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Gasification Technologies: A Primer for Engineers and Scientists

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

In contrast to traditional combustion, gasification technologies offer the potential for converting coal and low or negative-value feedstocks, such as petroleum coke and various waste materials into usable energy sources or chemicals. With a growing number of companies operating and marketing systems based on gasification concepts worldwide, this ...;

Solid Fuel Chemistry Journal

by Allerton Press, Inc.

The journal publishes theoretical and applied articles on the chemistry and physics of solid fuels and carbonaceous materials. It addresses the composition, structure, and properties of solid fuels. The aim of the published articles is to demonstrate how novel discoveries, developments, and theories may be used in improved analysis and design of ...;

International Energy Law Review Issues

by Thomson Reuters (West)

This publication examines the legal issues related to developments in the energy industry including coal, oil, gas, hydro, nuclear, and renewable energy. It provides expert articles, national reports from more than 20 key jurisdictions, country briefs, and interviews. It also discusses the significant growth in environmental issues affecting this ...;

Remediation of former Manufactured Gas Plants and Other Coal-Tar Sites

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Over the long history of former manufactured gas plants (FMGPs) and other coal-tar-producing sites, there were an enormous variety of fuel stocks used as well as many processing and disposal methods, each leading to unique waste and site circumstances. This book supplies the historical information needed to understand and accurately predict the ...;

Power Generation from Solid Fuels

by Springer

Power Generation from Solid Fuels introduces the different technologies to produce heat and power from solid fossil (hard coal, brown coal) and renewable (biomass, waste) fuels, such as combustion and gasification, steam power plants and combined cycles etc. The book discusses technologies with regard to their efficiency, emissions, operational ...;

Energy Law and Regulation in the European Union

by Thomson Reuters (West)

This comprehensive looseleaf service offers a complete guide to all aspects of the economic and competitive regulation of energy utilities in the European Union. Keeping you up-to-date on the regulation of coal, gas, electricity, and nuclear power on a country-by-country basis, it focuses on the national laws of the following major European ...;

The Shale Oil and Gas Debate

by Editions TECHNIP

In the space of six years, the united States have reduced their dependence on oil by a third and have become almost self-sufficient in terms of gas supply. This “shale oil and gas revolution”, a sudden and unexpected earthquake in the energy world, enabled the US to become one of the most competitive countries in the world. Exporting ...;

Coalbed Methane: Scientific, Environmental and Economic Evaluation

by Springer

This special publication on coalbed gas is multidisciplinary in scope and covers a wide range of aspects from exploration through production, resource calculations, emissions, and regulatory processes. The contributions in this book result from the International Conference on Coal Seam Gas and Oil, held in Queensland, Australia, on 23-25 ...;

Fossil Fuels

by World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

Concerns over energy resources and the environmental impact of energy use will continue to be part of the polical agenda across the globe. World Scientific's unique series of books onCurrent Energy Issuesis intended, in part, as an expansion and update of the material contained in theWorld Scientific Handbook of Energybut in part each volume will ...;

Turning Waste into Vehicle Fuel: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) - A Step-By-Step Guide For Communities

by Energy Vision

Energy Vision is a national 501 (c) (3) organization based in New York City whose goal is to  promote - through research and action - a swift transition to pollution-free renewable energy  sources. Programmatically, Energy Vision informs and engages with policy, business, and  environmental leaders, to support the shift of medium- ...;

Effluents from Alternative Demilitarization Technologies

by Springer

The book assesses a broad range of effluents (process residues) from a selection of worldwide technologies that have been proposed as alternatives to incineration for the remediation and destruction of chemical warfare agents and associated matériel. Treatment of metal parts and explosive or energetic materials are considered. The alternative ...;

Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of Sludge

by IWA Publishing

The adoption of the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive requires sewage sludge to be subsequently treated and the Sewage Sludge Directive regulates the uses and properties of stabilised sludge for being either recycled or disposed. Both directives drive specific actions in two complementary ways. Reduction, Modification and Valorisation of ...;

International Handbook on the Economics of Energy

by Earthprint Ltd

As an essential component for economic growth, energy has a significant impact on the global economy. The need to meet growing energy demand has prompted cutting-edge innovation in clean technology in an attempt to realise environmental and cost objectives, whilst ensuring the security of energy supply. This Handbook offers a comprehensive review ...;

Alternative Fuels

by Catalytic Products International (CPI)

Industry is looking for new fuels that can replace coal, oil and natural gas. This free EBook takes a look at some of the technical and regulatory challenges involved in developing alternative fuel projects.;

Natural Gas and Geopolitics

by Cambridge University Press

By most estimates, global consumption of natural gas - a cleaner-burning alternative to coal and oil - will double by 2030. However, in North America, Europe, China, and South and East Asia, which are the areas of highest-expected demand, the projected consumption of gas is expected to far outstrip indigenous supplies. Delivering gas from the ...;

The Effect Of Biomass Feedstock Type & Process Parameters On Achieving The Total Carbon Conversion In The Large Scale Fluidized Bed Gasification Of Biomass

by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

One option for the production of liquid biofuel in Finland is based on fluidized bed gasification of biomass and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process. The totalcarbon conversion achieved in the gasifier, operating at temperatures below 1000°C, depends mainly on the reactivity of solid char residue. The reactivity of the char residue is affected by ...;

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