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digester gas treatment (Digester Gas) equipment

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    Shand & Jurs - Model 97125 - Condensate Accumulator

    The Shand & Jurs Biogas 97125 Condensate Accumulator is designed to permit the removal and storage of liquid condensation from biogas while maintaining system pressure integrity. Condensate is a typical byproduct that forms in the pipeline when the hot, saturated biogas cools as it moves through the piping system. The removal of condensate ...

  • Solidwaste Treatment /Sludge Treatment Plant

    Intensive sludge digestion technology for the production of usable material from sewage sludge. This consists of stabilizing the sludge in the digestion tanks anaerobically and converting the organic mass into biogas, gas and water. Sludge digestion provides a large number of technical benefits to include volume reduction and improved dewatering ...

    By AquaTreat based in Amman, JORDAN.

  • Digester Gas Scrubbing

    WHAT IS HYDROGEN SULFIDE? Hydrogen Sulfide is a gas released by anaerobic bacteria found in nearly all water collection and treatment processes. It is corrosive, odorous, toxic, and contributes to the formation of acid rain.

    By Marcab Company, Inc. based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • ECOPRE - Graphite Sample Acid digestion system

    Used Graphite material instead of aluminum to prevent heavy metal pollution.Teflon-coating prevents corrosion due to harmful gas.Block type production maximizes digestion efficiency to reduce digestion time.Used high purity PFA Teflon acid sample digestion vesselCompatible with pressure digestion vessel and general beaker.Tailored production ...

    By ODLAB based in SOUTH KOREA.

  • Anaerobic Digestion Plant

    Doosan Enpure's technology and experience allow us to design, build, commission and operate systems to operate on any suitable waste or blend of wastes. Designs  incorporate appropriate pre-treatment, digestion and gas-handling equipment to produce raw biogas as well as a solid product (digestate) which meets the most stringent requirements ...

    By Doosan Enpure Limited based in Parklands, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sludge Treatment Product line

  • Gas Filters

    Granular bed filters are used for acid mist separation in chernical industry and for fluorine absorption in ceramic industry. Gas filters are mainly employed for town gas, natural and process gas. Ceramic filter elements and filter cloth have proved suitable. There are constructions for all usual pressures. Cleaning takes place by gas reverse flow ...

    By DIDIER Filtertechnik GmbH based in Eisenberg/Pfalz, GERMANY.

  • EPDP – Sludge Treatment Plant

    EPDP creates complete hydrolysis and disinfection via high electrical shock in the sludge: Shortens digestion time. Increased bio gas productions. Decreases dry sludge evacuation. Turns Class B to Class A (optional).

    By Wadis Ltd. based in Nes Ziona, ISRAEL.

  • Agama Biogas-Pro - Biogas Digester

    The BiogasPro is a high-efficiency biogas digester designed by some of SA's leading biogas experts specifically for domestic- and institutional-scale installations.  BiogasPro is an underground plastic tank that produces a combustible gas and liquid fertilizer by digesting sewage, kitchen waste, wastewater and similar organic materials. The ...

    By WASP Systems based in Nairobi, KENYA. from Biogas Product line

  • Uniflare - Model UFGTP Range - Gas Train Package

    The UFGTP range of systems are a Turnkey solution offered by Uniflare to the gas handling and process including all the equipment and pipework required to connect from an AD Plant or Wastewater Treatment Plant digester outlet through to the CHP/Boiler/Gas Upgrader/Flare Stack inlet and includes all the equipment required to both process and handle ...

    By Uniflare Ltd. based in Warwickshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare Stacks Product line

  • FerroSorp - Model S - Pelletized Hydrogen Sulfide for Water Treatment Facilities

    Hydrogen sulfide in bio and digester gas, when used thermally, leads to environmental pollution and corrosion problems in pipes and internal combustion engines.

    By HeGo Biotech GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Ferrosorp Product line

  • China-Tianying - Flue Gas Purification System

    We has complied with the international advanced standard of EU 2000 Emission. Import, absorb, digest the foreign advanced flue gas treatment process, successfully developed ”SNCR+ Rotary Atomizing Semi-dry+ Dry+ Active Carbon+Bag Precipitator” combined process, and manufactured 250 TPD to 600 TPD waste incineration furnace matched with ...

    By China Tianying Inc. based in Pudong New District, CHINA.

  • Model MJP series - Single Stage Vertical Submersible Sewage Pump (SEW)

    MJP submersible motor pumps are used for pumping all types of sewage and effluent in water treatment and industry, especially untreated sewage with long fibrous and solid substances, liquids containing air and gas as well as raw, activated and digested sludge.

    By BEKA-Pumpen GmbH based in Frankfurt, GERMANY.

  • Model LCX - LCD Series - Side Channel Blowers

    Biogas boosting (in waste water plants, landfill and anaerobic digestion processes). Gas and air boosting for boilers and burners. Waste water treatment (water oxygenation). Industrial vacuum cleaner. Cooling and drying systems. Pneumatic transportation. Vacuum devices (packaging, textile, cement plants).

    By Savio Blowers based in Rivoli (To), ITALY. from Side Channel Blowers Product line

  • SynGas - CHP Module

    The patented SynGas CHP Module is characterized by its particularly high electrical energy recovery from the dried sewage sludge. The synthesis gas produced in the gasification process is converted into electricity and heat in a high-efficiency combined heat and power plant (CHP) after a gas cleaning process. The surplus electricity can be fed to ...

    By Sülzle KOPF GmbH based in Sulz a. N., GERMANY. from SynGas Product line

  • AKTEK - Model TP16200M - Condensate Accumulator

    The AKTEK Biogas TP16200M Condensate Accumulator is designed permit the removal and storage of liquid condensation from biogas while maintaining system pressure integrity. Condensate is a typical byproduct that forms in the pipeline when the hot, saturated biogas cools as it moves through the piping system. The removal of condensate from the ...

    By Aktek Technology Engineering Co. Ltd. based in Kullar, TURKEY. from Gas Control Equipments Product line

  • Sludge Thermal Drying and Cogeneration

    The need to seek how to finally dispose of the bio-solids generated in the sewage treatment plants has led to a process of thermal drying consisting of heat application for evaporation of a major part of the interstitial water content of these bio-solids from sewage plants.Through this process, by reducing the volume, a better final disposal of ...

    By Cadagua based in Bilbao, SPAIN.

  • Palmieri - Model PASS - Splitting System

    After twenty years of presence in the Recycling business, with PASS~fv,,the Palmieri Group launches a new challenge and enters into the world of renewable energy, a booming sector, thanks to the global need to recycle and transform waste into energy and in new raw material, in order to preserve and improve the environment. PASS'V pre-shreds, ...

    By Palmieri S.p.A. based in Gaggio Montano (BO), ITALY.

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