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  • Small Wind Turbines
    Showcase Product

    Small Wind Turbines

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd

    The KW3 is the smallest turbine in the Kingspan Wind range. It is ideally suited for remote access sites, small domestic properties, telecoms, off-grid applications and also light industrial and farming. The intelligent ...

  • Evacuated Tube Collectors
    Showcase Product

    Evacuated Tube Collectors

    By Kingspan Environmental Ltd

    HP400 is a highly efficient Heat Pipe collector, HP400 is a `Dry System` recommended especially for domestic use. The dry connection between manifold and tubes means tubes can be easily fitted and replaced, without ...

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  • R3 Magazine

    R3 covers all that relates to eco-building – from the latest commercial enterprises, (such as town centre regeneration projects, recycling, s

  • Solar Cell Technology and Applications

    Solar Cell Technology and Applications

    Solar cell technology will not realize its full potential until mass scale photovoltaic conversion for domestic, commercial, and industrial ...

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  • Kingspan Environmental Ltd

    Kingspan Environmental Ltd

    Kingspan Environmental is a company with an international reputation specialising in fuel and energy storage, wastewater management, solar thermal, ...



    DESMI is a global company specialised in the development and manufacture of pump solutions for marine, industry, oil spill combating, defence & fuel ...

  • RegScan, Inc.

    RegScan, Inc.

    RegScan One platform is an intelligent, integrated online compliance system that helps you make smarter choices for your organization. RegScan One ...