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Household Biogas Projects

by Biogas Australia Pty Ltd     based in Angaston, AUSTRALIA

Biogas Australia can supply DIY kits for “Hobby Farmers” and Householders who want to make use of their household wastes to produce biogas for cooking, lighting or hot water preparation as well as electricity generation.

Hofstetter - Model Ready/Palma - Gas Treatment Plant for Methane Gas From Lagoons

by Hofstetter BV     based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS

Hofstetter offers a reliable system for processing methane gas from palm oil extraction or other typical anaerobic digestion processes. The biogas is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner or used to generate electricity.

Accu-Flo - Thermal Mass Flow Meter

by Geotech     based in Leamington Spa, UNITED KINGDOM

Accu-Flo Thermal Mass Flow Meter for landfill gas and biogas flow measurement. With an innovative edge, the Landtec Accu-Flo meter highlights a distinctive feature:- a zero calibration self check. The self check allows the user to verify that their Landtec Accu-Flo meter has not shifted, drifted or deviated from its original NIST-traceable factory ...

BioGas - Double Membrane Gas Holder

by BioGas Products Ltd.     based in Brierley Hill, UNITED KINGDOM

Biogas Products Ltd works with Italian specialist company, Ecomembrane S.r.l, to supply the UK with quality membrane gas holders in a range of sizes, from 10 to 16,000m3, and pressure, 5-50 mbar. Combining our extensive knowledge and expertise we can provide an engineered solution, quality product and professional installation for any size or ...

Monitoring and Process Control

by BINDERGROUP AG     based in Ulm, GERMANY

Modern biogas fermentation plants cannot meet commercial and environmental requirements without appropriate measuring and analysis technique. As well, process and operational safety becomes more and more important facts. CDM- and Monitoring projects require, besides high accuracy of measured values, a traceable visualization, storage and ...

Biogas Analysis

by BINDERGROUP AG     based in Ulm, GERMANY

Even operators of small size biogas plants use more and more portable biogas analyzer, in order to examine several times daily their gas composition and the main and post digester as well as in front of the CHP. As long as the substrate composition does not change substantially, 2-3 daily measurements are surely sufficient during normal operation ...

GTI - Gas Collection Covers

by Geomembrane Technologies Inc. (GTI)     based in Fredericton, NEW BRUNSWICK (CANADA)

GTI provides innovative, patented* fabric covers that collect valuable biogas from anaerobic digestion systems. Custom-designed for tanks and lagoons of all sizes, GTI’s covers are gastight to contain odor and protect biogas from contamination. In waste-to-energy projects, the collected gas is used as a renewable fuel to generate process ...

Landtec BIOGAS - Model 5000 - Portable Biogas Analyzer

by LANDTEC     based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA)

Designed to meet Global Renewable Energy and Carbon Credit digester project requirements, the BIOGAS5000 is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis. Easy-to-use and portable, the BIOGAS5000 measures gas composition and flow with repeatable accuracy on farms, food processing plants and waste water treatment facilities.

Distillery Waste Biogas

by Clarke Energy     based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM

Alcohol for human consumption as alcoholic spirits and for industrial purposes is typically created via the distillation of weaker, biologically produced alcohols. Biologically produces alcohols derive from fermented mash of starchy plant matter such as grain, wheat, rye, rice, maize, molasses & potatoes.

Green Gas - Biogas

by Green Gas International BV     based in Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

Valuable experience in all aspects of professional energy development. Green Gas is experienced in diverse fields of clean energy generation. We are always looking for opportunities to cooperate in developing new energy generating projects in the biogas or clean tech industry. With a substantial track record in every phase of the development phase ...

FARMATIC - Conventional Digesters and Combined Storage

by FARMATIC - FFE Solutions GmbH     based in Nortorf, GERMANY

FARMATIC offers conventional digester systems, secondary digesters and combined gas/digestate storage as full equipment package. Our customers are independent project developers, engineering consultancies and biogas research institutions.


by ARGE-Kompost & Biogas Österreich     based in Vienna, AUSTRIA

Biogas is an energy production in the cycle of nature  Nature always works in cycles, ie organic matter is degraded by microorganisms. The resulting products then serve as starting material for new life. Nature knows two operations for these circuits: If the decomposition of the organic material in the presence of air, it is called composting ...

ZooShare - Biogas Plant

by Angus Power     based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA)

Angus Power is a member of the ZooShare co-op, a development partnership to construct North American’s first community-owned anaerobic digester to manage the zoo’s green waste and manure. The biogas plant will process approximately 3,000 tonnes of zoo manure and 15,000 tonnes of grocery store waste organics each year. Bonds are being ...

Model DCR Series - Deep Chilling Removal Systems

by Pioneer Air Systems     based in Wartburg, TENNESSEE (USA)

Reduced - Engineering cost, Installation cost. Compact design - Less Land & piping requirement. Speedier project delivery. Lower operating cost. Energy savings.


by Maris Projects B.V.     based in Schijndel, NETHERLANDS

We have developed several kind of mixers for the bio digestion industry. Depending on the type of waste you want to mix, we can advise you a type of mixer. We have special made mixers for bio digestors as well as mixers for inside tanks.

Heat Exchangers

by Maris Projects B.V.     based in Schijndel, NETHERLANDS

We develop and design new custom build heat exchangers. For waste, we have designed a tube in a tube heat exchanger. This system is dynamic, and easy to adjust to capacity. By removing and adding heating tubes, capacity can be changed. This heat exchanger is requiring an external heat source. This can be steam, oil, hot water or even other organic ...

FARMATIC - High Performance Digesters(CSTR)

by FARMATIC - FFE Solutions GmbH     based in Nortorf, GERMANY

Many engineering companies, independent planners and project developers have benefitted from the experience FARMATIC has to offer. We supply our vertically stirred high performance digester as complete functional unit for integration into an EPC project. Our customers value FARMATIC digesters as they receive a perfectly designed and hands-free ...


by Maris Projects B.V.     based in Schijndel, NETHERLANDS

Our hammer mill is specially designed to grind wet organic waste streams. It can handle all kind of organic waste and can grind it into different sizes. Particle size can be requested by client wishes. The capacity of the mill is depending on the type of waste, which need to be grinded and the size of the outlet. The percentage dry matter which ...

AGROTEL - Double Membrane

by AGROTEL GmbH     based in Neuhaus am Inn, GERMANY

The AGROTEL double membrane gas storage facility is designed as an air-inflated roof with integrated gas storage. A combination of technology and operating efficiency ensures robustness, durability and diverse application possibilities for our system.

Model 1EHA-6-GT/105 - Natural Gas Compressor

by Abc Compressors     based in Eibar, SPAIN

This natural gas compressor allows the client to increase the pressure from the NG network to the required pressures of the 14MW turbine. The compressor and the turbine are parts of a cogeneration project.

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