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Energy & Renewables Equipment

  • Pellet Mills for Biofuel Production

    These pellet mills are used for production of the pelletized biofuel and difficult-to-pelletize products. The raw materials are: woodworking residues (sawdust, chips, slab etc.) and waste of the plant origin (sun flower, rape, soya husk and schrot, grain straw etc.). These pellet mills are also used for peat and fertilizer pelletizing.

    By ICK GROUP based in Kyiv, UKRAINE. from Plants and Complete Lines Agricultural Pellet Production Product line

  • Transformer Oil Pumps Traction

    Traction pumps are used on Traction Transformers and Converters fitted to most types of electric train operating around the globe. The purpose of the pump is to increase the efficiency of the transformers and converter by force circulation of transformer oil around the transformer or converter.

    By SPP Pumps Limited based in Theale Reading, UNITED KINGDOM. from Transformer Oil Pumps Product line

  • OLIMAG - Sand

    Preparing an efficiant yet silica free grout is now possible. This is no doubt THE solution that will greatly help prevent silicosis in your workers. This special sand is an adapted product to geothermal grout by replacing the need to add silica sand.

    By Geo-Air Industries inc. based in Boucherville, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Silica Free Sand Product line

  • Transformer Oil Pumps In-Line

    The transformer oil in-line pumps are integrated pump/motor elements within the same frame, of weatherproof construction, specifically for outdoor use and arranged for direct pipeline installation. The compact design saves space and allows for horizontal or vertical mounting. To allow for minimum thermo-syphonic resistance the pumps are designed ...

    By SPP Pumps Limited based in Theale Reading, UNITED KINGDOM. from Transformer Oil Pumps Product line

  • Marlec - Model Rutland 504 e-furl - Windcharger

    The Rutland 504 e-furl is a great choice for wind power charging where portability is key. It’s light weight and ease of handling means that you can rapidly have it raised into position and running, generating free power wherever you find yourself.

    By Marlec Engineering Company Ltd. based in Corby, UNITED KINGDOM. from Wind Power - Windchargers Product line

  • Digestore - Concrete Tanks

    Balmoral is the industry's first choice for cast in-situ reinforced concrete digester tanks. Company personnel have completed many demanding construction projects of this type since the early 2000s.

    By Balmoral Tanks based in Llantrisant, UNITED KINGDOM. from Concrete Tanks Product line

  • PentoMag - Model 2550 - Coal Slagging (fouling) System

    PentoMag 2550 is an additive to prevent coal slagging (fouling). The term 'slagging' is understood as formation of hard, sticky deposits covering evaporator and super-heater heat exchange tubes inside the furnace. Usually the slagging starts on the firebox tubes or around the burners, then, once a first layer has formed, fouling occurs rapidly as ...

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Coal Fired Plants Product line

  • Dresser Rand Steam Turbine Blades

    Rotor Blade re-design within a challenging leadtime; In 2015, Maintenance Partners Belgium awarded Stork Turbo Blading for the supply of 7 stages steam turbine rotor blades.

    By remove based in Anytown, NETHERLANDS.

  • GAO - Model C0260003 - Handheld Optical Power Meter

    This handheld optical power meter is a compact and easy-to-use test instrument for fiber network installation, acceptance testing and maintenance. Used together with GAO's C0220003 handheld optical light source, it offers a quick and accurate testing solution for both single and multi-mode fibers. Compared to other power meters, this meter offers ...

    By GAO FiberOptics Inc. - a member of the GAO Group based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Fiber Optic Instrument - Power Meter Product line

  • Cellulosic Ethanol

    Cellulosic ethanol is ethanol made from cellulose, a non-grain material/feedstock that provides the cellular structure for all plants. The end product – a clean-burning, high-octane fuel – is the same as ethanol made from corn. Cellulose, which provides the cellular structure for all plants, is the world's most abundant organic ...

    By POET, LLC based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Biofuels Product line

  • AUT - Dewatering Auger Compactor for Swim-Sink Separation Processes

    In many cases output fractions and residues (such as paper fibres and wet plastics from swim-sink separation processes) generated by specific production and recycling processes contain a great amount of moisture. The dewatering auger compactor is used to release the water inside the material using pressure. At the same time, the auger compactor is ...

    By AUT Anlagen- und Umwelttechnologie GmbH based in Chemnitz, GERMANY. from Plant Component Product line

  • Ateco - Primary & Secondary Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Seals

    API 650 advises that all tanks storing hydrocarbon liquids should be fitted with a seal system comprising a primary seal and a secondary seal. Ateco manufacture a range of primary and secondary seals. All Ateco Primary and Secondary Seals are fitted to the rim angle on the floating roof and are designed for a rim gap of 200 mm to 250 mm +/- 100 ...

    By Ateco UK Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Rainmaker - Model 550 - Solar Distiller

    The Rainmaker 550 produces safe and delicious ultra-pure distilled water. The patented construction materials used are tried and proven and approved by the NSF for contact with water for human consumption. The design is straightforward and has no moving parts. Make your own 'bottlled water.'

    By SolAqua Inc. based in El Paso, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model RF series - Wind Charge Regulator

    The charge regulator implements the very important function of brake system, that makes first of all safe a LAYER wind-power plant. Our electronic brake system decelerates wind generators immediately in a very reliable and safe way and, in the meantime, they continue to supply power to loads, with no any loss of power generation. Our electronic ...

    By Layer Electronics s.r.l. based in Erice (TP), ITALY. from Wind Energy Product line

  • Cairpol Cairnet - Autonomous, real-time pollution monitoring network

    Following in real-time any given pollutant emissions data directly from your office, via your computer, smartphone or tablet? All the data centralized, with minimum operating costs (no maintenance, no visit on site to retrieve the data…)? Cairnet is made for you. Adapted to real-time applications, Cairnet integrates a complete communication ...

    By Cairpol based in La Roche Blanche, FRANCE.

  • Anaerobic Digestion Technology

    Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the degradation of organic matter by microorganisms under oxygen-free conditions. The process produces biogas – mainly methane and carbon dioxide – that can be used to produce heat and electricity, and even to power vehicles.AD is a natural process which occurs in wetlands and can be likened to the digestive ...

    By Scottish Biofuel Programme based in Edinburgh, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • YES Plus LGA Multi-Sensor IAQ & Landfill Surface Gas Emissions Monitor

    The single solution YES Plus LGA multi-sensor air quality and landfill surface gas emissions monitor simultaneously measures and records temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and much more. Featuring a fifteen sensor capacity, the YES Plus LGA allows users to accurately monitor more within a single, easy to carry instrument.

    By Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. (CETCI) based in Delta, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from IAQ Gas Detectors Product line

  • Bioprocess Control - Model CSTR Bioreactors - CSTR Bioreactors

    The Bioprocess Control CSTR bioreactors are constructed from the highest quality materials, and fabricated and tested under controlled conditions. All stainless steel utilised is highly resistant to corrosion and has been selected specifically for biogas and biofuel applications. The end result is a series of bioreactors specifically designed and ...

    By Bioprocess Control AB based in Lund, SWEDEN.

  • Model DY-101 - Biomass Dryer

    Biomass Briquette Systems will be introducing their new Biomass Dryer in 2012.

    By Biomass Briquette Systems, LLC based in Chico, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Dryers Product line

  • ACT - Spillway and Gate Handling at Hydroelectric Dams

    ACT provides corrosion resistant sheaves and blocks for gate handling at hydroelectric dams, stoplog handling beams, gate handling equipment, and gate hoist machinery as well as cranes. We can provide our customers products with coatings, and designed for immersion in water.

    By Advanced Crane Technologies LLC based in Reading, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

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