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solar collector Equipment available in Hungary

  • Apollon - Solar Collector

    The Apollon collector with one piece external seamless trough and copper water frame is the ideal choice that combines reliability with efficiency. The selective absorber - made of selective aluminium sheet with a special titan coating formed in vacuum - achieves high levels of absorbency 95% (±2%) and at the same time low radiation 5% ...

    By Nobel International EAD based in Sofia Region, BULGARIA. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model KPR11+ - Solar Collector

    Flat plate collector for portrait installation, 123x203 cm, aperture area 2.31 sqm, aluminum case, solar prismatic glass, harp type full plate absorber with Mirotherm selective surface on aluminum sheet laser welded to copper pipes. Solar Keymark certified.

    By REGULUS spol. s r.o. based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flat Plate Solar Collectors Product line

  • Solarceo - Model On Cu - Solar Collectors

    Solarceo on Cu is the selective coating produced on copper by Arceo.

    By Arceo based in Ivoz-Ramet (Liège), BELGIUM. from Product Range for Solar Collectors Product line

  • Chromagen - Solar Collectors

    Solar collectors are assembled using selected materials and advanced techniques, which result in highly efficient, durable products you can rely on for years.The products are environmentally friendly, remarkably versatile and offer high performance even in extreme environments. The wide range of solar collectors provide cost- effective solutions ...

    By Grup Romet based in Buzau, ROMANIA. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model EURO L20 AR - Solar Collectors

    Our EURO L20 AR is a flat plate collector fitted with sunarc® anti-reflection glass. It delivers up to 10% more energy than collectors with conventional solar glass.

    By Wagner Solar GmbH based in COELBE, GERMANY. from Heat- Solar Heating Systems- Solar Collectors Product line

  • Absolicon - Model X10 PVT - Solar Collectors

    Electricity and heating in the same solar energy system.The PVT model produces thermal heat up to 75°C and solar electrical power, 230 V.  The installation produces a high rate of energy efficiency and options for upgrading with new technology.Our solar concentrator technology is based on over 20 years of Swedish research. By focusing the ...

    By Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB based in Härnösand, SWEDEN.

  • Manifold Heater - Solar Collectors

    solar collector is water heated by the use of solar energy. Solar heating systems are generally composed of solar thermal collectors, a fluid system to move the heat from the collector to its point of usage. The Integrated solar water heater may use electricity for pumping the fluid, and have a reservoir or tank for heat storage and subsequent ...

    By NP Solar Ltd based in Shunyi Distrcit, CHINA.

  • Absolicon - Model MT10 - Solar Collectors

    Steam and process heat for industry.Efficient solar collector with a high degree of efficiency at high temperatures. The system is designed to run industrial processes.Absolicon MT10 generates solar heat and solar steam up to 160°C. The heat can also be used for solar cooling. Absolicon’s solar concentrator technology is based on over 20 ...

    By Absolicon Solar Concentrator AB based in Härnösand, SWEDEN.

  • SolTech Flex - Solar Collector

    Solar capturing device that produces maintenance heat and ventilation. A solar capturing device that both provides heating and improves ventilation, eliminating unconditioned or damp air. SolTech Flex is a system solution that has been specially developed for use in summer cottages, garages and similar. The capturer is simply fitted on the outer ...

    By SolTech Energy Sweden AB (publ.) based in Tullinge, SWEDEN.

  • Model KPI1 - Solar Collector

    Flat plate solar collector for in-roof installation, 122.5×206.1×10.7 cm, aperture area 2.32 sqm, wooden frame, solar glass, double-harp aluminum absorber with highly selective TiNOx surface, laser welded to copper risers, 2 upper connections Cu22, fluid volume 1.7 l.

    By REGULUS spol. s r.o. based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flat Plate Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model KPC1+ - Solar Collector

    Flat plate solar collector, 203x103 cm, aperture area 1.92 sqm, for portrait installation, aluminum case, solar prismatic glass, harp type aluminum absorber with highly selective Alanod Mirosol surface, laser welded to copper risers, 4x Cu22 connection points, fluid volume 1.37 l.

    By REGULUS spol. s r.o. based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Flat Plate Solar Collectors Product line

  • SOLARFOCUS - Model CPC - Solar Collector

    Take advantage of sunlight with a SOLARFOCUS CPC solar panel collector. Transform the sun’s rays into free heat for your premises to reduce your energy costs and impact on the environment. Our solar CPC collectors can be used all year round and are especially effective in the spring and autumn, when the sun’s rays fall at a low angle.

    By SOLARFOCUS GmbH based in St.Ulrich/Steyr, AUSTRIA. from Solar Energy Systems Product line

  • Model SMG - Solar Collector

    Diffuse solar radiation can be efficiently absorbed even in cloudy days.Virtually unaffected by wind and environment temperature.Gather energy from the available light rather than outside heat.Hot water can be provided even in cold winter.High performance, even in adverse weather conditions due to vacuum insulation.The heat-pipe technology ensures ...

    By Jiangsu Micoe Solar Energy Co.,Ltd based in Lianyungang City, CHINA.

  • Model PV-T Hybrid - Solar Collectors

    Photovoltaics (PV) are semi-conductors and operate in a paradox – they need sunlight to generate electricity but suffer a degradation in performance as they get hotter. Standard PV Panels typically only convert 10-15% of solar radiation into electricity and the rest is dissipated as waste heat. PV-T stands for Photovoltaic-Thermal and ...

    By Solimpeks Enerji A.Ş. based in Karatay, TURKEY. from Other Products Product line

  • Model OEM - Solar Collectors

    Besides the solar collectors of the FKA series and the collector FINO the company STI develops and manufactures solar collectors according to specific customer requirements. From A to Z the company STI GmbH supports the project – from development to series production.

    By STI Solar-Technologie-International GmbH based in Meerane, GERMANY.

  • Model FA - Large Solar Collector

    The ‘large‘ FA is suited to on-roof and freestanding installation on pitched and flat roofs or on the ground. It is manufactured and supplied as a single-piece large-area collector in sizes ranging from 3 to 18 m2 and has a forward and a return flow connection.

    By TiSUN GmbH based in Söll, AUSTRIA. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model FI - Large Solar Collector

    Don‘t you want to use your rooftop for something more than just insulation and protection from the rain? The TiSUN in-roof collector not only insulates your roof but also provides you with additional solar energy. It can be used for all roofs with standard sizes ranging from 4 to 18 m2. However, it can also be manufactured in custom sizes or ...

    By TiSUN GmbH based in Söll, AUSTRIA. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • TiSUN - Model PFM - Module Solar Collector

    The Plug & Flow module collector (= PFM): The next generation. Flexible to install and use, the PFM is the ultimate benchmark, thanks to the new TiSUN collector mounting concept, based on the proven frame construction, and its aesthetic appeal. The collector is distinguished by its state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and optimised ...

    By TiSUN GmbH based in Söll, AUSTRIA. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model OP-V2 - Flat Solar Collectors

    Flat solar collector OP-V2 with high efficiency, for vertical or horizontal assem­bly. Hydraulic circuit in copper grid, with high selective copper plate absorber. The collector was designed for large installations. Due to its high yield, this collector is ideal for applications with large consumption of hot water directly or for those ...

    By Openplus Ltd based in Estarreja, PORTUGAL. from Solar Collectors Product line

  • Model JHC-5818 - Heat Pipe Solar Collector

    Metal Heat Pipe Solar Collector consists of a vacuum tube, a heat pipe, a metal heat absorption wing and the connecting manifold. The metal heat absorption wing with selective absorption coating converts solar energy into heat energy and transfers it medium liquid inside. The vacuum between the two glass tubes works as insulation. The liquid in ...

    By Jiaxing Jinyi Solar Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. based in Jiaxing City, CHINA. from Solar Collectors Product line

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