Energy and Renewables Equipment in Latvia

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    Presona - Model LP Series - Prepress Technology Balers

    The Presona pre-press technology baler is probably the most energy efficient baler on the market… When looking for a correct capacity baler, the most interesting comparison is the throughput capacity set in relation to the motorization of the baler. The figure to compare is the real volume capacity – the theoretical ...

    By Presona AB Office in Harjumaa, LATVIA.

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    Proline Prosonic - Model B 200 - Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

    The device for accurate, reliable biogas measurement with loop-powered technology. Prosonic Flow B 200 is the specialist for accurate and reliable measurement of wet biogas and digester gas,even under fluctuating process conditions. With its unique integrated real-time methane fraction analysis, Prosonic Flow B 200 enables continuous measurement ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Riga, LATVIA. from Level Measurement M Product line

  • EST - Oil / Water Separators

    The ENA– type oil products separator is equipment produced in Latvia designed for capture of free oil products and separation from polluted wastewater. This equipment is a hydrophobic polypropylene (PP) welded reservoir. This equipment is completed with a coalescence filer, floating booms and a sorbent filter.

    By Ekostandarts Tehnologijas based in Riga, LATVIA. from Other Product line

  • HORIBA - Model SLFA-60 - X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer

    HORIBA introduces the new standard of transportable sulfur-in-oil analyzers, the SLFA-60. This instrument introduces new software and hardware features to meet the growing changes in the petroleum industry. The instrument has expanded storage of calibration curves and data can be exported using USB output. The measurement range has increased to ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in LATVIA. from Scientific Product line

  • Intelligent Street Lighting is a modern street lighting control and management system which allows to save money and take care of the environment.

    By Teliko LTD based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • BSI - Multi Channel Analyzer Multispectrum

    Amplification, optimal filtration, analog-digital conversion of pulses from semiconductor detectors, spectra accumulation and transmission to PC through RS-232 interface, necessary voltages supplying for detection units (detector high voltage and preamplifier supply.

    By Baltic Scientific Instruments (BSI) based in Riga, LATVIA. from Electronics Product line

  • BSI - Spectrometric Detection Probes

    Application; Fresh and spent nuclear fuel verification; Nuclear waste treatment facilities; Nuclear power plant monitoring; Field and industrial gamma-spectrometry; Application in difficult of access places; Portable instruments.

  • BSI - Model SXRD (LN2 cooled) - SiLi X-ray Detectors

    Applications; Detection of X-ray radiation in energy range from 1 keV to 60 keV.

  • VULCAN - Model CRX 1346 - Reinforcing Carbon Blacks

    A carbon black with high grip and extreme stiffness for ultra high performance (UHP) and racing tire treads. Our reinforcing carbon blacks are used in tire, treads and industrial rubber products that require high durability elastomer components. Our VULCAN carbon black product line is suitable for use in a range of tires, automotive components and

    By Cabot Corporation Office in Riga, LATVIA. from Carbon Blacks for Elastomer Reinforcement Product line

  • TURBO - Model 70, 100 kW - Self Cleaning Pellet Heating Boiler

    Even though new devices and technology make our everyday lives easier and more convenient, boiler houses often employ archaic and ineffective heating solutions, which increase the costs and maintenance needed. We believe this situation has to be changed. That’s why we’ve developed the GRANDEG TURBO series, which employ the latest ...

    By GRANDEG based in Riga, LATVIA. from Commercial Spaces Pellet Heating Boiler Product line

  • AURA-PURE - Model OC - Anionic Surfactants

    Ecological detergent concentrate intended for cleaning of greasy and oily surfaces: painted and enamel surfaces, floors, walls, black metal, stainless steel surfaces, parking places, as well as asphalt and concrete surfaces for cleaning of industrial oils. Good cleaning and gently wash objects and surfaces. It provides gentle but powerful ...

    By AURAVIA Ltd based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • Teliko - Model C-NODE - Lamp Monitoring and Control Device

    C-NODE is a lamp monitoring and control device that is installed in pole or in lamp. This device allows controlling each individual lantern by switching it on/off or changing the light intensity. C-NODE can detect lamp burnout or dead condenser.

    By Teliko LTD based in Riga, LATVIA. from Intelligent Street Lighting Product line

  • Model ENA Series - Oil Separators

    Since the very beginning of operation SIA “EkoStandarts tehnoloģijas”, besides wastewater treatment equipment, produces and improves oil separators. The latest product that has gained great recognition in export markets is the ENA series oil separator. Depending on the degree of purification in the outflow water (5 mg/l or 0.5 ...

    By Ekostandarts Tehnologijas based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • HORIBA - Model APNA-370 - Ambient NOx Monitor

    The APNA-370 continuously monitors atmospheric NOX, NO2, and NO concentrations using a cross-flow modulated semi decompression chemiluminescence method. The APNA-370 employs an independent, internal dry-method sampling device to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. The dry method, due to its minimal maintenance requirements and ...

  • TOFMS - Plasma Profiling Systems

    Ultra-Fast, Sensitive and High Resolution Depth Profiling technique. The new Plasma Profiling TOFMS addresses the needs of materials scientists across a wide range of application areas. PP-TOFMS provides fast elemental depth distribution of almost any material. The speed and ease of use of PP-TOFMS aims at reducing the optimization time of growth ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in LATVIA. from Scientific Product line

  • HORIBA - Model EFiS UV EMCCD - Low Light Imaging Cameras

    The EFIS UV EMCCD is a scientific frame transfer EMCCD camera. The 1004x1002 sensor size enables optimum data resolution while the frame transfer technology adds the benefit of not requiring shuttering of the incident light. The EFIS UV EMCCD camera combines high sensitivity, speed and high resolution. It uses a peltier cooled Texas Instruments' 1 ...

    By HORIBA Europe GmbH Office in LATVIA. from Scientific Product line

  • Model Z2P150H - Roll-To-Roll Coater

    The Z2P150H roll-to-roll coater is intended for producing uniform single and double-sided coatings on polymer films and metal foils by thermal evaporation. Our expertise and installed facilities, such as pilot Li coater, dry room, Li-coated webs slitter and Ar filled packaging glove box, enable us to perform a variety of tasks, ranging from ...

    By Sidrabe, Inc. based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • Model UOP600 - Roll-To-Roll Vacuum Machine

    The UOP600 roll-to-roll vacuum machine for irradiation of polymer films creates nuclear microporous filters for separating micro particles according to their size, ultra-thin cleaning of fluids and gases, liquid sterilization etc.

    By Sidrabe, Inc. based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • Model SAF25/50 - Cluster Tool

    The SAF25/50 multifunctional R&D cluster tool is intended for research and development works as well as for feasibility studies and more general academic work in the field of thin film technologies.

    By Sidrabe, Inc. based in Riga, LATVIA.

  • Glass Fused to Steel Tanks

    Glass fused to steel tanks are the unique technology, these materials are melted together at +815°C high temperature, resulting an amazing physical and chemical resistance. The main benefits are: Industrial quality control ensure durable, long-lasting coating that fulfills its functions even in the most extreme conditions, without the need for ...

    By MB Holding Ltd based in Riga, LATVIA.

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