Combustion equipment for Energy and Renewables in Finland

  • Metso - Gasification Technology

    The CFB Gasifier is a Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) reactor developed by Metso. It is a robust and proven process for utilising wide range of fuels from peat and biofuels to different waste fractions. It can be applied to substitute oil, natural gas or other fossil fuels in industrial furnaces like limekilns, or to substitute coal, peat or other ...

    By Metso Corporation based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Oilon - Model Junior Pro - Oil Burners for Detached Houses

    Oilon Junior Pro is the warm heart of your home. Junior Pro burners have been on the market for over twenty years already. During that time, they have proven to be extremely reliable, efficient, and easy to operate. That is why we have continued to keep the Junior Pro in our catalogue, and we are now offering a modernised version of it. The new ...

    By Oilon Oy based in Lahti, FINLAND. from Burners Product line

  • Automatic One-piece Ash Screw

    Keeps the combustion chamber clean, reduces maintenance work. Operating time is proportional to fuel feeding amounts.

    By MegaKone Oy based in Hellanmaa, FINLAND. from Accessories Product line

  • Wood Dust Burners

    Increasing environmental and commercial challenges for energy production with conventional fuels has created the need for usage of renewable fuels for burner-applications such as wood dust. Enviroburners has more than 25 years of experience in supplying wood dust burners for mechanical wood processing- and energy industry. The source of the ...

    By Enviroburners OY based in Vantaa, FINLAND.

  • Vapor - Model TTKV - Hot Water Boiler

    High-quality Vapor TTKV hot water boilers are high volume 3-pass flame tube boilers with a power range of 1–33 MW.

    By Vapor Boilers Oy based in Nivala, FINLAND.

  • AGCO Power - Land Generating Engines

    AGCO POWER engines fulfil the European Stage 2 emission requirements. Solutions used for reducing emissions have simultaneously enabled the increase of power density and torque level while maintaining good fuel economy. Reduction in combustion noise has been achieved by the use of pilot injection. Also the new gear design and profile of timing ...

    By AGCO Power based in Linnavuori, FINLAND. from AGCO POWER Engines Product line

  • Water Mist Fire Protection

    A water mist system is a fire protection system which uses very fine water sprays (i.e. water mist). The small water droplets allow the water mist to control, suppress or extinguish fires by: cooling both the flame and surrounding gases by evaporation, displacing oxygen by evaporation, attenuating radiant heat by the small droplets themselves. The ...

    By Marioff Corporation based in Vantaa, FINLAND.

  • Metso - Fluidized Bed Boilers

    Metso's Automation business line, through 30 years of experience, is a leader in the control and management of FBB combustion, energy generation and emission control processes. We have met and exceeded customers' expectations and provided results in both greenfield plants and retrofits worldwide. Our proven experience range from the very small ...

    By Metso Corporation based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Hydraulic Bottom

    Hydraulic bottom is ecquipped with scrapers that prevent fuel from making vaults in the fuel hopper. Module structure of the feeding system makes possible to place it to the different spaces in lot of combinations. Module hydraulic feeding system is the biggest model for tractor loading. The size of one modul is 1 meter or 1,5 meter × 1,5 ...

    By Säätötuli Oy based in Kauhajoki as, FINLAND. from Burners Product line

  • FluidAqua Mobil - Model FAM ATEX Series - Dewatering & Other Fluid Conditioning

    The dewatering units of the FluidAqua Mobil FAM ATEX series fulfil the requirements of the EU guideline 94/9/EC (ATEX = Atmosphères Explosibles explosive atmosphere) for areas in which explosive gas atmospheres could arise (Zones 1 snd 2).

    By HYDAC International GmbH Office in Vantaa, FINLAND. from Filtration and Fluid Conditioning Product line

  • Fluidized Bed Boilers

    Renewa provides bubbling fluidized bed boiler plants that are based on the latest technology and have a power range of 2 – 50 MWth. Our plants are capable of digesting fuels of wide spectrum of humidity and calorific value and they can cope with a continuously variable feedstock. Typical fuels include wood chips, bark, sawdust, milled peat, ...

    By KPA Unicon based in VANTAA, FINLAND.

  • Sarlin - Model SaBuS - Safety Burner System

    Sarlin has developed a system for safety control in gas‑fired furnaces. Since industrial furnaces vary greatly in design, the system is designed with the flexibility to suit many options and conditions. The heart of the system is an approved, fail‑safe PLC. SaBuS has been responsible for the furnace safety for a decade and is installed ...

    By Sarlin Furnaces AB Office in Vantaa, FINLAND. from Modernizations and Renovations Product line

  • Premium

    LaserGas - Model III SP CO - Compact Combustion Analyzer System

    NEO Monitors LaserGas III SP CO (3rd generation) is specially designed for operation in hazardous areas and it provides real time in-situ CO measurements for virtually any type of combustion control. The configuration is transmitter/receiver units for cross-stack installation. An external junction box simplifies installation and maintenance. The ...

    By NEO Monitors AS Distributor in FINLAND.

  • Durag - Model D-GF 150-MB - Self-Monitoring and Fail-Safe Burner Control System

    Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner control with integrated Display and Modbus communication for the control of gas and oil burners as well as combined gas/oil burners of any capacity.

    By DURAG GmbH Distributor in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Burner Controls Product line

  • Model BM25 - Area Monitors

    Capable of monitoring from one to five gases through diffusion or sample draw, the BM25 gas detector packs the benefits of a fixed-system area monitor into an easily transportable, yet rugged instrument. Designed for team protection or area surveillance, the unit is most suitable for perimeter monitoring, rig overhauls, and mobile or ...

    By Industrial Scientific Corporation Distributor in FINLAND. from Area Monitors Product line

  • Monicon - Model CGS500 - Combustible Gas Sensor

    The CGS500 combustible gas sensor has been designed to measure concentrations of combustible gases in the range 0-100% LEL. The CGS500 is fitted in an EExe certified junction box. Each sensor contains two thermocatalytic beads. Combustible gases will oxidise on the surface of the active bead while the reference bead compensates for changes in ...

    By Monicon Technology Distributor in FINLAND. from Sensors & Transmitters Product line

  • SilentFlow

    The SilentFlow range is made up of a group of rotary lobe blowers designed to circulate air or neutral gases in a non-hazardous environment. It incorporates recent requirements of EPD (European Pressure Directive) and CE safety issues.

    By Ingersoll-Rand Air Solutions Hibon Distributor in FINLAND. from Blowers And Compressors Product line

  • Supreme Line - Model 225K - NOx Analyzers

    Ease of measurement like you have always wanted This sophisticated analyzer starts up automatically and begins the intended measurements immediately upon reaching its operating state. In the same simple manner you may operate and adapt all available parameters.

    By ECO PHYSICS INC. Distributor in FINLAND. from Automotive/Mobile Source Products Product line

  • Durag - Model D-GF 150 - Self-Monitoring and Fail-Safe Burner Control System

    Self-monitoring and fail-safe burner control for the control of gas and oil burners as well as combined gas/oil burners of any capacity.

    By DURAG GmbH Distributor in Helsinki, FINLAND. from Burner Controls Product line

  • Model SME Series - Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blower

    Ingersoll Rand offers a well proven range of Multistage Centrifugal Blowers: The Hibon SME Series is engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding blower or exhauster applications for air and gas.

    By Ingersoll-Rand Air Solutions Hibon Distributor in FINLAND. from Bare Shaft Blowers Product line

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