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    NANOFER 25P: Primary nZVI powder for secondary stabilization and processing

    NANOFER 25P is primary nZVI powder, consisting of Fe° nanoparticles without surface modification, preserved in the inert nitrogen atmosphere. The product exhibits extremely high reactivity and is usable for any secondary stabilization in dependence on particular application of ...

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

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    NANOFER STAR: nZVI air-stable powder

    NANOFER STAR is AIR-STABLE nZVI powder, consisting of Fe(0) surface stabilized nanoparticles, which has been developed in collaboration with RCPTM. The product is: Surface stabilized, Transportable, Air-stable, ...

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

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    NANOFER 25S: nZVI slurry for groundwater remediation

    NANOFER 25S is aqueous dispersion of Fe(0) nanoparticles with special surface modification. Due to the narrow size distribution of nanoparticles and sophisticated stabilization process, the product exhibits a high reactivity with a large scale of pollutants and very low degree of agglomeration, which implies for excellent migration and sedimentation properties. It is designed especially for the ...

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

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    Nanotechnology for Contaminated Land Remediation - 2013 Newsletter n1

    NanoRem (Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment) is now under way. This research project, funded through the European Commission FP7, will focus on facilitating practical, safe, economic and exploitable nanotechnology for in situ remediation. This will be undertaken in parallel with developing a ...

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

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    Weighing and Dosing Solution: Reliable Results for Years to Come, Follow the Green Light Brochure

    METTLER TOLEDO XPE Weighing and Dosing Solution for laboratory sets a new benchmark for performance, reliability and compliance  in laboratory weighing. Intelligent features and innovative technologies combine to ensure ease of use as well as deliver results you can trust. The innovative built-in StatusLight™ at the front of the balance terminal lets  you see at a glance if you ...

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

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    Nanotechnology for Contaminated Land Remediation - 2014 Newsletter n2

    The goal of the NanoRem project is to show that the application of NPs is a practical and reliable method for the treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater. NanoRem will provide a direct link between the production side and application of groundwater remediation using NPs. NanoRem is exploring the use of two broad classes of NPs, nano zero valent iron (nZVI) and others including iron oxides ...

    By NANO IRON s.r.o.

  • LabSPA catalogue

    Servicescontractanalyses...methoddevelopment...projectwork......educationalse ...

    By Quantachrome GmbH & Co. KG

  • Surfapore C

    SurfaPore® CProject:Waterproofing of porous sur-faces such as cement, stones, walls and groutIndustry:Building & ConstructionProduct:SurfaPore CKey Benefits:• Most E?ective & Nano Based• High Breathability• Not Film Forming, Invisible• Long Lasting & UV Resistant• Easy Application on Surface or mixed in mortar• Water based• Environmentally friendly• Cost E?ectiveApplications:• Walls & ...

    By NanoTech (UK) Solutions Ltd

  • Gens Nano SolarStucco - Model Sol Series - Self-Cleaning System Brochure

    Nanotechnology refers broadly to a field of applied science and technology. whose unifying theme is the control of matter on the molecular level in scales. smaller than 1 micrometer, normally 1 to 100 nanometers, and the fabrication. of devices within that size range. It is a highly multidisciplinary field, drawing from fields such as applied. physics, materials science, colloidal science, ...

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    1 3D Aerosol Jet® Printing - Adding Electronics Functionality to RP/RM Originally presented at DDMC 2012 Conference, 14-15.3.12, Berlin Martin Hedges*, Aaron Borras Marin Neotech Services MTP – Dr. Martin Hedges Martin Hedges, Abstract Aerosol Jet printing is a unique CAD driven, Digital Manufacturing technique for creating miniaturised electronic circuits and ...

    By Optomec Inc.

  • Gens Nano™ Product Cataloque 2007/2008 (PDF 1.69 MB)

    20072007Gans Nano T M Advanced Photocatalyst Solut ions Product CatalogueGreen Earth Nano Science, Inc. (GENS) Fall/WinterGENS NANOTMQUICK INDEX 1 Copyright 2007 Green Earth Nano Science Inc. All rights reserved. By referring to this quick index you can find the information you looking ...

  • Inhaler Testing 2015 Brochure

    Particulate Matter (PM), alternatively referred to as Aerosols, Fine Particles or Particulates, comprises small particles of chemically and physically diverse solid or liquid suspended in a gas. In the case of ambient air, this Particulate Matter is a complex mixture of solid and liquid particles many of which, such as bacteria, dust, pollen, smoke, spores and soot, can be hazardous to health. ...

    By Copley Scientific Limited

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    EUEC | P.O. Box 66076, Tucson, AZ 85728 | (p) 520.615.3535 | (f) 602.296.0199 | | www.euec.comTECHNICAL TRACKSA. AIR POLICY & CPP REGSB. CEMS, AQ & EPA REGSC. MERCURY CONTROLD. ENERGY POLICY & SECURITYE. SO2, NOx, TSP CONTROL F. RENEWABLE ENERGYG. O&M and EHSH. CLIMATE, CCS & CCRI. WATER 316(b)J. FLEET, EV & HYBRIDK. BATTERY & ENERGY STORAGESan Diego Convention Center · ...

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