Groundwater Drinking Water

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  • Schoeller diagrams in geo-chemistry

    Schoeller diagrams in geo-chemistry

    The Schoeller diagram is used to illustrate the relative concentrations of anions and cations. These concentrations are usually expressed in milliequivalents per litre. A Schoeller diagram can be used to compare concentrations from different water sources. An example is whereby samples are obtained from a variety of wells and comparison made on a single Schoeller diagram to explore patterns in ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Handheld Meter

    Handheld Meter

    The PAD handheld logger is compatible with all AQUAS digital sensors, integrated with color touch screen LCD display to setup operation parameters, monitor measurement values,GPS coordinates, site photo, battery life, communication status, sensor calibration and diagnosis, data logging and wireless upload. It is ideal for surface water, groundwater, drinking water, wastewater, fishery, water ...