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SVM - Epitaxial Grade Wafers (EPI)

by Silicon Valley Microelectronics, Inc. (SVM)     based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Epitaxial Grade Wafers are prime silicon wafers which have a single crystalline layer of silicon deposited on the surface. This layer is typically a different resistivity or dopant than the underlying substrate. This is done to provide multiple layers of resistivity and a pure flat surface for device manufacturing. SVM can provide Epitaxial Grade ...

MINIGUN - Thermal Spray Coating Systems

by PyroGenesis Canada Inc.     based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA)

Originally developed in 1995 for thermal spray coating systems, this compact, co-axial plasma torch known as the MINIGUN is our most compact and inexpensive solution for thermal applications. The MINIGUN can be fitted for radial injection of powders into the plasma plume. Used extensively by our own team for internal lab and pilot scale work, the ...

Special Drying and Heating Applications

by ALZETA Corporation     based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA)

ALZETA has provided burners for a number of specialized applications.

Aurora - Model PVI-3000-OUTD - Power One Inverter

by RA Power Group     based in AUSTRALIA

PVI-3000-OUTD inverters manufactured in Italy has a maximum efficiency of 97%. Maximum recommended PV power 3500W. Voltage range 156-530V. 97% efficiency.

Francis Impulse Turbines

by Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Limited     based in Kendal, UNITED KINGDOM

The Francis Turbine is one of three options in the Gilkes range. Gilkes Francis Turbines are available as either horizontal or vertical units. The water enters the spiral, or scroll case, and is directed by a series of moveable guide vanes, or wicket gates, to the turbine runner. As the water passes through the runner it rotates and the water ...

Deaerator Systems

by Superior Boiler Works, Inc.     based in Hutchinson, KANSAS (USA)

The Superior Boiler Works Deaerator Systems are Complete Packaged Systems, designed, built and stamped in accordance with the ASME code for 50 PSIG.Constructed with all stainless steel direct contact internal vent condenser, all stainless steel adjustable spray valve(s) and a 10 minute minimum storage capacity.

Model BN - AC motors

by Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A.     based in Calderara di Reno, ITALY

The IEC-normalized BN motors comply with all the applicable international standards, including the EMC and LV Directives. They are available in the 0.06 - 30 kW range in the foot and the flange mounting version, the latter in both the IM B5 and the IM B14 configuration. Single and dual pole versions available with generally, three brake options ...

Fuel Consumption Measurement

by KRAL AG     based in Lustenau, AUSTRIA

Fuel consumption accounts for a considerable portion of vessel operating costs. A great deal of experience and exceptional measuring technology are necessary to acquire reliable measured values for fuel consumption. KRAL offers both. With our help you can save where it makes sense. KRAL has 15 years of experience with the fuel consumption ...

Model EPS Series - Single Phase Switch-Mode Power Supply(SMPS)

by Sunrise Power Transformers GmbH     based in Hamburg, GERMANY

EPS series is a family of single phase primary switch-mode power supply and as a mounting component used to supply energy to industrial electric and electronic users of information technology (IT), automation, plant construction, process engineering, control engineering and building automation. The equipment can be mounted on DIN rail in ...

EnviroLogic - Model 3000 Series - Readily Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

by RSC Bio Solutions     based in Indian Trail, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The EnviroLogic 3000 Series consists of readily biodegradable synthetic hydraulic fluids designed for extreme operating temperatures and pressures. Because they’re formulated to provide exceptional oxidation and thermal properties, these products are ideal for mobile or marine hydraulic and propulsion systems operating in environmentally ...

Leakwise - Model SLC-220 - Smart Leakwise Controller

by GE Analytical Instruments     based in Boulder, COLORADO (USA)

The Smart Leakwise Controller (SLC-220) is a digital signal processor that interfaces with Leakwise ID-220 Series Sensors to report hydrocarbons spill/leak alerts, including layer buildup and thickness, to users via a wide variety of outputs and communication interfaces for local or remote reporting. The SLC-220’s modular design and flexible ...

Model ST Series - Well Test Tools

by Inflatable Packers International Pty Ltd (IPI)     based in Perth, AUSTRALIA

The IPI ST range employ a multi-cycle, 4 stage valving mechanism that allows fluid communication to either the packers, annulus, test interval or provides complete shut in. Shifting between stages is accomplished via axial movement only – no rotation is required. This multi-stage functionality enables multiple tests in a single run without ...

Jonas & Redmann - Model WHD - Water Handling Diffusion System

by Jonas & Redmann Group GmbH     based in Berlin, GERMANY

The positively charged wafers are handled in a diffusion furnace with phosphoric gas. At furnace temperatures of approx. 800-900 °C phosphorus atoms are diffused into the waver’s surface. Doping occurs and creates a negatively charged surface layer. The wafer then has two different layers: the negatively charged layer and below that the ...

Torishima - Model HLV - Glandless Boiler Circ

by Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment     based in Laguna Niguel, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The HLV are glandless boiler circulating pumps. The motor and pump are fully integrated into a pressure light casing. The glandless design (no shad seal) makes this pump best suited for pumping of high temperature and high pressure liquids at zero leakage to the atmosphere.The pump is driven by Torishima made high performance wet motor. The motor ...

Model 5000 - Injection Port Mounted Pyroprobe

by CDS Analytical     based in Oxford, PENNSYLVANIA (USA)

The CDS Pyroprobe® Model 5000 is the most advanced thermal sample preparation instrument available. Platinum filaments are rapidly heated for pulse pyrolysis work, or slowly heated with controlled rates for programmed analyses. Set temperatures in 1°C increments to 1400°C for a wide heating range and more precise pyrolysis ...

Turbine Couplings

by Kelly Pipe Co. LLC     based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Size: 2' thru 14' turbine column couplingsType: 'J' type (straight thread), 'P' type (3/16 taper), and 'TT' type (N.P.T.)

Model RF series - Wind Charge Regulator

by Layer Electronics s.r.l.     based in Erice (TP), ITALY

The charge regulator implements the very important function of brake system, that makes first of all safe a LAYER wind-power plant. Our electronic brake system decelerates wind generators immediately in a very reliable and safe way and, in the meantime, they continue to supply power to loads, with no any loss of power generation. Our electronic ...

Flex - Model BTBF - Industrial Package Watertube Boiler

by English Boiler & Tube, Inc.     based in Richmond, VIRGINIA (USA)

Designed for industrial applications not designed for commercial applications. The bent tube design realizes quick internal circulation, maximizing heat transfer and operating efficiency. Tube and boiler interior is accessible for service and inspection. The boiler frame is heavy gauge structural steel, painted with rust resistant coatings. ...

EnviroLogic - Model 200EP Series - Readily Biodegradable Synthetic Gear Oils

by RSC Bio Solutions     based in Indian Trail, NORTH CAROLINA (USA)

The EnviroLogic 200EP Series is comprised of readily biodegradable synthetic gear oils for use in a wide variety of marine applications where incidental exposure of oil to the environment is of concern. In addition to being readily biodegradable and non-sheening, these products have unparalleled antiwear and extreme pressure properties, excellent ...

Model SF6 - Gas-Insulated Single or Double Busbar Modular Cubicles

by Ormazabal     based in Vizcaya, SPAIN

SF6 gas-insulated single or double busbar modular cubicles, GIS-type, for configuring different schemas for primary distribution in Medium Voltage networks up to 36 kV.

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