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Model TD-5100 ECA - Scrubber Wash Water Overboard Discharge Monitor

by Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, Inc.     Office in Kirkwood, MISSOURI (USA)

Marine Exhaust Gas Scrubbing systems for Heavy Fuel Oil burning ships are becoming main stream with various configurations including open loop, closed loop and hybrid systems. Oxides of Sulfur and Nitrogen along with particulates and unburned hydrocarbons are removed into the very high volumes of wash water sprayed into the exhaust scrubber ...

Agilent - Model 4200 - Microwave Plasma - Atomic Emission Spectrometer

by Agilent Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

Change is in the air - the Agilent 4200 MP-AES is the next generation of proven microwave plasma - atomic emission spectrometry. The safer, cost efficient Agilent 4200 MP-AES has higher sensitivity, detection limits down to sub ppb levels, speed that goes beyond flame Atomic Absorption, and no combustible gases. Perform unattended analysis on a ...

Vulcan - Hazardous Waste Incinerator

by Vulcan Systems     based in Moberly, MISSOURI (USA)

The Vulcan Hazardous Waste Incinerator is a 12′ diameter x 20′ long rotary drum incinerator with air pollution control system. The unit consists of ram feed system, refractory lined rotary drum capable of operating at up to 2,600 F, refractory lined discharge bridging and solid material discharge, North American 20 MMBtu burner, ...

Model HP Series - Horizontal Balers

by Harris Waste Management Group, Inc.     Distributor in Moberly, MISSOURI (USA)

The HP Series horizontal baler is designed from the bottom up for high performance, strength and durability. It is a high-end horizontal baler able to handle the toughest OCC, ONP, paper, and solid waste.

Model GSS HR - Grid Energy Storage System

by NEC Energy Solutions     Office in Chesterfield, MISSOURI (USA)

NEC Energy’s GSS HR is a member of a family of products recognized as the industry’s most successful advanced grid energy storage solution. The HR (High Rate) delivers instant and accurate power for 15+ minutes. This high power capability combined with the the technology’s superior cycle life make the GSS® HR ideal for grid ...

Burn Combustion Control System

by Martin Energy Group Services LLC     based in Latham, MISSOURI (USA)

Our Lean Burn combustion control system (fitted on all our engines) guarantees the correct air/fuel ratio under all operating conditions in order to minimize exhaust gas emissions while maintaining stable operation. In combination with our AFR ( air/fuel ratio) system, Lean Burn has the capability to balance out fluctuations in calorific fuel ...

Utility & Foundation Drilling Equipment

by Harleman Manufacturing, LLC     based in El Dorado Springs, MISSOURI (USA)

No job is too big for a Harleman Auger. Harleman Manufacturing builds all types of Rock Augers, Dirt Augers, and T-Post Drills for Solid Rock as well as Core Drills to custom fit any application. With custom sizes ranging to 120' there is a Harleman unit that is right for your job. Quality materials, expert craftsmanship and years of ...

Model PGC 4000v2 - Power Generation Controller

by Thomson Power System- Marathon     Office in St. Louis, MISSOURI (USA)

The PGC 4000v2 is an intelligent, integrated Power Generation Controller operating with our Series 2400 Paralleling Switchgear.

BioEthanol - Analyzer System for Renewable Biofuels

by Shimadzu Scientific Instruments Inc     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

National and international concerns about air quality, coupled with an uncertainty regarding the supply of oil, have led to an increased interest in the promotion and use of non-petroleum fuel sources. Sources for biofuel include corn, sugar, various cellulosic sources (i.e., switch grass), and algae. This area of research is very dynamic with ...

SEMCO - Model FV Series - Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

by SEMCO LLC     based in Columbia, MISSOURI (USA)

The function of an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is to continuously provide the code required quantity of outdoor air during occupancy, with uncompromised quality and in an energy efficient manner. 

Model 47586-U - JP-5 - Military Fuel Standard

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     Office in St. Louis,, MISSOURI (USA)

JP-5 Military Fuel Standard 10,000 μg/mL in methylene chloride, analytical standard.

Model 47585-U - JP-4 - Military Fuel Standard

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     Office in St. Louis,, MISSOURI (USA)

JP-4 Military Fuel Standard 10,000 µg/mL in methylene chloride, analytical standard.

Model 47587-U - JP-8 - Military Fuel Standard

by Sigma-Aldrich Co., LLC     Office in St. Louis,, MISSOURI (USA)

JP-8 Military Fuel Standard 10,000 µg/mL in methylene chloride, analytical standard.

Minotaur - Model OC - High Capacity Activated Carbon For Odor Control

by Calgon Carbon Corporation     Distributor in MISSOURI (USA)

MINOTAUR OC is a patented high capacity pelletized activated carbon that has been developed specifically for odor removal from sewage treatment operations. This product provides very high adsorption capacity for H2S and adsorbs volatile organic compounds (VOCs) far more effectively than other high H2S capacity media. MINOTAUR OC is a single cycle ...

Soil-Therm - Model Compact-THERM - Gas-Fired Thermal Oxidizer Systems

by Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.     Office in MISSOURI (USA)

This is the oxidizer that started the revolution in powerful performance in compact sizes. Only 6 ft by 6 ft, with capacities to 700 cfm, powerful SVE or DPE blowers available, and the latest technologies come together in this big little powerhouse. Standard features include heavy duty skid with lifting rings and forklift slots, Roots 59 blower ...

altair - Model PRO - Cartridge Filters

by Clarcor Industrial Air     based in Overland Park, KANSAS (USA)

For mechanical drive and generator applications in the Oil & Gas sector, unexpected outages and routine maintenance cycles are an expensive prospect. Filter efficiency classification is an important factor, but not the only one. The altair PRO cartridge filter is designed to protect against wet and dry fine and corrosive contaminants, and ...

Soil-Therm - Model Mini-THERM - Gas-Fired Thermal Oxidizer Systems

by Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.     Office in MISSOURI (USA)

The Mini-THERM can process flows up to 450 scfm on a 5 ft by 5 ft skid. We build quality into every system. The burner, water knockout, and piping are constructed entirely with high grade stainless steel for long life. The Mini-THERM is a super powerful system with quality standard features such as touchscreen operator panel, Jet-THERM burner, ...

SHP-PRO - Fire Detection and Fire Protection System

by Fike     based in Blue Springs, MISSOURI (USA)

SHP-PRO is THE reliable, conventional fire suppression system for smaller applications. Unmatched in the industry for sheer versatility and ease of installation, this single-hazard control system boasts incredible power and can be easily configured for use within a wide range of industries and fire suppression applications: High value asset ...

PhotoX - Model 5800 Series - NIR Absorbance for Filter Based Photometric Transmitter

by Custom Sensors & Technology     based in Fenton, MISSOURI (USA)

The NIR PhotoX 5800 is a filter based photometric transmitter with both a measure and a reference detector used for NIR applications in the range of 700 nm up to 2000 nm. Either an LED or tungsten halogen lamp driver is used as the light source. Fiber optic cables are used to connect the light source and the sample interface accessory to the ...

Bio-Gas CHP Systems

by Martin Energy Group Services LLC     based in Latham, MISSOURI (USA)

Martin Energy Group offers a wide variety of engines specifically designed to operate on different types of bio-gas fuels. These gas engines are coupled to a generator and produce electricity at maximum efficiencies. High efficiency production of electricity enables the end user to maximize the electrical output from the bio-gas and optimize the ...

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