Flue Gas Cleaning

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  • Big Bag Emptying Unit
    Showcase Product

    Big Bag Emptying Unit

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    Emptying of Big Bags up to 1,000 kg; This emptying unit is used to accommodate and empty Big Bags weighing up to 1,000 kg. The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The 30-litre powder ...

  • Multi-Screw Feeder
    Showcase Product

    Multi-Screw Feeder

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH

    Reduce costs with precision and reliability when metering dry products. Tomal Multi-Screw Feeders reduce the costs of your production process by providing consistent emptying and precision metering. This avoids ...

  • In-Situ Laser Analytics
    Showcase Product

    In-Situ Laser Analytics

    By Siemens Industry, Inc. - Process Analytics

    The LDS 6 combines the compact and service-friendly design, simple operation and network capability of the Series 6 analyzers with the well-known exceptional performance data of in-situ gas analysis by using diode laser ...

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  • Caldyn Apparatebau

    Caldyn Apparatebau

    The in-house design and manufacture of essential items ensures optimum solutions for our clients. Our product range includes: Delivery of components ...

  • Vibrant Power Inc

    Vibrant Power Inc

    Vibrant Power Inc. is a wholly owned Canadian company established in 1985. Vibrant Power Inc. is a global leader in the design and production of ...

  • Swedish Exergy AB

    Swedish Exergy AB

    Exergy is the available work potential of energy and therefore the usable part of the total energy. As an industrial system performs, its function ...

  • Chemical Pumps Australia

    As the sole Australian distributor for Munsch Chemie-Pumpen of Germany, we have supplied numerous Munsch pumps into chemical, sulphuric acid & ...

  • EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

    EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

    Each year, Europe generates around 160 million tons of waste. A large ratio of this waste is already thermally recycled and energetically used in ...