 kilometers between nodesUp to 4km possible depending on environmental conditions and required operational duration (battery ...

    By Fastwave

  • Autolog - Model 3000 - Data Acquisition Brochure

    The last decades showed a significant trend towards fewer sensors (measuring points) but with a much higher scanning frequency. This allows for a near simultaneous (synchronous) collection of all measuring data in any application. Following this trend and based on the company's over 30 years of experience with computer-based precision data-collection systems, Peekel developed the AUTOLOG 3000 ...

    By Peekel Instruments B.V.

  • AcquiSuite - Model A 8814 - Data Acquisition Servers Brochure

    Obvius’ AcquiSuite+ is more than a flexible data acquisition server; it is an intelligent data logger, power meter and web server all in ...

    By Obvius Holdings LLC

  • WinScan - Advanced Data Acquisition and Management System Datasheet

    Technology and Innovations for the Environment Environnement SA instrumentation utilizes the most advanced techniques in the field of spectroscopy and micro-electronics to achieve superior accuracy and reliability in emissions monitoring instrumentation. Multidisciplinary research and development teams have created state-of-the-art extractive and in-situ stack emission monitoring analyzers and ...

    By Atmoservice

  • Arc-Max - Data Acquisition and Logging System Brochure

    Arc-Max® is a data acquisition and logging system that will continuously store input from all kinds of workplace sensors, and produce reports of employee exposure to toxics, automatically. That’s why we say it’s Purpose-Designed. Using the powerful TEOS   SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) engine, alarm logs, trending, and specialized reports—Shift ...

    By Matts Monitors

  • Model A8812 - Data Acquisition Servers Brochure

    ACQUISUITE A8812-1 And A8812-GSMObvius’ AcquiSuite is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server allowing users to collect energy data from meters and environmental sensors. Designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response and smart grid programs, the AcquiSuite server lets you connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage and ...

    By Obvius Holdings LLC

  • Micrologger - CR3000 - Powerful Data Acquisition System Brochure

    CR3000Micrologger®A Portable, Rugged, Powerful Data Acquisition System2FeaturesProgram execution rate of up to 100 Hz • 16-bit analog to digital conversions• 16-bit microcontroller with 32-bit internal • CPU architectureTemperature compensated real-time clock • Background system calibration for accurate mea-• surements over time and temperature changesGas Discharge Tube (GDT) protected inputs• ...

    By Campbell Scientific, Inc.

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    Valeport rapidSV - Sound Velocity Sensors & Profilers Datasheet

    The miniSVP has been developed to provide a cost effective tool for the collection of Sound Velocity Profiles, without compromising the quality of the data. Ideally suited to ROV, coastal, or small boat applications, the miniSVP will appeal to survey companies, military and academia alike, being simple to use, easy to ...

    By Valeport Ltd

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