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Energy from Wood Services

  • Closed Loop Wood Fuel Supply

    Using one’s own timber to supply a wood fuel boiler provides a closed-loop and gives unparalleled fuel security for the future. However being 100% reliant on this can be difficult, for example leading to over-thinning of woodlands because there is an imperative to produce enough wood fuel in a particular year.

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Moisture Content

    The majority of biomass boilers are designed to burn wood chip with a maximum level of moisture in it. This moisture content can vary from 25% to 60% but is most typically at 35%. The levels specified by the boiler installer company will vary according to the make, style and size of the boiler and its fuel transfer system. If the moisture content ...

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Woodchip Processing

    At our local depots we aggregate feedstock locally (sawmill residues, forestry roundwood, tree surgery residues etc) and allow material to season to reduce its moisture content. On a regular basis we undertake a 'batch' chipping operation with large, specialist wood fuel chippers to process material to the specification required. The wood fuel is ...

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Pyrolysis - Bio-Oil

    Pyrolysis-Oils usually are dark brown liquids with a characteristic odour, remembering the smell of campfire or smokehouses. Unlike liquid fossil energy sources, Pyrolysis-Oils are hydrophilic and therefore mixable with water up to a proportion of 35 %. At higher percentages the Bio-Oil separates into an aqueous and a tarry fraction. The normal ...

    By PYTEC Thermochemische Anlagen GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY.

  • Wood Fuel Contracts

    Buying wood fuel from Forest Fuels is easy. Our friendly & experienced team are on hand to advise whenever you need some help. Customers place their orders with the Operations Team in head office. Often we set up a routine delivery schedule to customers taking very frequent deliveries, so there is no need to order every single load. Customers ...

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Pelletization of Wood

    Wood fuel pellets constitute the most widespread type of pelletized biofuel due to the abundance of the raw material and the possibility of using this type of fuel both in the industrial facilities and in private homes.

    By ICK GROUP based in Kyiv, UKRAINE.

  • Quality Standards

    Quality is the heart of the Forest Fuels business, and we invest heavily in equipment, infrastructure and systems to ensure the quality standards remain high. Forest Fuels depots are independently certified as supplying Woodsure Quality Assured wood fuel. The English Wood Fuels depots were amongst the first in the country to be certified by HETAS, ...

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Pyrolysis

    Pyrolysis refers to the decomposition or transformation of a compound caused by heat. Pyrolysis and gasification are two related process, differing mostly by temperature and process reactants. As discussed in other sections, low temperature pyrolysis can be used to produce various products including torrefied wood, biochar and biocarbon. High ...

    By Lee Enterprises Consulting, Inc. based in Sherwood, ARKANSAS (USA).

  • Wood Chip Delivery

    Deliveries of wood chip can be made in a variety of vehicles: Tipping bulker lorries of between 30-40 cubic metres. Tipping or walking floor artic lorries for larger volumes up to 90 cubic metres. Blown deliveries by specialist blowing vehicle of 20-35 cubic meters, Scissor lift and tractor-trailers. The Forest Fuels team can advise on the most ...

    By Forest Fuels Ltd based in Okehampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wood Chip Service line

  • Supplier of wood fuels

    Vapo is a reliable supplier of wood fuels Vapo is a leading supplier of wood fuels with over 100 points of supply in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Wood fuels were delivered to power and heating plants and as raw material for pellets.The same organization handles sales of Vapo´s wood fuels and energy peat, so our customers can order wood fuels ...

    By Vapo based in Jyväskylä, FINLAND.

  • Biomass

    Biomass is natural material such as wood, plants and animal waste which is used to create fuel, heat and energy. Plant waste can be burnt to produce heat and electricity or used to produce gas which can then be burnt to create electricity or run a vehicle. Food and farm waste produces methane which is collected and burnt to produce energy. It is ...

    By Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group based in Aberdeen, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Integrated Wood Processing (IWP)

    The major environmental challenge in the Western Australian Wheatbelt is dry-land salinity. The result of 100 years of removing trees, salinity so far has affected 1.8 million hectares (or 9%) of the Wheatbelt. Under threat is another 24% of productive land, 30 regional towns and up to 400 plant species. A long-term solution is the replacement of ...

    By Verve Energy based in Perth, AUSTRALIA.

  • Fuel Procurement Services

    General Biofuel is a leader in wood fuel procurement. We can help you obtain competitively-priced fuel, delivered on-spec, under supply contracts you can count on. Our goal is to make it simple by providing a one-stop-shop for all fuel procurement needs at a reasonable price. Our customers understand that when it comes to securing low-cost fuel ...

    By Ecostrat & General Biofuel based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Maintenance, Spares & Servicing for Wood Waste Heaters

    We’re proud of how reliable our wood waste heaters are, and customers love that they are virtually maintenance free. However, should a problem ever occur, you can be assured that we’re here to help, with fast response and quick turnaround, to ensure your machine is up-and-running again in no time.

    By Wood Waste Technology Ltd based in Stafford, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Transmission Construction Services

    Quanta specializes in the construction and maintenance of steel and wood transmission tower erections and wire stringing, capabilities ranging from 765 kv to 69 kv. Industry leading expertise and specialized equipment allow Quanta to work any configuration, length or voltage in any region, and through any terrain.

    By Quanta Services Inc based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Electric Power Infrastructure Service line

  • Biomass Power Plants

    KAB TAKUMA GmbH provides the right engineering solutions for different kinds of biomass using different firing systems and has many years’ experience in running plants that incorporate such solutions. By combining state-of-the-art components most effectively in fresh wood-fired power generating plants, very high levels of plant efficiency can be ...

    By KAB TAKUMA GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY.

  • Energy For Production & Wood Processing

    L&T Biowatti serves power plants and the wood panel and pulp industry throughout Finland.

    By L&T Biowatti Oy based in Helsinki, FINLAND.

  • Fuel Preparation

    Normally, but not always, our systems begin with a grinder. Such as orchard waste, forestry slosh and thinnings. This processes cut ends, culled lumber, scrap and other wood waste into a consistent size. This is also the most fault tolerant system in case some metal finds its way into the waste stream (binding straps, soda cans, etc.) The fuel is ...

    By CleanTech Transit Inc. based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

  • Recycler Services

    Within the framework of the disposal of domestic, commercial and industrial waste we are able to provide high-quality input flows for your recycling and reutilisation plants. Biogenic waste for the generation of biogas (fermentation) and the production of quality compost. Plastic waste for recycling and oiling. Substitute fuels (RDF) of various ...

    By Wertstoffaufbereitung GmbH Edersleben based in Edersleben, GERMANY. from Range of Services Service line

  • Fuel Supply

    As part of our complete biomass heating package we offer long term fuel contracts for locally sourced woodchip and pellets. Our fuels are competitively priced and meet current quality control standards as set by ENplus and Woodsure, the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance certification scheme.

    By Barden Energy Limited based in Carnforth, UNITED KINGDOM.

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