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Aerobic Digester

by Schreiber LLC     based in Trussville, ALABAMA (USA)

Schreiber handles sludge treatment with a unique all-in-one digester and thickener configuration. Termed the GRS, it consists of a central circular thickener surrounded by an aerobic digester in the form of a concentric annular ring. One advantage of the GRS digester/thickener configuration is that it optimizes the space required for sludge ...

Aerobic Sludge Digestion

by Air Products     based in Allentown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Aerobic Sludge Digestion (ASD) can be used to reduce waste sludge biosolids in both secondary and primary sludges.

30–50°C Aerobic Digestion Plant

by Fuchs Enprotec GmbH     based in Mayen, GERMANY

Stabilization of sewage sludge is a basic requirement for agricultural use. Aerobic digestion in a separate basin is a simple and cost-effective way to increase the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants. Sewage sludge as well as manure are stabilized and at thermophilic temperatures (> 50°C) disinfected, if required. Aeration of ...

VERTAD - Auto-Thermophilic Aerobic Sludge Digestion Process

by NORAM Engineering and Constructors Ltd.     based in Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

NORAM’s patented VERTAD system is a proprietary, auto-thermophilic aerobic sludge digestion process.

DeAmmon - Nitrogen Removal System

by HydroThane STP BV     based in KC `s Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS

DeAmmon is nitrogen-reduction process developed for nitrogen removal from high concentrated streams such as industrial waste water and sludge dewatering supernatant from digested wastewater sludge. The great advantages of the DeAmmon process compared to the conventional nitrogen removal are the significantly lower oxygen consumption and conversion ...

KLa - Floating Effluent Decanters Systems

by KLa Systems, Inc.     based in Assonet, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

KLa Systems floating Effluent Decanters are used to draw clarified liquid from near the liquid surface of sequencing batch reactors and aerobic digesters. The design is both simple and rugged, constructed of Type 304L stainless steel for the weir, draw-off pipe, swing joint support, and stop supports.

RAPid Transformation of Organic Residues (RAPTOR)

by Global Water Engineering (GWE)     based in Bangkok, THAILAND

A compact 3 step process (enzymatic + thermophilic hydrolysis followed by methanation) transforming food & agricultural residues into biogas.

HTI - Biosolids Storage Tanks

by LLC     based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA)

Maximize Solids - Reduce Hauling Costs, Check actual survey results for Lime Stabilized, Anaerobically Digested or Aerobically Digested sludge and reduce hauling costs with an HTI Biosolids Storage Tank.

EnBac - Model B120 - Anaerobic Digesters

by Bio-Systems Corporation Ltd     based in UNITED KINGDOM

EnBac B120 is a powder containing a specially-formulated range of micro-organisms, which biologically treats wastewaters within Anaerobic Digesters.

BTIP - Bioscrubber / Biofilter

by Bionomic Industries Inc.     based in Mahwah, NEW JERSEY (USA)

BTIP extends the capabilities of natural biological treatment of gaseous organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, odors and more with increased removal efficiency while simultaneously removing particulate if present. A unique combination of proprietary mist scrubbing, bio-scrubbing/filtration and aerobic digestion offers lowest maintenance and ...

Sludge Digestion and Energy Recovery

by Cadagua     based in Bilbao, SPAIN

One concern modern society has is protection of the environment. Reduction in energy consumption, preservation of the sources of raw materials and the waste reduction are main factors to ensure this.Waste produced must be stabilised and made inert and, if possible, must be turned into the object of clean technology development by reuse or ...

Venturi AirJet Aeration

by Landia     based in Lem, DENMARK

Landia’s extensive range of submersible mixers and mixer/aerators add supplementary possibilities to optimize aeration efficiency and oxygen transfer. Sufficient mixing is achieved, solids remain suspended and thoroughly mixed with oxygen enriched effluent, thus enhancing aerobic digestion and improving process efficiency and final effluent ...

Floating Effluent Decanters

by Mass Transfer Systems (MTS)     based in Walpole, MASSACHUSETTS (USA)

The MTS floating effluent decanters are designs to allow the removal of the supernatant liquid at the liquid surface of sequencing batch reactors and aerobic digesters.  The MTS design allows the decant arm to stay close to the liquid surface through the high and low decant liquid level range.

Coarse Wide Band Difufser

by SSI Aeration, Inc. / Stamford Scientific International, Inc.     based in Poughkeepsie, NEW YORK (USA)

Our Wide Band diffusers are available in 304L or 316L stainless steel. Made with cast endcaps welded all around, deflectors are supplied with each diffuser but can be removed. The coarse bubble diffuser is intended to be a clog-free design, with oxygen transfer rates of 0.5 to 0.8% per foot of submergence (1.7 to 2.5% SOTE/m). A reliable alpha ...

Coarse Cap

by SSI Aeration, Inc. / Stamford Scientific International, Inc.     based in Poughkeepsie, NEW YORK (USA)

Caps are most commonly used in aerobic digesters and equalization tanks where high rate oxygen transfer efficiency is not required. They are manufactured from black Acrylic plastic containing UV protection and membranes are made from the same EPDM compound that SSI uses in fine bubble disc diffusers. SSI Coarse Cap diffusers have a ¾' MNPT ...

Bioflex Sludge Destruction

by PMC BioTec Company (PMCB)     based in Exton, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

Existing wastewater treatment plants can profit from the unique sludge destruction of the AFC process, but without conversion to thermophilic operation. This requires merely the addition of a positive solids recovery system and the side stream ChemTreat process to an aerobic digester. Existing MBR systems need add only the proprietary ChemTreat ...

ADI - Model CGR - Generating Reactor System

by ADI Systems     based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA)

The ADI-CGR system is an in-ground reactor with a long hydraulic residence time (HRT) used predominantly for bioenergy production. The system captures valuable, renewable biogas and typically treats waste streams of moderate to very high organic strengths.

Promeco Bioextruder - Extruder System

by Promeco SpA     based in Mornasco (CO), ITALY

Promeco’s BIOEXTRUDER is the simple, easier and efficiency solution for the organic fraction treatment. The technology comes from Promeco Extruder System machine used for a lots of years in the plastic and waste treatment sector.

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