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cooling tower efficiency (Cooling Towers) equipment

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    Kurita - Model NT - Innovative Biofouling Control Technology

    Biofouling is a major problem for the efficient operation of an open cooling water system. Slime produced by bacteria can very quickly form strong stable biofilm on heat exchanger, pipework and tower fill surfaces with really undesired consequences: Fast development - can be within days. Decrease heat transfer - 1µm of biofilm = 5 ...

    By Kurita based in Tokyo, JAPAN. from Innovations Product line

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    BCP™ 1015 - Organic Deposit Penetrant, Dispersant, Cleaner and Corrosion Inhibitor

    BCP™ 1015 chemistry penetrates, disperses and cleans organic deposits in industrial process and building comfort cooling systems. BCP™ 1015 cleans fouled industrial cooling water systems, both open and closed loops. Dosing BCP™ 1015 as a part of a regular maintenance program in conjunction with other industrial water treatment ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    DTEA II™ SR Tablet - Slow Release Tablet with DTEA II™

    DTEA II™ SR tablets penetrate, disperse and clean organic deposits in industrial cooling water systems. The tablet is a slow release solid designed to provide cleaning chemistry for small to medium sized cooling water systems (250 RT [refrigeration tons, 3,000 gallons] for up to three weeks. DTEA II™ SR solid slow release tablet is used in ...

    By AMSA, Inc. based in Auburn, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • High Efficiency Cooling Tower Treatment System

    NO Sulfuric acids or hazardous chemicals. Mitigates scale, corrosion and bio‐fouling with reduced bleed of tower water or chemicals. “New Dimension” cooling technology permits operation at higher cycles. NO MORE complicated traditional chemical index programs, controls, chemicals and excessive tower blow down. It doesn't get any ...

    By Dancorp Inc. based in Edwardsburg, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Model FT Series - Fiberglass Cooling Towers

    These lightweight fiberglass cooling towers are designed for long life and low maintenance at a competitive price. FT Series towers are of a counter flow design, carefully engineered with the optimum combination of heat transfer media, uniform air flow and even water distribution. They provide maximum air/water contact and low air ...

    By Thermal Care, Inc. based in Niles, ILLINOIS (USA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Aquatech HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) Technology

    HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) is a reverse osmosis technology, specially designed to treat high silica and difficult to treat water and wastewater. The process has an excellent potential for treatment of cooling tower blowdown where conventional reverse osmosis (RO) is generally considered to be ineffective or unreliable. In some ...

    By Aquatech International Corporation based in Canonsburg, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Innovations Product line

  • Midwest - Counterflow Cooling Towers

    Midwest Towers offers a wide choice of models in space-efficient, counterflow design. Counterflow design cooling towers usually offer a smaller footprint than crossflow towers and allow maximum thermal performance out of each plan area. Counterflow towers also help minimize your pump head requirements. And, counterflow towers are less likely to ...

    By Midwest Towers, Inc. based in Chickasha, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Model CFF Series - Industrial Cooling Towers

    CTDs pultruded fiberglass structural counterflow design is, without question, the best counterflow tower available on the market today. Versatile and efficient, CTDs pultruded fiberglass structure is resistant to both chemical and biological attack, which makes it ideal for the inherent harsh operating conditions of the cooling tower environment. ...

    By Cooling Tower Depot Inc. based in Golden, COLORADO (USA). from Industrial Cooling Towers - CF Series Product line

  • Model RM Series - Cooling Towers

    RM series are induced draught cooling towers, counter-flow with axial fans. These are high efficiency equipments, capable of cooling flows from up to 1.700 m3/h per cell. Their design and conception is focused on industrial processes, where, depending on the selected type of fillings, any water qualities can be treated. Its structure covered with ...

    By Torraval Cooling S.L - part of The MITA group based in LEIOA (Vizcaya), SPAIN. from Field Erected Cooling Towers Product line

  • Evapco - Model SUN - Cooling Tower

    EVAPCO, Inc. continues its dedication to energy efficiency improvements with the newest AT Series induced draft, counterflow cooling tower – the EVAPCO SUN. Crafted from decades of engineering know-how, the SUN cooling towers series from EVAPCO features state-of-the-art induced draft, counterflow technology to deliver superior operating ...

    By Evapco Inc. based in Westminster, MARYLAND (USA). from Cooling Towers - Factory Assembled Product line

  • Cooling Bellows

    Contaminants in cooling towers seriously reduce tower efficiency. The most effective way to remove these unwanted contaminants is to use an automatic backwash filter. Filtration offers solutions for partial flow filtration at full flow rate for industrial and HVAC refrigeration appliances.

    By Filtran Filtration Technologies based in Ataşehir / Istanbul, TURKEY. from Applications Product line

  • TOWER MATE - Model 217 - Cooling Tower Treatment

     TOWER MATE cooling tower treatment is a versatile cooling tower treatment designed to provide superior scale control and corrosion inhibition for cooling towers operating in a wide range of make-up water conditions. Its very unique chemical balance provides for the running of several cycles of concentration while maintaining a very clean ...

    By Constant America based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Water Technology Product line

  • TurbEx - High Efficiency Compact Fluid Bed Cooling Towers

    TurbEx Cooling Towers offer:1) Lowest Approach & Range Temps bellow 1ºC2) 25% Volume of Traditional Cooling Towers3) Fouling Free Operation - Can Operate on Slurries4) Biofilms Constantly Removed by Self Cleaning

    By Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd. based in Kingston upon Thames, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model M Series - Cooling Towers 10 to 175 Ton

    Our energy-efficient Metal Series induced-draft designs are pre-assembled, and feature galvanized components and PVC fill for corrosion protection. Energy-efficient Metal Series induced-draft cross flow towers are pre-assembled, and feature galvanized components and PVC fill for corrosion protection. The metal Series feature Thermostat-controlled ...

    By ACS Group based in New Berlin, WISCONSIN (USA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Model 2H - Nozzles

    Highly efficient sprinkler nozzles for cooling towers and gas washers.Water distribution system is vital for the efficiency of both, cooling towers and gas washers.That is why, we introduced our new type of nozzles in the shape of cones empty inside and free from flow.The nozzles are for vertical use (e.g. counter-current cooling towers and ...

    By GEA 2H Water Technologies Sp. z o.o. based in Sosnowiec, POLAND. from Cooling Technologies Product line


    Cooling Towers Fan.An aero-dynamically axial flow type fan is well balanced Construction. The fan blades are of case aluminium Alloy, fan with variable pitched blades is dynamically balanced for low vibration and high efficiency.Applications: (a) Cooling Towers (b) Humidification Towers (c) Air Washers (d) Fin Fan Coolers.

    By Enviro Tech Industrial Products based in Delhi, INDIA.

  • Sanjiu - Model GOM Series - Steel Open Cooling Towers

    GOM Series cross flow steel open cooling towers are generally of higher capacities, can work in series as a group for large projects. Enclosure made in special alloy coated steel or stainless steel. GOM towers are of optimized firm structure, high efficiency, low drift rate, and anti blocking. The towers dimensions can be customized to suit ...

    By Wuxi Sanjiu Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. based in Jiangsu Province, CHINA. from GOM Series Open Cooling Towers Product line

  • ECODYNE - Counterflow Cooling Towers

    The Counterflow film fill cooling tower is the design most frequently specified by purchasers. Lower capital cost, generally lower evaluated operating cost, the Counterflow film fill tower uses high efficiency PVC film fill. Intended for industrial applications where water quality is controlled, the Counterflow film fill tower provides a low ...

    By Ecodyne Ltd based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Marley - Model CP - Fiberglass Cooling Tower

    The Marley/Balcke CP fiberglass, induced draft, counterflow cooling tower is the ideal solution for larger space-sensitive applications. Its corrosion resistant fiberglass construction makes it an excellent alternative to stainless steel cooling towers. While the choice of high performance, low clog, or splash fill options ensures the product ...

    By SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. - a division of SPX Corporation based in Overland Park, KANSAS (USA). from Cooling Towers Product line

  • Kroff - Boiler & Cooling Chemicals

    Water treatment of boilers and cooling towers is an integral operation for many industries, with productivity and product quality hanging in the balance. Scale, corrosion, fouling, microbiological contamination and other water treatment problems can be costly. Kroff has the expertise and experience to provide advanced boiler and cooling tower ...

    By Kroff, Inc. based in Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Water Treatment Chemicals Product line

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