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Gas Networks Equipment

  • Remote Control Box

    The operating data exchange system (D.E.I.E.) is a control/monitoring unit that manages the remote control and monitoring of decentralised generating installations. Control cabinet for local spot generation, with measurements capacity for Wind mills, Photovoltaic generation, Micro generation, Gas turbine, Hydraulic generation.

    By Ensto Group based in Porvoo, FINLAND. from Network Automation Product line

  • Model SF6 - Gas-Insulated Single or Double Busbar Modular Cubicles

    SF6 gas-insulated single or double busbar modular cubicles, GIS-type, for configuring different schemas for primary distribution in Medium Voltage networks up to 36 kV.

    By Ormazabal based in Vizcaya, SPAIN. from Transmission & Distribution Product line

  • Model PE2708 - Gas Distribution Pressure Pipe System

    A reliable gas distribution system requires uncompromised quality from your pipe supplier and the utmost in safety, durability and integrity in your pipe. Polyethylene gas pipe is the preferred choice for natural gas distribution. With Dura-Line PolyPipe®, we offer pipe that is flexible, lightweight, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our ...

    By Dura-Line Corp based in Knoxville, TEXAS (USA). from Pressure Pipe Product line

  • Premium

    Electricity Peaking Stations

    Electricity peaking stations, also called peak-lopping plants, are power plants designed to help balance the fluctuating power requirements of the electricity grid.

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Natural Gas Product line

  • Dormont Gas Hoses

    Dormont hoses are of the highest quality, with ease of use, reliability and safety built-in. You can 'Fit & Forget' - saving time and money and preserving your reputation by using 'the most trusted name in gas hoses.' - gas hoses designed with safety and long-life in mind. Dormont's attention to detail and specific engineering process ensure ...

    By Mechline Developments Limited based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM. from Gas - Gas Hoses & Connections Product line

  • Model Type B - Gas Distribution Tube

    Our VitraPOR® laboratory glassware are made of pure borosilicate glass 3.3. This versatile and recyclable material offers excellent properties for the most diverse fields. It is highly resistant to most chemicals such as solvents, acids and alkalis. VitraPOR® glass filters are divided into porosity classes ranging from 1,0 µm to 500 ...

  • Driscopipe - Model 8100 - Polyethylene Pipe

    This high density polyethylene (HDPE) PE4710/PE100 (PE3408) solution is black with a solid yellow exterior shell.  HDPE gas pipe is the preferred option for those applications where pressures up to 125 psi may be encountered, or where higher operating temperatures may be experienced. The yellow shell provides a unique color ...

  • Premium

    Greenhouse Cogeneration / CHP

    Gas engines are highly efficient at providing the stimulus for the growth of plants, whilst in parallel providing a flexible supply of electrical power. Heat, light and carbon dioxide (CO2) all promote plant growth. Gas engines provide electrical power at the alternator and when in a cogeneration configuration can also recover useful heat. Carbon ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Natural Gas Product line

  • Leaksurveyor Uses Fast Response Semiconductor Sensor

    The Leaksurveyor uses a fast response semiconductor sensor reducing the time taken for gas leak surveys on gas distribution networks. The Leaksurveyor detects flammable gas from PPM through LEL to 100 % Vol.

    By Gas Measurement Instruments Ltd. based in Renfrew, UNITED KINGDOM. from Portable Detectors Product line

  • Model 80 PE - Pipe

    Compared with metal pipes, using polyethylene pipes for drinking water and gas networks , provides the following benefits: maintaining characteristics for long time, life guaranteed at least 50 years.

    By TehnoWorld based in Suceava, ROMANIA. from Water Supply Networks Product line

  • Model 100 PE - Pipe

    Compared with metal pipes, using polyethylene pipes for drinking water and gas networks , provides the following benefits: maintaining characteristics for long time, life guaranteed at least 50 years.

    By TehnoWorld based in Suceava, ROMANIA. from Water Supply Networks Product line

  • HDPE Gas Pipes

    During last decades there has been great increase in usage of natural gas all over the world. In order to supply this economical and ecologically friendly energent to more people, we need high-quality, long-lasting and completely safe gas pipelines. Today in the gas distribution area, most specifiers and gas distribution companies throughout the ...

    By Heplast-pipe based in Prelog, CROATIA.

  • Two-Way Communications Gas Meters

    Landis+Gyr's gas solution offers two-way communications capabilities over the Gridstream Network. Communications are supported through the implementation of an integrated communications module fitting most major meter manufacturer’s products. The communications module can be retrofitted to existing meters, providing efficient ...

    By Landis Gyr AG based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Communication Networks Product line

  • Gas Distribution

    Polyethylene gas pipes are the preferred natural gas distribution piping product of choice, with over 90 % usage in Europe today. Polyethylene gas pipes ar lightweight, non-corrosive, available in coil lengths, and easy to install by heat fusion or mechanical fittings. For these reasons, they have been proven and used since the 1960's. Eupen Pipe ...

    By Kabelwerk Eupen AG based in Eupen, BELGIUM. from PRESSURE Product line

  • AnadoluFlex - Model G and M Series - Gas Hoses

    Gas hoses with shrink and without shrink. This type hoses are installed to system for gas connection.

    By Anadolu Fleks Company based in TURKEY.

  • Wingas - Biomethane

    During the fermentation of biomass in the absence of oxygen produces biogas. It is about 60 percent methane, the main component of natural gas, and about 35 percent of carbon dioxide and other substances. Thus biogas reached the same high quality as natural gas, biogas processing plants withdraw the biogas troublesome impurities suc

    By Wingas GmbH based in Kassel, GERMANY. from Bio-Gas Product line

  • Agenitor - Model KWK-Series - Natural Gas Module

    In addition to all of the 2G-KWK-Series benefits, the agenitor comes with an optimized degree of efficiency - currently the highest on the market! Because of this increased efficiency, more electricity can be fed into the grid, thus the total compensation for the customer increases significantly. This 2G innovation resulted through intensive ...

    By 2G Energy based in GERMANY. from Natural Gas Module Product line

  • EXO Pressurized Fixed HD Camera

    EXO high definition (HD) network camera systems with H.264 High Profile, MJPEG compression, and ONVIF support are the professional’s choice for capturing brilliant, full HD surveillance video in extreme applications. The EXO Series is built tough to withstand extreme temperature ranges, power surges, and heavy impacts. Engineered ...

    By Moog Videolarm based in Northbrook,, ILLINOIS (USA). from Fixed Network Camera Systems Product line

  • Model 148000 - Gas Hoses

    Gas hose is manufactured according to EN 14800 standards and it is installed to system for gas connection. It hasPVC cover that helps to have long working life toward chemical hygiene.

    By Anadolu Fleks Company based in TURKEY.

  • Gas Injection Plant

    The gas injection plant conditions the biomethane to the required quality. Thus, the combustion characteristics of the produced biomethane have to be set exactly to the quality of the receiving gas grid. This is carried out by admixing of air or liquid gas and dried and desulphurised biogas.

    By MT-BioMethan GmbH based in Zeven, GERMANY.

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