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Incineration Equipment available in Egypt

  • Drying and Pelletization of Waste Incineration Ash

    In a waste incineration plant, fly ash is created, which is initially rinsed to separate the chlorides. Subsequently, the still heavy metal loaded fly ash is dried in an AVA mixing dryer and then pelletized, with the aim of feeding the product back into the furnace. The final task is the complete disposal of non-recyclable pollutant fly ash. ...

    By AVA - Huep GmbH u. Co. KG based in Herrsching, GERMANY. from Power Station Technology Product line

  • TeamTec - Model GS 500 - Marine Incinerators

    The GS500C is one of the most effective marine incinerators on the market today. The model is available with manual or automatic feeding of solid waste and full automatic sludge burning. We have this model in a series of versions, specialized for various needs.

    By TeamTec AS based in Tvedestrand, NORWAY. from Incinerators Product line

  • Verantis - Rotary Kiln Incineration Systems

    Complete flexibility to simultaneously dispose of liquids, solids, and sludges. Rotary kiln incineration systems are ideal for processing mixed industrial and hazardous wastes that include a combination of solid, sludge, and liquid waste streams. Verantis provides complete rotary kiln incineration packages including a broad range of waste storage ...

    By Verantis Environmental Solutions Group based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA). from Incineration Systems Product line

  • Verantis - Liquid Waste Incineration Systems

    Effectively incinerate chemical and pharmaceutical liquid wastes. Verantis engineers all styles of liquid waste combustion systems for a broad range of industrial, chemical, and pharmaceutical hazardous waste applications. We will design your system in either a horizontal or vertical down fired configuration to meet your unique needs. Each liquid ...

    By Verantis Environmental Solutions Group based in Middleburg Hts, OHIO (USA). from Incineration Systems Product line

  • Model BR P16 - Medical Waste Incinerators

    Burn-rite's BR P16 is a medical waste incinerator specifically designed to suit the need to incinerate waste at the point of source. This compact machine was designed due to the increased demand for hygienic on site medical waste incineration.

    By Burn Rite Ltd based in Southport, UNITED KINGDOM. from Medical Waste Incinerators Product line

  • TeamTec - Model OG 120 - Incinerators

    The smallest incinerator in our range – up to 190.000 kcal/h (220 kw). The sturdy, compact design and high performance make the OG120-models an obvious first choice for the waste treatment onboard small and medium sized vessels.

    By TeamTec AS based in Tvedestrand, NORWAY. from Incinerators Product line

  • Model YD-10 - Small Incinerator

    Model: YD-10. Feed Capacity: 20 kgs per feed. Burning Rate: 10 kgs per hour. Burning Time per Feed: 2 hours. Voltage: 220V. Power: 0.5Kw. Fuel: Diesel oil. Burner: China Burner. Feed Mode: Manual. Fuel consumption (Oil): 5.4-12.6 Kgs/Hour. External Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 160cm (mainbody). Internal Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 80cm(Primary Chamber). ...

  • Concrete Refractory Material

    Castables are dry, granular refractory mixes which are designed to be mixed with water before installation and applicated by moldes. Castables are very suitable for molding for special shapes. Their applications are available for a wide range of industries like iron and steel, foundries, petrochemical-refining, power generating and cement. They ...

    By KILTAS Refractory Materials Co & Ltd based in Silivri, TURKEY. from Refractory Materials Product line

  • Model Type Cd - V - Moved Bed Furnace Incinerator

    Kind of waste: solid, paste-like up to 40% moisture content, liquid, Amount of waste: 10 - 5.000 kg/h, Calorific value of waste: 1 - 45 MJ/kg, Density of waste: 50 - 1.250 kg/m3.

    By Michaelis GmbH & Co. KG based in Veitshöchheim, GERMANY. from Incineration Product line

  • Addfield - Model MP-500 - Hospital Incinerator

    The MP-500 is specifically designed to dispose of Category 2, 3 and 4 type red bag wastes with high density and high moisture contents. These systems are designed to obtain maximum benefit from Addfield’s hot hearth technology ensuring any energy that is created is utilised to destroy the waste. Highly effective and very fuel-efficient with ...

    By Addfield Incinerators Environmental Systems Ltd based in Cannock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Medical Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Refuse Derived Fuel Rdf, Sewage Sludge Incineration, Biomass Energy

    refuse derived fuel RDF, sewage sludge incineration, biomass energy,RESEM|A Leading Pyrolysis Plant Manufacturer,RESEM provides Pyrolysis Oil Plant systems that convert petroleum based waste streams such as plastics, tires, into quality fuels oil, carbons .http://www.pyrolysisoil.net, Product Details Place of Origin: Henan China (Mainland) Brand ...

  • Waste Incineration Plant

    Throughout the past hundred years incineration plants for municipal waste have continuously been developed technologically. From the old days' incineration plants with a remarkable impact on the environment, today's state-of-the-art plants are pro-environmental and energy-generating units.Even small-sized plants are generating and supplying ...

    By Simatek A.S based in Soroe, DENMARK. from Flue Gas Cleaning Product line

  • AquaCritox - Advanced Super Critical Water Oxidation

    AquaCritox is a world-first technology that provides the wastewater industry with a unique solution: delivering complete organic wet waste destruction in an economical, sustainable process while simultaneously generating renewable energy. Sludge generators worldwide face increasing difficulties due to current methods of disposal. The likes of ...

    By SCFI Group Limited based in Cork, IRELAND.

  • Municipal Waste Incineration Systems

    Municipal waste incineration system is designed with the consideration of several types of municipal wastes; including paper/cardboard (packing material), plastic (foil, bottles, and dishes), metal cans, food-waste, cloth, garbage etc. Incineration system provides an effective means of reducing the volume of MSW as well as providing an important ...

    By Santes Ltd. Co. based in Temelli, TURKEY. from Incinerators Product line

  • Batch Load Animal Crematories

    Advanced Combustion Systems' CA-Serles Controlled Air Batch Load Animal Crematories are designed and manufactured with the latest Industry technology, providing a rugged and durable incinerator. ACS CA-Serles animal crematories are engineered for maximum performance and efficiency while maintaining high reliability with low maintenance, meeting ...

    By Advanced Control Systems, Inc. based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA). from Advanced Combustion Systems Product line

  • Premium

    Infratech - Model 200 - Solid Waste Incinerators

    Reduction Capacity:* From 80 kg/hr [176 lbs/hr] to 150 kg/hr [330 lbs/hr]. Shipping Dimensions: 6,096 [20’–0”] long x 2,438 [8’–0”] wide x 3,458 [11’–4 1/8”] high (stack shipped separately). Weight: 12 500 kg [27 500 lbs]. Approximate Diesel Fuel Usage: 20.0 – 35.0 L/hr [5.3 – 9.2 ...

    By Infratech Corporation based in Whitecourt, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Premium

    Infratech - Model 500 - Solid Waste Incinerators

    Reduction Capacity:* From 175 kg/hr [385 lbs/hr] to 300 kg/hr [660 lbs/hr]. Shipping Dimensions: 7,010 [23’–0”] long x 2,743 [9’–0”] wide x 3,883 [12’–8 7/8”] high (stack shipped separately). Weight: 19 000 kg [41 800 lbs]. Approximate Diesel Fuel Usage: 25.0 – 40.0 L/hr [6.0 – 10.6 ...

    By Infratech Corporation based in Whitecourt, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Showcase

    Infratech - Gas Waste Incinerators & Thermal Oxidizers System

    Infratech gas waste incinerators and thermal oxidizers are designed to meet applicable emission and ground level concentration regulations.  Our designs ensure a predictable Destruction Efficiency and substantially reduced auxiliary fuel consumption requirements. Our continuous duty gaseous waste incinerators/oxidizers are designed to suit ...

    By Infratech Corporation based in Whitecourt, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Premium

    TodaySure Matthews - Flue Gas Abatement System

    To ensure compliance with the EU Waste Incineration Directive 76/2000, the exhaust gases will pass through the dry gas abatement plant. This will comprise of a bag or ceramic filter house and a reagent storage/feed system. Gases exiting the energy recovery plant will be injected with lime or sodium bicarbonate and activated carbon which is stored ...

    By Todaysure Limited based in Hyde, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Incinerators Product line

  • Addfield - Model SB - Waste Incinerator

    Waste Incinerator - Addfield SB Suitable for incineration of: Sheep, Pigs, Pet Crem, Chickens, Butcher’s Waste One of our larger low capacity incinerators, extremely robust with its 10mm steel, also top loading design for ease of loading and cleaning. This machine is ideal for Sheep, Pigs, Fish, Butchers and Pet Cremation with its main ...

    By Addfield Incinerators Environmental Systems Ltd based in Cannock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Animal Waste Incinerators Product line

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