Energy and Renewables Equipment in Saudi Arabia

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    Presona - Model LP Series - Prepress Technology Balers

    The Presona pre-press technology baler is probably the most energy efficient baler on the market… When looking for a correct capacity baler, the most interesting comparison is the throughput capacity set in relation to the motorization of the baler. The figure to compare is the real volume capacity – the theoretical ...

    By Presona AB Office in Kalmar, SAUDI ARABIA.

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    Proline Prosonic - Model B 200 - Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

    The device for accurate, reliable biogas measurement with loop-powered technology. Prosonic Flow B 200 is the specialist for accurate and reliable measurement of wet biogas and digester gas,even under fluctuating process conditions. With its unique integrated real-time methane fraction analysis, Prosonic Flow B 200 enables continuous measurement ...

    By Endress Hauser Office in Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA. from Level Measurement M Product line

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    Myron L - Model CTCII™ - Conductivity/TDS Chemical Treatment Controller / Cooling Tower Controller

    The unique circuitry of the CTCII Chemical. Treatment Controller guarantees accurate and reliable measurements. Drift free performance is assured by “field proven” electronics, including automatic DC offset compensation and highly accurate drive voltage.

  • Radiant Cooler

    AAF is the pioneer in the wide application of radiant-convective, self-cleaning and low energy consuming loop coolers. The cooler is designed with dropout hoppers and conveyors to remove large particles carried over from the process.

    By AAF International Ltd. Office in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA. from Air Pollution Control System Product line

  • Power Monitoring Systems

    Power Monitoring System (PMS) is a complete information management solutions for network involving Digital Meters, Software and Communication Links. In short it is a Data Acquisition, Monitoring, Analysis and Control System for your substations and plants.

    By DAR Al Riyadh Holding based in AL-KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Energy Systems

    Masdar Cooling Systems cater to all cooling requirements to cool to as low as -40 degrees celsius. The range and volume are no constraints. Masdar provides this from a range of products including. Masdar will add on the state of the art Power Monitoring Systems, Power Quality Improvement Systems and Controls to ensure effective savings and ...

    By DAR Al Riyadh Holding based in AL-KHOBAR, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Solar Street Lighting - Model EnviroTech - Solar PV Street Lighting Systems

    Solar Street Lighting,The new Solar Street Lighting Systems available are state of the art and come with new and creative designs whilst maintaining the highest standards in manufacturing:-Robust,Solar PV Tube Warranties,Electronic Management Warranties,Battery Manufacturers Warranties,Solar PV Modules is vertically integrated within the ...

    By EnviroTech Limited Office in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • GLSF FREE - Model JET - Round Flame Gas

    The picture (right) shows Zeeco’s GLSF Free-Jet round flame burners in operation. The design uses the Free-Jet method of mixing the fuel gas ejected from the gas tips with the surrounding inert products of combustion which dramatically lowers thermal NOx production. In addition to great NOx reduction performance, the design offers a great ...

    By Zeeco, Inc. Office in Al Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA. from Next Generation Ultra-Low NOx Product line

  • Tedlar Bags

    Tedlar Bags are unlike other sample bag materials, Tedlar film resists gas permeation- both into and out of the bag, assuring sample integrity for all applications. Tedlar is rated for continuous use from -98 to 225 deg F. This wide range of operation of Tedlar Bags allows for use in very cold or very hot environments including stacks, vents, and ...

    By Clean Air Engineering, Inc. Office in Jubail, SAUDI ARABIA. from Gas Analysis Equipment Product line

  • SPECTRO - Model iSORT - Hand-held Spectrometer

    The new SPECTRO iSORT is a battery-powered, hand-held spectrometer for on-site identification and analysis of all common metal alloys. It uses an efficient arc excitation and requires neither argon nor a radioactive source.

    By SPECTRO Analytical Instruments - AMETEK, Inc Office in Jubail Industrial City, SAUDI ARABIA. from Portable and Mobile On-site Metal Analyzers Product line

  • Ultraviolet Systems for Domestic

    Ultraviolet Systems (UV) are used for disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection method is a quick and effective method to kill the microorganisms without using heat or any chemicals. UV lamps produce certain wavelength rays in order to distruct the DNA of bacteria, virus, fingus, mold spores and other microorganisms. Water which will be disinfected ...

    By Aquamatch Turkey Office in Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA. from Domestic Product line

  • Solidwaste Treatment /Sludge Treatment Plant

    Intensive sludge digestion technology for the production of usable material from sewage sludge. This consists of stabilizing the sludge in the digestion tanks anaerobically and converting the organic mass into biogas, gas and water. Sludge digestion provides a large number of technical benefits to include volume reduction and improved dewatering ...

    By AquaTreat Office in Abu Dhabi, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Model 3 - Flue Gas Analyzer

    Clean Air Express gas Analyzer rapidly analyzes gas mixtures, specifically to determine carbon dioxide, oxygen and carbon monoxide.

    By Clean Air Engineering, Inc. Office in Jubail, SAUDI ARABIA. from Gas Analysis Equipment Product line

  • Anaerobic Biological Treatment Systems

    Anaerobic treatment systems is based on a biological process operated and controlled under anaerobic conditions (no aeration) that effectively treats COD, BOD and VSS into very little new biomass and biogas (and energy product). Nijhuis anaerobic treatment experts have vast experience and know-how to properly select, design, build and operate ...

    By Nijhuis Industries Office in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Fines - Model ISS - Sensor Sorting System

    For your fines metals products!The STEINERT FINES ISS with ARGOS C technology has been developed in close cooperation with customers to meet the demands of a market which is showing increasing demand for fines metal products below the size of 10 mm.

    By Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH Office in Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA. from Sensor Sorting Product line

  • Filtration Systems for Energy

    Filtration Systems are used to remove physical impurities such as sediment turbidity, suspended solids, colour, odour and smell. Filters remove particules/sediments with various sizes and density by holding them with different media layers inside the tank. Filters are backwashed automatically in order to remove these particules/sediments from the ...

    By Aquamatch Turkey Office in Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA. from Energy Product line

  • BioShaft - Model MAAD - Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digestor

    The proprietary Modular Anoxic Aerobic Digester (MAAD) process by BioShaft integrates an anaerobic digestion tank with the T-MBBR System. The raw pre-screened wastewater undergoes partial treatment through the anaerobic tank before it’s treated through the T-MBBR System. Depending on the application, most or all of the sludge effluent from ...

    By BioShaft Water Technology Office in Jeddah, SAUDI ARABIA.

  • Model WG-Welepipe BG - Two Pack Thick-Layer Polyurethane Coating Without Solvent

    WG-Welepipe BG is a two-pack thick-layer polyurethane coat not containing solvent, which is intended for application using a brush or a putty knife, and ensures durable and maintenance-free protection of concrete and metal surfaces. Therefore, it can be applied as a single layer on the dry film of 0.5 to 1.0 mm thick. WG-Welepipe BG combines ...

    By Welesgard Office in SAUDI ARABIA. from Polyurethane Pipe Coatings Product line

  • Bernoulli Filter

    Sea Water, Brackish Water and River Water Coarse Filtration. Ultrafiltration System Inklet. Cooling Tower Lines.

    By Aquamatch Turkey Office in Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA. from Sea Water Product line

  • Model MES - High Pressure Multistage Ring-Section Pumps

    In particular MES series pumps have been installed in several Power Plants abroad, where they are working since many years at full Clients' satisfaction, with extremely reduced maintenance. The experience acquired internationally and the requirements of this competitive and demanding market have been incorporated in these pumps to enhance and ...

    By Termomeccanica S.p.A. Office in Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA.

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