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HOFGAS - Model Smarty - Compact Mobile Degassing Plant with Semi-Enclosed Combustion

by Hofstetter BV     Distributor in ISRAEL

The compact unit HOFGAS-Smarty is a ready-to-fit degassing plant equipped with a landfill gas flare. The unit is qualified for safe and reliable degassing and gas combustion of small and medium size landfills.

Anguil - Model DFTO - Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.     Distributor in Kfar-Saba, ISRAEL

The Anguil Direct Fired Thermal Oxidizer (DFTO) destroys Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are discharged from industrial or chemical process exhausts. The DFTO achieves destruction of pollutants by the process of combustion. VOCs and HAPs are oxidized to carbon dioxide and water vapor with the proper ...

TSI CA-CALC - Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzers

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in ISRAEL

TSI's Series CA-6200 CA-CALC Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers are rugged, fast-response, easy-to-use instruments ideal for tuning burners for maximum efficiency and safety on large industrial systems to commercial systems. They have advanced features including a graphic display with all data on a single screen, eliminating the need to set-up or ...

TSI CA-CALC - Two Gas Combustion Analyzers

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in ISRAEL

TSI's Series CA-6100 CA-CALC Combustion Analyzers are ideal tools for maintenance technicians and boiler services professionals to use when monitoring or performing service on light commercial and residential systems. These analyzers provide real-time tuning data, minimizing time spent on service calls when compared to hand-aspirated analyzers, ...

TSI CA-CALC - Three Gas Combustion Analyzers

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in ISRAEL

TSI's CA-6203 CA-CALC Combustion Analyzer is a practical tool for boiler maintenance professionals who measure flue gases to tune standard burners and low NOx burners for safe, efficient operation. Real-time data easily viewed on the extra-large 3-line LCD display. Factory-set fuels and user-defined fuels provide fast setup and flexibility for use ...

HOFGAS - Efficiency High Temperature Gas Flare

by Hofstetter BV     Distributor in ISRAEL

The HOFGAS-Efficiency high temperature gas flare provides safe and environmentally friendly high temperature combustion of landfill gas. The exhaust gas emissions meet the stringent requirements.

HOFGAS - Model IFM4c - Customised Industrial Gas Flare System

by Hofstetter BV     Distributor in ISRAEL

Customised industrial gas flare with high-temperature combustion, conceived specifically for the disposal of industrial and contaminated gases. Ideal for combustible industrial gases, such as VOC gas, pyrolysis gas, wood gas, flue gas, benzene gas and much more.

Fluidized Bed Aerosol Generator

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in ISRAEL

The Fluidized Bed Aerosol Generator (FBAG) is our general-purpose powder disperser. It prepares any dry, free-flowing powder for dispersion in a gas. The FBAG disperses powders over a size range from 0.5 to 40 µm, in concentrations from 10 to 100 mg/m3. A key feature of this aerosol generator is its stable output and concentration.

Anguil - Model VCU - Vapor Combustor Unit

by Anguil Environmental Systems, Inc.     Distributor in Kfar-Saba, ISRAEL

Thermal flaring technologies used for the destruction of Hydrocarbons, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) are designed in two basic configurations; open and enclosed flame burners.  Recent regulations on visible emissions, vapor radiation, Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and noise pollution have driven industry away ...

DUMATHERM - Nitrogen Determination System

by C. Gerhardt GmbH & Co. KG     Distributor in ISRAEL

DUMATHERM technology has established itself as a key component of food and animal feed laboratories. The sturdy, powerful DUMATHERM system provides valid reference results cleanly, quickly and steadily. And it can do so in almost any location with the appropriate gas infrastructure.

Model 75 TPD - Gasification Module Transportable Systems

by Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in ISRAEL

The OTT Vibratory Hearth (OTTVH) is a departure from the traditional types of gasifier such as the updraft, downdraft, cross draft, fluidized bed and entrained bed. The OTTVH spreads the biomass or organic material on a vibrating deck which is inclined upward toward the discharge end. The material advances as a continuous bed across multiple zones ...

Coal Dryers

by Carrier Vibrating Equipment, Inc.
 / Carrier Europe S.C.A     Distributor in Herzliya, ISRAEL

Carrier vibrating fluid bed thermal dryers are typically used for coals with a larger size fraction, such as run-of-mine coal.  Carrier offers vibrating fluid bed units up to 8 ft. wide x 50 ft. long with capacities up to 250 TPH in a single unit, depending on the thermal load.

Trent - Model 60 DLE (53 MW) - Gas Turbine-Powered Electrical Generator Sets

by Centrax Ltd     Office in ISRAEL

The Siemens Trent 60, a development of the RB211 family of engines, is the most advanced gas turbine available for industrial use today, delivering up to 53 MW at 42% efficiency.

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