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cooling tower clean (Cooling Towers) equipment

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    ENEXIO 2H - Air Inlet Louvres For Cooling Towers

    Our cellular inlet louvres improve the air flow into the cooling tower. They not only hold back unwanted elements (e.g. leaves) but also prevent water splash-out which can cause icing and loss of expensive water and treatment chemicals. Moreover, an inlet louvre restricts the amount of sunlight entering the cooling tower thereby impeding algae ...

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    WEDA - Model YT-600 - Remote Controlled Vehicle for Sediment (Sludge) Removal

    Underwater cleaning robot for smaller basins with a large amount of sedimentation.This robot handles large amounts of bottom sediment and particle sizes up to 40 mm.T-600 is delivered on a transport trolley which makes it easy to move between the tanks/reservoirs. It is equipped with a 600 mm wide nozzle with a built in system of fixed mounted ...

    By Weda AB based in Södertälje, SWEDEN. from Industrial Sector Product line

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    2H Plasdek - Counter-Flow Cooling Tower Fills

    Different Types For All Requirements – Available In PVC And PP; From small cooling towers to large cell and natural draught cooling towers: Our PLASdek packings fulfill all requirements. Different types of film fills with large specific surface are highly suited for clean and medium water qualities, whereas for special operation conditions ...

  • Cooling Tower Cleaning

    The diagram below shows a sludge removal system to clean the basin of a refinery cooling tower. This prevents fouling problems that can be caused when sludge in the basin is transferred to the cooling water lines and heat exchangers in the process unit.

    By BakerCorp based in Shafter, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Applications our products can be used in Product line

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    DTEA II™ SR Tablet - Slow Release Tablet with DTEA II™

    DTEA II™ SR tablets penetrate, disperse and clean organic deposits in industrial cooling water systems. The tablet is a slow release solid designed to provide cleaning chemistry for small to medium sized cooling water systems (250 RT [refrigeration tons, 3,000 gallons] for up to three weeks. DTEA II™ SR solid slow release tablet is used in ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    ProMinent SlimFLEX - Model 5a - Controller

    The cooling tower regulator SlimFLEX 5 continuously measures and controls conductivity and controls biocide metering, keeps pipework and heat exchangers clean and prevents legionella.

    By ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology - Controllers Product line

  • TowerClean - System For Cooling Tower Cleaning

    Filtration for cooling tower basins and remote sumps in HVAC applications. TowerClean and TowerCleanPLUS systems eliminate the need for manual basin cleaning by separating solids out of cooling tower basins and remote sumps using strategically placed LAKOS HydroBoosters. Accomplished by preventing solids accumulation in the basin through ...

    By LAKOS Separators and Filtration Solutions - a Lindsay Company based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HVAC Product line

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    AMSA BCP™ 4000 - All-In-One-Drum Formulations

    Would you like the trusted organic deposit cleaning power of AMSA BCP chemistry in your cooling tower water treatment scale and corrosion maintenance program?. DTEA II (BCP 1100) can be formulated with scale and corrosion inhibitors. The resulting one-drum formulation: Maintains clean surfaces, prevents corrosion, inhibits scale formation. When ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    Jenfitch - Cooling Tower

    To optimize your cooling tower, you need to have a clean heat transfer surface.  Bacteria and organic deposits can lower your heat transfer rate up to 40%.  Using JC 9450 and controlling CFU’s (colony forming unit), we can prevent biofouling from biofilm and scale deposits.  JC 9450 is a strong oxidizer that quickly ...

    By Jenfitch, LLC based in Walnut Creek, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Industrial Water & Wastewater Treatment Product line

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    WTR Stationary Screens

    WTR stationary screens, also known as static screens, are one of the most economical means of protecting downstream equipment. Stationary screens are used in all types of applications where debris fouling is not an hourly issue, yet protection of downstream equipment is essential.Debris in the flow stream that can foul condensers, heat exchangers, ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. based in Salt Lake City, UTAH (USA). from Intake Screens Product line

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    DTEA II™ SR Plus SC Tablets - Slow Release Tablet with DTEA II™ Plus Additional Scale & Corrosion Inhibitors

    DTEA II™ SR Plus SC tablets are a slow release chemistry solution for maintaining clean cooling towers.These tablets are an 'all-in-one' tablet solution for penetrating and dispersing organic deposits as well as providing scale and corrosion inhibition. They are designed to treat small to medium sized cooling towers (250 RT [refrigeration ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    BCP™ 1015 - Organic Deposit Penetrant, Dispersant, Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor

    BCP™ 1015 chemistry penetrates, disperses and cleans organic deposits in industrial process and building comfort cooling systems. BCP™ 1015 cleans fouled industrial cooling water systems, both open and closed loops. Dosing BCP™ 1015 as a part of a regular maintenance program in conjunction with other industrial water treatment ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    2H PLASDEK - Model NET 150 / FC20.30 / FC70.34 - Splash and Trickle Fills

    Our 2H Splash and Trickle Fills have been specially designed for medium to strongly polluted cooling water, the focus of the development being on a high stability as well as on easy and economical installation. Therefore these fills are built from mechanically joint grids and are easily cleaned. The 2H NET 150 grid packings are high-performance ...

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    BioMicrobics BioBarrier - Model MBR - Greywater Treatment System

    BioMicrobics BioBarrier MBR Greywater Treatment System designed to treat wastewater from the sink, drain(s), and shower/bath(s) often exceeding typical local regulatory requirements! For a total greywater treatment and water recycling system, the system allows all used water from showering, laundry, washing drainage to be cost-effectively treated ...

    By BioMicrobics, Inc. based in Lenexa, KANSAS (USA). from Membrane BioReactors (MBRs) Product line

  • Clean Streams - Ozone Systems

    Clean Streams Ozone Systems for Cooling Towers provide a stand-alone, continuous and automated water treatment system for evaporative cooling water systems. Ozone keeps heat transfer surfaces free of biofilm and allows higher system cycling without the use of chemicals, resulting in significant water savings. Scale and deposits are controlled by ...

    By Zentox Corporation based in Newport News, VIRGINIA (USA). from Ozone Systems Product line

  • IWS - Cooling Tower Water Screens

    Our cooling tower water screen services include design and installation of large scale screens for processing plants, chemical factories, and more. Special purpose cooling tower water screens are available from IWS including design, manufacture and installation. Clean, debris-free water for cooling towers is a necessity. Protect ...

    By International Water Screens based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Traveling Water Screens Product line

  • WHS - Model C100 - Cooling Tower

    C100 is an economical silicate based corrosion inhibitor product for use in cooling towers operating with softened water.C100 is highly effective for eliminating the corrosion potential of softened water. High stability polymers and scale inhibitors have also been incorporated into the product to help maintain clean heat transfer surfaces through ...

    By Water Hygiene Systems Ltd (WHS) based in High Wycombe, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model OC Series - Cooling Towers

    OC series are induced draught cooling towers, counter-flow with axial fans. We are talking about equipments capable of cooling flows from up to 5.500 m3/h per cell, which makes them suitable for industrial processes. Depending on the selected type of fillings, they are prepared to cool any water quality. Its concrete structure can be covered with ...

    By Torraval Cooling S.L - part of The MITA group based in LEIOA (Vizcaya), SPAIN. from Field Erected Cooling Towers Product line

  • TOWER MATE - Model 217 - Cooling Tower Treatment

     TOWER MATE cooling tower treatment is a versatile cooling tower treatment designed to provide superior scale control and corrosion inhibition for cooling towers operating in a wide range of make-up water conditions. Its very unique chemical balance provides for the running of several cycles of concentration while maintaining a very clean ...

    By Constant America based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water Technology Product line

  • Cannon-Water - Cleaning Treatments Chemicals

    ECO-Green PreClean;Safe to use, Protects While It Cleans Closed Loops, Boilers and Cooling Systems. Cleans while it protects closed hot and chill water loops, boilers and cooling towers. Functions by penetrating and reducing surface tension of dirt, mud, oil and rust deposits so that these deposits can be flushed out of closed loops, boilers and ...

    By Cannon Water Technology Inc. based in Granite Bay, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Water Treatment Chemicals - Cleaning Treatments Product line

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