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Flue Gas Cleaning equipment for Energy and Renewables

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    ProMinent Tomal - Multi-Screw Feeder

    Reduce costs with precision and reliability when metering dry products. Tomal Multi-Screw Feeders reduce the costs of your production process by providing consistent emptying and precision metering. This avoids expensive metering errors and achieves the optimum recipe. Thanks to its robust and intelligent design the feeder is extremely reliable ...

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Multi-Screw Feeder Product line

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    Komline-Sanderson - Rotary Atomizer

    Komline-Sanderson's variable-speed rotary atomizers represent a dependable approach to atomization and spray drying. The compact, rugged, direct-drive, high-speed motor, utilizing only a few parts in one rotating assembly (no gear, pulley, gearbox or coupling), reduces the need for traditional mechanical maintenance. High quality, oil-mist ...

    By Komline-Sanderson based in Peapack, NEW JERSEY (USA).

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    Addfield Acid Scrubber System

    Lime usage within incineration flue gas treatment is a proven technology. Acid gasses such as hydrogen chloride, (HCL), Sulphur dioxide (S02) and Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) can be treated with the Addfield Acid Gas Scrubber. These chemical compounds are commonly found in large numbers within the chemical and industrial industries and in smaller ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Burntwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Addfield Acid Scrubber System Product line

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    ProMinent Tomal - Big Bag Emptying Unit

    Emptying of Big Bags up to 1,000 kg; This emptying unit is used to accommodate and empty Big Bags weighing up to 1,000 kg. The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The 30-litre powder storage tank is used to transfer the powder into a feed unit.

    By ProMinent Group - ProMinent GmbH based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Big Bag Emptying Unit Product line

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    IMR - Model 5000 - Continous Flue Gas Monitoring System

    The IMR 5000 is state-of-the-art continuous flue-gas monitoring system, and is designed for a wide variety of flue-gas monitoring applications. The IMR 5000 is a stand-alone analyzer that works automatically. Available in a 19' rack mount or rugged wall mounted enclosure. The wall mount enclosure meets NEMA type 4X (IP65) standards. The modular ...

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Continous Flue Gas Monitoring System Product line

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    Siemens - Model LDS 6 - In-Situ Laser Analytics

    The LDS 6 combines the compact and service-friendly design, simple operation and network capability of the Series 6 analyzers with the well-known exceptional performance data of in-situ gas analysis by using diode laser technology and fiber optics.

    By Siemens Industry, Inc. - Process Analytics based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from In-Situ Laser Analytics Product line

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    Dutch Incinerators - Flue Gas Emission Reduction System

    The Flue gas emission reduction process of the ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR reduces the concentration of contaminants as present in the flue gasses to levels below the applicable emission standards. Typically, Dutch Incinerators designs comply with EU regulations in this regard, the most strict on the planet. Several systems and options are available ...

    By Dutch Incinerators BV based in Sint Jansteen, NETHERLANDS. from Flue Gas Emission Reduction System Product line

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    IMR - Model 500 - Combustion Gas Dryer

    Permeation dryer. Comes with heated hose, gas -sampling probe, filter, rugged case.

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Combustion Gas Dryer Product line

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    Lime Filtration

    The use of lime for treating flue gases is a proven technology. Flue gas is generated from the thermal treatment process in Energy from Waste plants (EfW) and contains acidic gases such as hydrogen chloride, sulphur dioxide and hydrogen fluoride. The use of lime in the three main flue gas treatment processes of; dry, semi-dry and wet processes ...

    By Inciner8 Limited based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lime Filtration Product line

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    Venturi Filtration System

    The Addfield wet scrubber system is primarily designed as particle suppressant system, ideally suited to high capacity incineration machines. Heavy particulates are removed from the exhaust gas using water injected from the roof of the scrubber system. This bolt on system can be added to any incineration machine in the Addfield range and is scaled ...

    By Addfield Environmental Systems Ltd. based in Burntwood, UNITED KINGDOM. from Venturi Filtration System Product line

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    IMR - Model 400 - Wall-Mounted Flue-Gas Conditioning System

    Permeation dryer or peltier-cooler. Comes with heated hose, filter, rugged wall-mounted enclosure.

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Wall-Mounted Flue-Gas Conditioning System Product line

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    IMR - Model 500 - Portable Flue-Gas Dryer

    Permeation dryer. Comes with heated hose, gas-sampling probe, filter, rugged case.

    By IMR Environmental Equipment, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Portable Flue-Gas Dryer Product line

  • DP - Flue Gas Cleaning System

    DP's specialized Flue Gas Cleaning team is based in the Midlands, UK. The team has extensive experience in redefining complex requirements in order to deliver specialized solutions, and has a proven track record in delivering reliable and cost effective systems for meeting emissions standards all over Europe. DP CleanTech has dedicated engineers ...

    By DP CleanTech based in Jiyuqiao, Wuchang District, CHINA. from Flue Gas Cleaning System Product line

  • GUTSCHE Membratex - Filter Media

    Intelligent surface filtration today goes beyond the pure separation performance. The use of membratex® treated fabrics achieve higher filtration efficiencies in flue gas cleaning systems. membratex® filter bags are successfully used in various applications around the world. It is especially significant in waste incineration plants, in ...

    By MGF Gutsche GmbH & Co. KG based in Fulda, GERMANY. from Filter Media Product line

  • stainless steel filter tube mesh

    Stainless steel woven wire mesh and perforated metal welded in tube and cylinder shape to separate gas and liquid,cone-shaped is also a common type filter strainer mesh.The high accuracy always require double layers,three layers,five layers different mesh size and different diameter thickness.Material: stainless steel wire,brass wire,Monel ...

    By Hebei Nanrui Filtration Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. based in Shijiazhuang, CHINA.

  • Wet Flue Gas Cleaning (Wet Scrubbing)

    Scrubbers are used in wet flue gas cleaning for cleaning the flue gas. In the scrubbing zone, the pollutants contained in the flue gas are separated through an intensive contact with the scrubbing water by means of physical or chemical absorption. In the first stage of wet scrubbing, primarily HCl, HF, mercury compounds, dust, heavy metals bound ...

    By DrySoTec GmbH based in Essen, GERMANY.

  • Combining Flue Gas Condensation

    Combining flue gas condensation with flue gas cleaning seems to be a natural choice. The treatment method is chosen depending on the process and cleaning requirements, but also in consultation with the customer. The cleaning is usually done with scrubbers or fabric filters with activated carbon and lime dosing. Our proprietary Intervex process is ...

    By Radscan Intervex AB based in Västerås, SWEDEN.

  • FGD Systems

    IAC has several technologies available for reducing sulfur oxides, mercury, and hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids in stack emissions, but our preferred approach for industrial plants and applications is dry sorbent injection matched with a fabric filter collector (M-Pulse baghouse) to increase reaction time of the neutralizing sorbents with the ...

    By Industrial Accessories Company based in Mission, KANSAS (USA).

  • Model 80RT-IL - Flue Gas Stream Technology

    Flue gas stream enters the scrubber in which a unique complex of Ionic liquid and an oxidant agent is circulated. The offered approach and structure enable short contact time between the flue gas and liquid and a very efficient reaction. The mercury is oxidized and binds as a stable complex in the liquid. The system removes all mercury forms, ...

    By Mercu Removal Ltd based in Netanya, ISRAEL.

  • Ecopure - Model FGA - Flue Gas Scrubber System

    EcopureFGA Scrubbing Systems can be used to remove gaseous inorganic pollutants and particles from flue gases downstream of a thermal oxidizer. Particles are separated using filtering separators such as baghouse filters or electrostatic precipitators. Dry and wet processes are available for separating gaseous constituents of exhaust gases. In many ...

    By Olpidürr S.P.A based in Novegro di Segrate (MI), ITALY. from Flue Gas Scrubber System Product line

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