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    TechPro II - TH1 - Measuring pH and Temperature Datasheet

    Benefits:Saves Time • Saves Money • Ensures Product Quality Features: • Memory storage (20 readings) • Prompts for simple pH calibration • Internal Sensor to prevent breakage • Auto shut-off for longer battery life • Lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand • Waterproof ...

    By Myron L Company

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    TechPro II - TP1, TPH1 - Measuring Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature Datasheet

    APPLICATIONS: • Boilers & Cooling Towers • Reverse Osmosis • Fountain Solutions • Swimming Pools & Spas • Plating and Parts Washing • Pulp and Paper • Plus many ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Water treatment and water disinfection - Catalogue

    Water treatment and water disinfection - ...

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    Myron - 720 Series II - pH/ORP Monitor/Controllers Datasheet

    Affordable; Ease of Operation, Low Maintenance, Ensures Product Quality, APPLICATIONS: Process Control, Reverse Osmosis, Seawater Desalination, Waste Treatment, Food Processing, Plating, Power Plants, Laboratories, Printing, Paper and Pulp, Boilers & Cooling Towers, Potable Water, Waste Water Treatment, Swimming Pools & Spas, Bleach Manufacturing, Reduction of Chromate Waste, ...

    By Myron L Company

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    Utility Segment Brochure

    MARINE & OFFSHOREHigh-efficiency and reliable marine pump solutions PROVEN TECHNOLOGYUTILITYEnergy efficient and reliable pump solutions for district energy (heating/cooling) and waste water/waterCover photo:Aerial view of residential area in Vilnius, LithuaniaUTILITYDESMI supplies energy efficient and reliable pump solutions for district energy (heating/cooling), waste water/water, and ...

    By DESMI A/S

  • Prizma Brochure

    Introducing Prizma – a revolutionary concept that takes care of all your pool needs while continuously .providing safe, chemically balanced ...

    By Blue I Water Technologies

  • Dinax Water Treatment Brochure

    Founded in 1995, our company, Dinax Ltd. offers its decades of experience to its Customers. Our activities are in compliance with the regulations of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. Our motto: Services for the satisfaction of the CUSTOMER. The vast majority of our products are prepared in our own factory. Decades of our chemical engineers' manufactu-ring experience help us in setting ...

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    DESMI - RayClean - Ballast Water Treatment System - Brochure

    DESMI Ocean Guard RayCleanBallast Water Treatment System PROVEN TECHNOLOGYRayClean- lowest energy consumption in classRayClean Ballast Water Treatment System is the leading system in the marine industry with unrivalled treatment performance and lowest energy consumption in class. RayClean is tested to meet the latest requirements and guidelines adopted by the International Maritime Organisation ...

    By DESMI A/S

  • 2. da190-11

    20-04-2011 190 I1 11 B190POCKET PHOTOMETERSFOR CHLORINEMW lineCL190-11/1POCKET PHOTOMETERS FOR CHLORINEMW line- Easy to use: 1 touch button - Free chlorine (MW10) or total chlorine (MW11)- For Drinkable waterand swimming pool water - Range: 0.05 to 2.5 ppm - Ready to use for DPD tests- Battery powered DESCRIPTIONThe new pocket photometers MW-10 and MW-11 are a good solution for aquick and ...

    By BAMO Mesures SAS

  • Microbiology Laboratories Brochure

    Fugro EMU Laboratories GroupMicrobiology LaboratoriesUKAS accredited microbiology sampling and testing – experts in water quality management.Management of Legionella Risk and Potable Water Quality on VesselsThe Microbiology and Water Quality team at Fugro EMU are specialists in water quality management with over 20 years’ experience providing UKAS accredited sampling and testing services.Fugro ...

    By Fugro EMU Limited

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    DESMI - Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) Brochure

    DESMI Ocean Guard OxyCleanBallast Water Treatment System PROVEN TECHNOLOGYSpecial EditionIMO Final and Type approval expected in October 2012The DESMI Ocean Guard OxyClean BWTS has been officially recommended for final approval by the IMO Ballast Water Working Group (BWWG) under GESAMP. They have concluded their evaluation of our application, and their recommendation is that DESMI Ocean Guard ...

    By DESMI A/S

  • Flexibox - Air Cooling Unit Brochure

    For Telecom shelters, enclosures and rooms. Dantherm's Free Air Cooling unit, the Flexibox, provides total heat management. Furthermore, the units generate energy cost savings of up to 90 % on cooling in Telecom sites hosting GSM, UMTS or LTE networks. Free Cooling is cost-effective controlled ventilation: the Telecom shelter or enclosure is cooled by means of ambient air without a ...

    By Dantherm A/S

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    Verderflex - OEM - Panel Mounted Peristaltic Pumps Brochure

    Verderflex OEM peristaltic pumps are the perfect solution for dosing and transferring liquids in panels or mounted on or inside machinery. They are a simple to use, easy to control, versatile and reliable way to pump liquids and are designed to easily integrate into other equipment. Verderflex OEM pumps are compact and easy to maintain, they have quick change tube systems to keep maintenance time ...

  • Accu-Tab - Series 100 - Chlorinators For Aquatics - Brochure

    Over stabilization? Fuhggeddaboudit.In the underwater world of HMAC pools, over stabilization can lock up chlorine’s effectiveness. Federal and state authorities have cyanuric acid (CYA) limits in their cross-hairs. Don’t be snagged in that sting. Put the Accu-Tab® Series 100 chlorinator to work for you. Delivers CYA-Free chlorine. Delivers consistency. Delivers performance.Put algae and ...

    By Accu-Tab System

  • Model MJP series - Single Stage Vertical Submersible Sewage Pump (SEW) Brochure

    MJP submersible motor pumps are used for pumping all types of sewage and effluent in water treatment and industry, especially untreated sewage with long fibrous and solid substances, liquids containing air and gas as well as raw, activated and digested ...

    By BEKA-Pumpen GmbH

  • Model MSB pH-Rx - Professional Digital Microprocessor Based Instrument Brochure

    Professional digital microprocessor based instrument- LCD display PH/ORP ...

    By Microdos S.r.l.

  • WDPHOS Series Instruments pH - Oxygen Datasheet

    “WDPHOS” Data SheetSpecifications subject to change without notice.ENG R1-12-08Via Donatori di sangue, 1 - 02100 Vazia (RI) - ItalyTel. +39 0746 2284 1 - Fax +39 0746 2284 2 - http://www.emec.itISO 9001 certifiedWDPHOS is an integrated All-in-One Swimming Pool Controller with two metering pumps: for acid (pH) and Active Oxygen. With weekly or daily timer.It is possible to operate in two ...

    By EMEC srl

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    ProMinent Magazine (Edition 1/2015): Keeping everything flowing

    How process technology from ProMinent secures optimal flow for ...

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    atg UV Technology - Main Brochure

    Drinking Water: From small well water supplies to large water treatment works UV disinfection is a proven barrier to pathogenic micro-organisms including Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Waste Water: From municipal treatment to water recovery for irrigation and re-use, UV treatment can provide the final disinfection stage required to meet increasingly strict ...

    By atg UV Technology

  • Caroat - The Superchlorination Alternative Brochure

    CaroatThe Superchlorination AlternativeWhy Superchlorinate?In order to disinfect pool or spa water a sanitizer, killing pathogenic bacteria and viruseswithin seconds of application is required.Although alternative methods are gaining in popularity and acceptance, there are severalreasons why chlorine is far and away the No. 1 sanitizer used in pools and spas:~ It is time-tested~ It is quick and ...

    By United Initiators, Inc.

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