Solar Energy Equipment available in Virgin Islands

  • Model SE Series - A.V.R. Stabilizers

    The SE electronic stabilizers are designed for continuous operation and guarantee maximum reliability and minimum maintenance, and have been offered in our production range for more than forty years. The SE stabilizers are products called ”electronic”, because both the control and the regulation system are purely electronic.

    By Layer Electronics s.r.l. based in Erice (TP), ITALY. from Solar Energy Product line

  • BELECTRIC - Model 3.0 MegaWattBlock - For Solar Power Plants

    BELECTRIC's 3.0 MegaWattBlock sets new standards in solar power production. The power plant unit is designed to create a solar power plant, that delivers power at the lowest possible levelized costs of electricity. On a par with the functionality of large conventional power plants, our grid-stabilizing power plant technology make

    By BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH based in Kolitzheim, GERMANY. from Solar Power Plants Product line

  • Model GS-SPG-1.5KW - On-Grid Solar Power System

    On-grid solar power system is made up of solar panel, on-grid inverter and wires. It converts the sunshine to electricity that feeds the grid. Compared with off-grid solar power system, it excludes batteries. On-grid solar power system is the direction for solar generator and the most attractive energy utilization technology in the 21st ...

    By Greensky Power Company Limited based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Solar Power System Product line

  • Kyocera - Model F Series - Multicrystal Photovoltaic KD Modules

    Kyocera multicrystal photovoltaic KD Modules utilize a larger,more powerful, high efficiency 156mm x 156mm solar cell and produce higher output per module.Quality locking MC4 plug-in connectors to provide safe and quick connections. UV stabilized, heavy duty, and aesthetically pleasing black anodized aluminum frame .Easily accessible grounding ...

    By Kyocera Solar, Inc. based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Solar Panels Products Product line

  • Molten Salt Energy Storage

    A key feature to SolarReserve’s technology is the fully integrated molten salt thermal storage system. Environmentally friendly molten salt is the working fluid that both captures the sun’s energy and stores it until electricity is needed—day and night. Together with the SolarReserve technology design, the use of molten salt ...

    By SolarReserve based in Santa Monica, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SB3 - solar submersible pump

    The SB3 is a Mono designed and manufactured easy to install solar submersible pump ideally suited for small 3 inch + bores. Incorporating a reliable, efficient Mono helical rotor pump coupled to a robust submersible motor, the SB3 is an ideal windmill or hand pump replacement unit in areas where small shallow bores typically used for watering ...

    By NOV Mono - Mono Pumps Ltd based in Audenshaw, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Products Product line

  • StorageDryer - Sewage Sludge Drying Small Plants

    The StorageDryer™ combines the fully automatic drying and the storage of sludge in one plant. The fully automatic, year-round loading and the necessity to unload the plant only once a year offer maximum operating reliability for minimum work effort.  The StorageDryer™ - a clever solution for plants between 1 000 and 30 000 ...

    By Thermo-System Industrie- & Trocknungstechnik GmbH based in Filderstadt - Bernhausen, GERMANY. from Solar Drying of Sewage Sludge Small Plants Product line

  • BIPV-Building Integrated Photovoltaics

    Building integrated photovoltaics have to satisfy two principal needs: the production of renewable energy and the fulfilment of an architectural function. In brief, they have to serve the needs of man and those of the environment in which he lives. Architectural creativity and design must be expressed in harmony with functionality, ecology and ...

    By FAR Systems S.p.A. based in Rovereto, ITALY. from Photovoltaic Product line

  • Solar Inverter

    All the solar-inverters we offer have high flexibility due to the presence of multiple MPPT able to simultaneously managing of multiple strings photovoltaic modules.They also include integrated devices able to monitor your system directly on your home laptop or more comfortably on your smart-phone with the new application systems for Android and ...

    By E- Novasolar based in Cesena (FC), ITALY. from Solar Energy Product line

  • e-Mag - Solar Pump

    The sun powers the Thermo Dynamics Solar Pump™ - no batteries, no high-voltage electricity, no engine consuming gasoline or diesel fuel - only harmless, low-voltage, solar-generated electricity, eternally available and pollution free. The Solar Pump™ system consists of a rotary vane pump driven by a photovoltaic (PV) powered DC motor ...

    By Thermo Dynamics Ltd (TDL) based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Solar Pumps Product line

  • Premium

    Delta-T - Model ES2-05 - Solar Energy Flux Sensor

    Delta-T - Model ES2-05 - Solar Energy Flux Sensor (5m cable).

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd. based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Meteorology and Solar - Other Sensors Product line

  • Premium

    RainWise - Solar Radiation Pyranometer

    The RainWise Pyranometer is designed for measurements in solar, agricultural, meteorological and hydrological studies. The sensor features a PIN silicon photo diode mounted in a fully cosine corrected miniature head.

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Industrial Sensors: Solar Radiation Sensors Product line

  • Model 101 - Heliostats

    The heliostat is the basic building block of the Solar Collector System (SCS).

    By eSolar based in Burbank, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Heliostats Product line

  • Lento - Solar Home Lighting Systems

    Lento offers energy efficient high lumen output LED based solar home lighting systems to keep your home lighted up in the event of power failure. These home lighting systems can be used in urban as well as rural areas. In urban areas home lighting systems help you save power by providing at least 3 to 4 hours of solar powered lighting each day. In ...

    By Lento Industries Private Limited based in Noida, INDIA. from Renewable Energy Management Product line

  • Compact Solar Electricity Power

    PV – Photovoltaic – is the most effective way of generating electricity from the sun. With a PV-solution from SONNENKRAFT you are ensured a low maintenance installation and the option of rebate from your normal power supplier.

    By Sonnenkraft UK Ltd based in Colchester, UNITED KINGDOM. from Solar Electricity Product line

  • Enersol - Model ST 100 - Solar Tracker

    At Enersol, we continue to research, evolve and implement projects of the highest quality. One good example of this is our solar tracker for roofs: the now famous Enersol ST 1000, a technological product created by our Engineering Department and capable of increasing production by 25% in comparison with conventional fixed structures. This step ...

    By Enersol Nuevas Energías SL based in ONIL (Alicante), SPAIN. from Solar Trackers Product line

  • Asian - Solar Modules

    Asian solar modules supplied by Bornay are made of monocrystalline solar cells in series with high efficiency, high transmission rate and low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVA, flame resistant back sheet and anodized aluminum alloy. Modules are built to high quality standards offering a long service life, are easy to install and demonstrate high ...

    By Bornay Aerogeneradores, slu based in Castalla (Alicante), SPAIN. from Solar Modules Product line

  • Premium

    RainWise - Model PAR - Solar Radiation Sensor-Quantum

    The RainWise Quantum Solar Sensor is designed for measurements in solar, agricultural, meteorological, ecological and other environmental fields. It measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR). Accurate measurements in the range of 400 to 700 nm are obtained under natural and artificial light conditions.

    By RainWise Inc. based in Trenton, MAINE (USA). from Industrial Sensors: Solar Radiation Sensors Product line

  • Portable Solar Power System

    Portable Solar Power System is composed of solar panel, solar battery, solar controller and lamp. It is also akin to solar charger that can charge such electronic devices as cell phone, laptop, TV, CD player. As it is easy to carry and use, portable solar power system is widely used in camping, barbecue, disaster rescue, and developing countries.

    By Greensky Power Company Limited based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Solar Power System Product line

  • Enviro - Model 205, 209, 210 & 211 - With Solar Power Hook-up

    The Enviro 210 RPD Series circulator is a four legged, four pontoon, electrically powered machine that can easily be hooked up to an on-shore solar powered panel system. Stay tuned for design specs on our all new circulator.

    By Dagaz Environmental Inc. based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA). from Solar Powered Models Product line

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