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Biogas Cleaning Equipment

  • SAGPack - Siloxane Removal System

    The SAGPack system is designed to condition, compress, and remove moisture and siloxanes from biogas. It includes patented technology for stratifying the media and calibration of the siloxane removal capabilities of the system based on the different species identified during gas testing. System size is based on gas velocity, temperature, pressure, ...

    By Robinson Group LLC based in Bothell, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Gravel Filters

    Gravel filters are in-line devices installed in biogas gas pipelines as condensate water traps and back-flame arresters. Filling material is usually coarse gravel with granular size between 30 and 60 mm. An external water trap device allows for continuous disposal of condensate water. PROGECO gravel filters can be fitted with several optional ...

    By Progeco s.r.l. based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Biogas Filters Product line

  • Biogas Valorization

    We make complete biogas lines, that covers all the equipment necessary to the good functioning of the instalation.

    By Biogaz System Depollution Valorisation (BSDV) based in Sancé, FRANCE.

  • Biogas To High Purity Hydrogen

    The Terragas process jointly developed by Unitel Technologies and AirScience Technologies, converts biogas from municipal solid waste landfills, anaerobic digesters of waste water treatment plants and other sources to high purity hydrogen.

    By AirScience Technologies Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Technologies Product line

  • FAKA - Activated Carbon Adsorbers

    SILOXA’s FAKA range of activated carbon adsorbers for fine desulphurisation of biogas is a large filter family with 11 members in total. FAKA adsorbers are available with capacities ranging from 1500 to 7000 litres, in versions with one or two chambers, and in the TWIN FAKA version. Depending on the model, the steel adsorber containers are ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Gas Cleaning Product line

  • SulphPur - Bioreactor the Elementary Biogas Desulphurization System

    Environment-sparing and energy-saving. Massive savings on fresh water and waste water. NO aggressive sulphuric acid. OPEX reduction of up to 15,000.00 EUR p.a.

    By S&H Umweltengineering Vertriebs GmbH based in Nauen, GERMANY. from Biogas Cleaning Product line

  • SilentFlow - Blower Packages

    The SilentFlow range is made up of a group of rotary lobe blowers designed to circulate air or neutral gases in a non-hazardous environment. It incorporates recent requirements of EPD (European Pressure Directive) and CE safety issues.

    By BowRio Water Technologies Inc. based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Municipal Wastewater - Blowers Product line

  • Biolimp-MPdry/Wet - Biogas Desulfurization System - Hydrogen Sulphide Removal

    The desulfurization of biogas is necessary to prevent corrosion and to avoid toxic concentrations for the people involved in the plant operation. When the biogas is burned, SO2/SO3 is emitted which even more poisonous than H2S. At the same time the SO2 lowers the dew point in the stack gas (smoke) with the possibility of forming sulphurous acid ...

    By Energy & Waste S.l based in Terrassa-Barcelona, SPAIN. from Biogas Product line

  • THIOPAQ - Hydrogen Sulphide Removal System

    THIOPAQ A system of hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas based on a continuous regeneration of sodium hydroxide in a bioreactor. As a by-product pure elemental sulphur is produced, which can be used in agriculture as a fertilizer or fungicide. The system has very low operating costs (up to 90% saving compared to traditional alkaline scrubbers), ...

    By HYDROTECH, Ltd. based in Limassol, CYPRUS. from Industrial Wastewaters Treatment Plants Product line

  • Biofabrik - Green Refinery - Bio Refinery

    The bio refinery of Biofabrik Green Refinery extracts basic chemical materials such as amino acids, lactic acids, sugars and sulfates from grass.The bio refinery can be used as an valuable automated extension for biogas plants.

    By Biofabrik Technologies GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY.

  • Ceramic Filters

    Ceramic filters are installed in biogas gas pipelines, usually before energy recovery plants, for the removal of fine particles and for condensate water collection and disposal. Biogas filtration is achieved by means of special ceramic candles (pore size 60 microns) that can be easily removed for routine cleaning. An external water trap device ...

    By Progeco s.r.l. based in Brescia (BS), ITALY. from Biogas Filters Product line

  • Activated Carbon with preceding Gas Cooling Unit of Biogas Conditioning

    Gas Drying required for operating the Activated Carbon Filter. Final Desulphurization to protect the Catalytic Converter (5ppm). Process Control / Measurement (facultativ).

    By S&H Umweltengineering Vertriebs GmbH based in Nauen, GERMANY. from Biogas Cleaning Product line

  • H2S Removal System

    H2S often results from the bacterial break down of organic matter in the absence of oxygen, such as in swamps and sewers (anaerobic digestion). It also occurs in volcanic gases, natural gas and some well waters. The odor of H2S is commonly misattributed to elemental sulfur, which is in fact odorless.

    By GGE Power Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi, INDIA. from H2S Removal Product line

  • Premium

    ennox - Model GFR - Gravel Filter

    The gas removed from biogas digestion or fermentation units can be heavily contaminated with foam particles, various particulate matter and water vapour. A pre-filtration of the gas (often adequate enough) can be achieved with the use of an ennox gravel filter.

    By ennox biogas technology GmbH based in Hard, AUSTRIA. from Gas Treatment Product line

  • Premium

    DMT Sulfurex - Model CR - Chemical Gas Desulphurisation

    Standard system for removal of H₂S out of biogas. DMT has developed the DMT Sulfurex gas desulphurisation scrubber. The DMT-Sulfurex desulphurisation process has proven to be cost effective for smaller applications (see references) due to its low capital and running costs, whereas traditional gas desulphurisation systems are ...

    By DMT Environmental Technology BV based in Joure (NL), NETHERLANDS. from Biogas Desulphurisation Product line

  • Premium

    DMT Sulfurex - Model BF - Biological Gas Desulphurisation

    Gas Desulphurisation of biogas and syngas is necessary to prevent corrosion and SOx emissions. Biogas is produced by fermenting biological waste and is considered one of the most important sources of renewable energy. It is a substitute for natural gas. Both biogas and syngas can contain hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), so ...

    By DMT Environmental Technology BV based in Joure (NL), NETHERLANDS. from Biogas Desulphurisation Product line

  • Model E Series - Economical Biogas Contaminant Removal System

    Gas is filtered by an inlet scrubber before the gas to refrigerant (or glycol) heat exchanger to remove entrained particulates & liquids; and, to keep heat exchangers clean. The gas to refrigerant heat exchanger cools gas to 40oF before its compressed, which protects blower/compressor.

    By Pioneer Air Systems based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA). from Landfill Gas Dryers / Digester Gas Dryers / Biogas Dryers Product line

  • Model CP - Condensate Pot

    Biogas or sewage gas is water vapor-saturated gas. Typically it comes in biogas plants and Their piping systems due to temperature influence on the formation of condensate water. Condensate May like to blockages at low points, deposits, corrosion lead in the pipeline components.

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH based in Fussach, AUSTRIA. from Gas Processing Product line

  • BGX Solutions - Model M-3100 - Biogas Purification PSA Systems

    When upgrading biogas into an economical source of renewable energy, choose a compact XEBEC pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system featuring simple and reliable rotary valves and rapid cycle PSA technology. XEBEC’s PSA systems are being used worldwide to effectively remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from landfill, digester or well gas streams to ...

    By Xebec Adsorption Inc. based in Blainville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Biogas Purification PSA Systems Product line


    Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic waste and mainly consists of methane and carbon dioxide. Due to its methane content, it has a high potential to be used as replacement for Natural Gas after improving the methane level to over 90% in the gas. The process of enhancing the methane level in the biogas is termed as biogas upgrading.

    By Combustion Research Associates based in Noida (New Delhi-NCR), INDIA.

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