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Distillery Waste Biogas

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Alcohol for human consumption as alcoholic spirits and for industrial purposes is typically created via the distillation of weaker, biologically produced alcohols. Biologically produces alcohols derive from fermented mash of starchy plant matter such as grain, wheat, rye, rice, maize, molasses & potatoes.

Biogas from Food Waste Cogeneration / CHP

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Disposal and treatment of biological waste represent a major challenge for the waste industry. For a wide range of organic substances from agriculture, foodstuff of feed industries, anaerobic digestion is a superior alternative to composting. Biogas – a mixture of both methane and carbon dioxide – is created during anaerobic digestion ...

Sewage Gas Cogeneration / Combined Heat & Power

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Wastewater professionals once accepted the high costs of operating wastewater treatment facilities as a consequence of meeting their discharge permit requirements. As the cost of energy rises and emphasis on renewable energy increases, local authorities and municipalities are seeking solutions that save money and meet renewable requirements. GE ...

Agricultural Biogas & Cogeneration / CHP

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Agricultural biogas plants utilise organic materials found on farms to generate biogas, a renewable fuel source and in turn renewable power through cogeneration / combined heat & power. The plant may be designed to accept energy crops that have been grown specifically to input into the digestion facility or agricultural wastes. These crops are ...

Fuel Gas Boosters

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Fuel gas boosters or blowers are used to raise the pressure of fuel gas to the operating level of the gas engine or combined heat and power plant. Gas boosters are often required for 

GE Jenbacher - Model Type-4 - Gas Engine

by Clarke Energy     Office in Bonanjo, CAMEROON

Based on the proven design concepts of Type-3 and Type-6, the modern Type-4 engines in the 800-1,500kWe power range are characterised by a high power density and outstanding efficiency. The optimised control and monitoring provides easy preventative maintenance and maximum reliability and availability.

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