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Bi-On - Model Fe - Filtration Media

by Bioconservacion SA     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Bi-On Fe is a product designed to eliminate hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from oxygen-free gaseous streams, as is the case with biogas.

Bi-On - Model Carb KOH/KOHKI - Filtration Media

by Bioconservacion SA     based in Barcelona, SPAIN

Bion® Carb is produced from active carbon mixed with the purest sort of zeolites, designed to cover a large surface area. This product functions exceptionally well in all scrubbers including V shaped modules, tanks and silos.

Siloxane Filtration System

by BIOKOMP Srl     based in Villaverla, ITALY

Siloxane filters where it's necessary remove the presence of siloxane (all the different family composition of siloxane) down to 5 ppb according with the microturbine and engine's requirements. Various methods have been employed in attempt to reduce the effect of the silicon dioxide deposits in engines used by the landfill and sewage industries. ...

Ceramic Filters

by Progeco s.r.l.     based in Brescia (BS), ITALY

Ceramic filters are installed in biogas gas pipelines, usually before energy recovery plants, for the removal of fine particles and for condensate water collection and disposal. Biogas filtration is achieved by means of special ceramic candles (pore size 60 microns) that can be easily removed for routine cleaning. An external water trap device ...

Bio Gas Filters

by Twin Filter BV - Parker Hannifin Corporation     based in Zaandam, NETHERLANDS

Biogas is often a mixture of gasses produced by enzymatic biological processes. Unlike natural gas it contains components produced by the fermentation of organic material like methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and smaller amounts of hydrogen sulphide (H2S). During combustion H2S and other organic compounds, in particular chlorines ...

Biogasmart - Model FCP - Biogas Fine Ceramic Filter

by Biogasmart     based in Gadesco Pieve Delmona, ITALY

Ceramic filters are installed in biogas gas pipelines, usually before energy recovery plants, for the removal of fine particles and for condensate water collection and disposal.

EnviThan - Biogas Upgrading with Membrane Technology

by EnviTec Biogas AG     based in Lohne, GERMANY

Biogas is becoming increasingly important as a local, decentralised and environmentally friendly source of energy. Particular potential is afforded by upgrading biogas to biomethane which can be fed into the public natural gas grid. With EnviThan, EnviTec is offering a highly efficient technology for upgrading biogas – gas separation with SEPURAN ...

Filtration, Drying Systems, Process Water Chillers & Components System

by Universal Air & Gas Products Corporation     based in Norfolk, VIRGINIA (USA)

We specialize in building compressed air dryers customized for biogas, hydrogen, syngas, landfill, digester, and wastewater treatment applications. Our drying systems are designed to handle discharge pressures as high as 6000 PSIG. We build and integrate cartridge dryer/filtration manifolds for NGV refueling stations. These refrigerated air dryers ...


by Zorg Biogas AG     based in Zurich, SWITZERLAND

The Separator is used for separation of digested biomass into solid and liquid fractions and is included into the basic equipment of the biogas plant.

Model DSP 205 - Screw Press

by Doppstadt     based in Velbert, GERMANY

The Doppstadt Screw Press 205 is designed for solid-liquid separation of organic waste. During this process the bio-available fraction of the input material is concentrated in the liquid phase (filtrate). The filtrate is then used as a substrate to produce biogas using wet fermentation. According to the application the retentate can be composted ...

Moisture Removal Systems

by Unison Solutions, Inc.     based in Dubuque, IOWA (USA)

If compression is not required, we can provide the same level of gas conditioning for use with your blower or compressor. Whether you require filtration, condensate removal, or heat transfer, we can build a system for your application. We can also provide passive drying systems for process gases that are not related to biogas. Our experience with ...

Schwarting Biosystem - High-Performance Digestion for Sewage Sludges

by Schwarting-Biosystem GmbH     based in Flensburg, GERMANY

The digestion of sewage sludge resulting from the treatment of municipal or industrial waste water does not only stabilize the sludge and minimize odours, but also reduces the amount of residues by decomposing organic parts. Thus, disposal costs are considerably reduced.

Model SG-100 & SG-200 - Liquid-Solid Separation Filter

by Omega Liquid Waste Solutions Inc     based in Longueuil, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Omega SG-100 and Omega SG-200 filters are unparalleled at filtering septic tank contents. The filters work continuously and returns 15% more clarified water than any other filtering solution available on the market, which leaves less water in the solid waste tank. Omega SG-100 and Omega SG-200 filters are the perfect solution to rid septic tanks ...

Positive Displacement Delta Blower

by Aerzen Machines (I) Pvt Ltd.     based in VADODARA, INDIA

Fully assembled turnkey package with 3-lobe blower stage with integrated pulsation cancellation, structurally certified base with integrated silencer, fully automatic self tensioning drive and many other state-of-the-art features: 16 sizes.

Proesa - Cellulosic Sugar Technology

by Beta Renewables S.p.A.     based in Tortona, ITALY

Proesa™ belongs to the so-called “second-generation” technologies which allow the use of the sugars present in lignocellulosic biomass to obtain fuel and other chemicals with lower greenhouse gas emissions and at competitive costs compared to fossil fuels (oil, natural gas).

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