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Renewable Energy Equipment

  • Cyclone Incorporates

    Cyclone incorporates several new features designed to reduce the time overheads associated with stencil cleaning. Cyclone also features a new lift-off paper cassette, which allows spent paper rolls to be replenished quickly.

    By DEK Solar based in Weymouth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Alternative Energy Product line

  • Solarsaver - Photovoltaics (PV) System

    Converts sunlight directly into electricity. The direct conversion of sunlight into electricity falls into three categories. RPV, Residential PV for the domestic sector (1-5kWp), typically a roof array. BIPV, Building integrated PV for the commercial and industrial sector (10-250kWp) which can be fully integrated into the external cladding system. ...

    By Solarsaver (The Energy and Environmental Management Group) based in Sleaford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Renewable Energy Systems Product line

  • Renewable & Hybrid Energy Systems

    Energy sources that are perpetual or self-renewing, guarantee a secure supply, thus minimizing dependency on outside energy suppliers. At the same time, use of renewable energy cuts emissions of carbon dioxide, thereby addressing environmental concerns.If you are planning to install renewable and hybrid energy systems to produce electricity, let ...

    By HyBrid Greenergies Consulting Ltd. based in Ajah, NIGERIA.

  • Thordon - Wicket Gate/ Linkage/ Operating Bearings

    Thordon wicket gate, operating mechanism and linkage bearings operate wet or dry and eliminate the cost, maintenance and pollution risk associated with greased bearings.

    By Thordon Bearings Inc. based in Burlington, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Clean Power Generation Product line

  • Gas Utilization Services

    Biogas is multi-purpose. Biogas not only enables the production of electricity and heat but can also be used as a fuel and be substitute for natural gas or to produce cooling energy. Biogas can be stored and therefore not only be used for base load energy production but also to cover peak load demand. Agrinz Technologies GmbH is your specialized ...

    By Agrinz Technologies GmbH based in Leibnitz, AUSTRIA. from Renewable Energies Product line

  • Model PCR Series - Photoelectric Controller

    The PCR Series Photo Control is a combination of precision electronic circuitry, electromechanical output, and unique molded plastic housing. The PCR was designed and built to meet the demands of the most rigorous requirement of tower and obstruction control. Each unit is factory calibrated to meet FAA and FCC specifications. The PCR Series is ...

    By UNIMAR, Inc. based in N. Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA). from Lighting Products for the Renewable Energy Industry Product line

  • GPS - Model FAA Type L-864 - Led Red Beacon with Monitoring

    The Unimar GPS controlled beacon, P/N: USL40X provides synchronized flashing of multiple units in wind farms and other applications. The Unimar GPS controlled beacon not only provides the synchronized flashing function but also the following alarm monitoring with LED status indicators: Beacon failure. Loss of GPS pulse signal. Photocell failure. ...

    By UNIMAR, Inc. based in N. Syracuse, NEW YORK (USA). from Lighting Products for the Renewable Energy Industry Product line

  • Marine Energy Infrastructure

    Products and Services. OPT has years of experience deploying wave energy devices and power cables in four countries on three continents, and our staff offers the most expertise in the marine energy industry. Our breadth of experience makes OPT's Marine Energy Infrastructure (MEI) team well-positioned to design and manage the balance of plant ...

    By Ocean Power Technologies, Inc based in Pennington, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Industrial Biogas Plants

    Biogas plants for the processing of organic waste from gastronomy, markets and the food industry differ from agricultural plants in complexity of the process technology and material requirements concerning protection from corrosion and impurities in the substrates.

    By FARMATIC - FFE Solutions GmbH based in Nortorf, GERMANY. from Biogas Plants Product line

  • Model PWM Type - Solar Hybrid systems (PCU)

    Solar Hybrid systems (PCU) are ideal in case of higher loads. The hybrid solar system feature a bank of solar photo voltaic modules tied to a bank of batteries with a controlling interface. The controlling interface is the critical component here.

    By Lento Industries Private Limited based in Noida, INDIA. from Renewable Energy Management Product line

  • Solarsaver - Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

    Direct heating of the air by the waste heat from power generators which can supply hot water and cooling for a variety of applications. This type of renewable energy system can replace several other necessary items such as standby generators, boilers, air handling units and control systems. Single unit power outputs range from 50kWe to 1.5MWe and ...

    By Solarsaver (The Energy and Environmental Management Group) based in Sleaford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Renewable Energy Systems Product line

  • Educational PV Kits

    Provide children with an understanding using bespoke stand alone 12v photo-voltaic battery charging systems. Field activity system can be assembled by us to provide a complete plug in facility, teaching students power managements, social sciences and structural concerns.

    By Dragons Breath Solar based in Pembroke Dock, UNITED KINGDOM. from Schools Renewable Energy Kits Product line

  • Xtreme Power - Model RAMP Series - Energy Storage Systems

    Whether you’re a Power Generator with renewable energy in your generation portfolio or a Commercial End User looking to get the most out of your onsite solar PV array, Xtreme Power’s RAMP Series™ energy storage systems are designed to help you increase the use of your sustainable energy resources by optimizing energy delivery, ...

    By Xtreme Power Inc based in Kyle, TEXAS (USA). from Power Generators Product line

  • TYFOROP - Model SPEZIAL Series - High-Performance Secondary Coolant Heat Pump Systems

    TYFO-SPEZIAL is a special, high-performance brine formulated for geothermal heat pumps located in water protection zones and areas subject to special government regulations. Due to its lack of glycols, it does not cause any underground biological oxygen depletion in the event of a leak.

    By TYFOROP Chemie GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Renewable Energy Product line

  • HydroC - Hydrocarbon and Methane Sensor (CH4)

    The CONTROS HydroC CH4 sensor is a unique underwater hydrocarbon and methane sensor for in-situ and online measurements of dissolved CH4.The versatile HydroC CH4 is especially suited for platform installations (e.g. ROVs or AUVs) and long-term deployments (e.g. buoys and moorings).

    By CONTROS Systems & Solutions GmbH based in Kiel, GERMANY.

  • QuickCable - Photo Voltaic (PV) Connectors

    Quality terminals and connectors for years of dependable service. Tin plated annealed copper for improved corrosion resistance, max conductivity, and crimp strength. Ridged PVC sleeves for improved abrasion resistance. Tyco and Amphenol connectors are also availableBulk pricing available.

    By Quick Cable Corporation based in Franksville, WISCONSIN (USA). from Renewable Energy Products Product line

  • Very Low Concentration System (VLC)

    The VLC (Very Low Concentration System) reduces the amount of photovoltaic modules needed for the same energy, and thus, producing a cost reduction if used with a low cost two-axis sun tracking system (TETRA-TRACK). The main advantage of the VLC system is that it uses commercial flat-plate PV module technology available in the market. The system ...

    By Dobons Technology S.L. based in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, SPAIN. from Renewable Energies Product line

  • Arbor ElectroGen - Advanced Gasification Biomass CHP System

    Arbor ElectroGen is a proven, Advanced Gasification, biomass-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) system that delivers cost-effective, low-carbon heat and power for a variety of applications. Now available in the UK and Ireland from LowC Communities Ltd, the Arbor ElectroGen range offers exceptional operational performance, with incredibly-low ...

    By LowC Communities Ltd based in Stamford, UNITED KINGDOM. from LowC Renewable Energy Generation Technologies Product line

  • Diesel Hybrids System

    Renewable technologies can be integrated with conventional generating systems to reduce diesel consumption. Rame Energy first pioneered this technology in 2007. We developed, built, and installed the world’s highest utility scale wind turbine to reduce diesel consumption for our client Barrick Gold. Renewable technology now delivers up to ...

    By Rame-Energy Plc based in Plymouth, UNITED KINGDOM. from Renewable Technologies Product line

  • SeaWater Air Conditioning

    Seawater Air Conditioning (SWAC) takes advantage of available deep cold water from the ocean, a river, or lake, to replace conventional AC systems. SWAC feasibility studies for a variety of sites indicate that electrical consumption is typically reduced by 80 to 90 percent. Simple payback can be from three to seven years, and long term costs can ...

    By Makai Ocean Engineering, Inc. based in Kailua, HAWAII (USA). from Renewable Energy Product line

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