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cooling tower drift eliminator (Cooling Towers) equipment

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    2H SANIPACKING - Anti-Legionella Fills&Drift Eliminators

    Reduction Of Risk Of Legionella Pneumophila In Open Cooling Circuits; Time and again news report about outbreaks of legionella disease in areas near cooling towers. Careful water treatment, together with regular maintenance reduces the risk of bacteria growth in the cooling circuit. But one step more leads to an even higher performance of these ...

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    2H PLASdek - Model 2H TEP 130 / 2H TEC 130 / 2H TAP 160 - Drift Eliminators

    Modern re-cooling systems need to consider aspects of the environment and sustainability. For cooling towers this means it is important to reduce the loss of water and emissions. Therefore drift eliminators are used. They are installed above the water distribution and cooling fills and catch the water drops that are carried with the air flow and ...

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    2H SANIPACKING - Anti-Legionella Drift Eliminators for Cooling Towers

    2H SANIPACKING drift eliminators are made of a special antibacterial PP compound. The biocide impregnated compound disrupts the metabolic process of unwanted micro organisms at the cell wall level, thus interrupting their ability to function, grow and reproduce on the 2H SANIPACKING. Combined with regular maintenance and correct water treatment in ...

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    ENEXIO - 2H Fills and Nozzles For Cross-Flow Cooling Towers

    Optimal heat transfer properties – low pressure drop; Generally, every cross fluted fill could be cut to be installed in a cross-flow cooling tower. Such a fill, however, would not perfectly fit the requirements; we therefore developed a special range of fill for this type of tower (FX12.12 or KSN with a drift eliminator section KSA and air ...

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    ENEXIO - 2H Drift Eliminators

    In all different types of cooling towers drift eliminators are used to reduce the loss of water and emissions. Above the water distribution and the cooling fills, a layer of drift eliminators is installed for this purpose. It catches the water drops which are carried away with the air flow and redirects them into the cooling water circuit.

  • CentraDeck - Cooling Tower Drift Eliminator with Great Efficiency

    For various operational applications, the CentraDeck® cooling tower drift eliminator is made of PVC, PP or ABS thermoformed film. Due to the triple angle labyrinth the wet air-stream is efficiently stripped from water in droplet form, reaching < 0.005% of the circulating water volume at < 4.5 m/s airspeed through the eliminator deck.

    By WATCO PTE Ltd based in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Wacon Product line

  • Opti-Cell - Model 80 - Drift Eliminator

    The OC-80 is a high efficiency cellular drift eliminator for counter-flow cooling tower applications. The OC-80 is manufactured from rigid, corrugated PVC sheets resistant to UV, rot, fungi, bacteria, organic/inorganic solvents, acids, alkalis, and chemicals normally found in cooling tower waters. Modules are fabricated in a 5-1/2' depth, up to ...

    By Tower Components, Inc. based in Ramseur, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Drift Eliminators Product line

  • Opti-Cell - Model 150 - Drift Eliminator

    OC-150 drift eliminators are designed to remove entrained water droplets from the leaving air stream at minimum pressure losses in both counter flow and cross flow cooling towers. Manufactured from rigid PVC sheets, they are fabricated from alternating corrugated and modified sine wave sheets bonded between 1.5” wide spacer sheets. The ...

    By Tower Components, Inc. based in Ramseur, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Drift Eliminators Product line

  • Driftor - Drift Eliminators for Cooling Towers

    Drift is water lost from cooling towers as liquid droplets are entrained in the exhaust air. The drift loss is independent of the water lost by evaporation and may be expressed in units of lb/hr or percentage of circulating water flow. Drift eliminators are used to control this drift loss from the tower.

    By Kimre Inc. based in Homestead, FLORIDA (USA).

  • EvapTech - Model ES/ESP Series - Cooling Tower

    The FM Approved Series ES and ESP evolved from the proven EvapTech Series EC product line. These products share high quality fire-retardant fiberglass pultrusions with proven structural integrity and a design methodology confirmed by FM Approvals Standard Class 4930 for resistance to the most extreme natural hazards. EvapTech is a participating ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Power Generation Product line

  • Midwest - Cross-Flow Cooling Towers

    Midwest cooling towers offers a wide choice of models in the classic, proven crossflow design. Crossflow design cooling towers offer excellent, easy accessibility of all key components such as fill, drift eliminators, mechanical equipment and water distribution system. This takes out a lot of the hassle for your maintenance personnel. Midwest ...

    By Midwest Towers, Inc. based in Chickasha, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Opti-Pac - Model 7500 XF/ 7500IL / 7500ID - Film Fill Media

    Available with an integrated louver and with an integrated drift eliminator, Opti-Pac 7500 film fill media are designed to replace OEM hanging fill sheets in crossflow cooling tower applications. The media are fabricated from rigid, thermoformed PVC sheets that are solvent-welded for maximum strength. They are resistant to UV, rot, fungus, ...

    By Tower Components, Inc. based in Ramseur, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Film Fill Product line

  • Site-Erected Cooling Towers

    Site-erected cooling towers are preferred in facilities with a water flow rate over 200m³/hr. Usually, these are large plants with high water flow rate, such as, power plants, petrochemicals plants, refineries and steel mills. These cooling towers are constructed with a structure of columns and beams. Their parts are assembled on-site. In ...

    By YOLYAPI A.S. based in Istanbul, TURKEY.

  • OPTI-PAC - Model 1900 XF/IL/IDE - Cross Fluted Film Fill Media

    Opti-Pac 1900 XF/IL/DE (XF = cross cut / IL = integrated louver / IDE - integrated drift eliminator) is a cross-fluted film fill media manufactured from rigid PVC sheets for cross-flow cooling tower heat-transfer applications. The media is fabricated from corrugated PVC sheets conforming to CTI STD-136 that are solvent-welded for maximum strength ...

    By Tower Components, Inc. based in Ramseur, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Film Fill Product line

  • Class 400 Wood & 800 Concrete

    In keeping with the Paharpur tradition, the Class 400 Wood cooling tower advances the state-of-the-art in its category. Designed for dependability, durability and operational simplicity, the Class 400 tower evolves from an impressive ancestry of counterflow towers. The Class 800 concrete rectangular mechanical draught tower retains all the ...

    By Paharpur Cooling Towers Ltd. based in Kolkata, INDIA.

  • Model PMS - Open Circuit Fiberglass Cooling Tower

    PMS series is a fiberglass cooling tower suggested in small size plants, all models K12 version are EUROVENT Certified. Capacity: from 18 to 860 kW. Directly coupled axial motor-fan group/s, low installed power, low noise levels. IP56 motors. Entirely corrosion–free casing, basin (with sloping base) and water distribution system (FRP, PVC, ...

    By MITA S.r.l. based in Siziano (PV), ITALY. from Open Circuit Cooling Towers Product line

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