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Solar Industrial Hot Water Generator

by SLT Energy Ltd     based in Gandhinagar, INDIA

Water is pumped to the header which then distributes water to the series of troughs installed. The mechanism of parabolic troughs heats up the water to the significantly higher temperature. The water with high temperature enters in to Vapour Absorption System (VAS). Here it exchanges the heat and the water temperature decreases by 10° which ...

Solar Industrial Thermic Fluid Heater

by SLT Energy Ltd     based in Gandhinagar, INDIA

Thermal oil heaters are a real good and innovative solution for heat production in those industrial processes where high process temperatures are required. In this system, oil or other thermic fluid is pumped in to the series of parabolic solar troughs where the oil is heated up to certain level. This fluid with high temperature moves to the heat ...

Climatronics - Model MIDDS-T, TACMET II - Complete Portable Weather Station

by Climatronics Corporation     Distributor in ISRAEL

The P/N 102449, MIDDS-T TACMET II system, is a complete portable weather station featuring Climatronics unique no moving parts Sonimometer wind sensor. The system measures wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure, and requires very little power (50mA @12 Vdc) for operation. The system comes complete ...

Thin-Film Solar Modules

by Manz AG     Office in Taoyuan County, TAIWAN

The comprehensive product portfolio for manufacturing thin-film solar modules from Manz sets international standards for increased efficiency while lowering production costs. In contrast to crystalline solar technology, in thin-film solar technology the semiconductor is deposited on a glass substrate. This technology is named for the fact that the ...

Crystalline Solar Cells

by Manz AG     Office in Taoyuan County, TAIWAN

Sunlight is converted into electrical energy in solar cells, the core component of photovoltaic systems. Manufacturing these systems involves a wide range of production steps — from silicon extraction to module production. To manufacture these crystalline solar cells, Manz AG concentrates on the third step in the value creation chain: The ...


by Intego     Office in Singapore, SINGAPORE

Microcrack detection is an important tool for wafer, cell and module production. With the new ANTARES system, a reliable tool for automatic detection of cracks in single wafers and cells is available. A similar technology, working on stacks of wafers and cells, has been shown at the Photovoltaic Technology Show in April this year. The quality of ...

Intevac ENERGi - Ion Implant System

by Intevac, Inc.     Office in Shenzhen, CHINA

Intevac ENERGi is an innovative ion implant system specifically designed to meet the cost, efficiency and productivity requirements of solar cell manufacturing. ENERGi, a continuous flux ion source system, offers manufacturers the most cost-effective, production-proven system.

PTL Solar - Model BIPV - Building Integrated Photovoltaics

by PTL Solar, LLC     based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Roof mounted or architecturally integrated solar power systems providing zero-carbon energy and a highly visible investment into sustainability are called BIPV. Building integrated photovoltaics are new ways to improve building performance with attractive design. While standard PV solutions are often used in residential, solar-farm applications ...

Perlight Solar - Model Mono Series - Monocrystalline Solar Panels

by Perlight Solar Co., Ltd.     based in Wenling City, CHINA

Perlight Solar modules are some of the highest efficiency and best looking modules on the market today. Our monocrystalline panels boast module efficiencies of 15-16%. Our 250w & 260w panels are shaming the 230w panels that were so popular just a few short years ago with 10% greater energy density in the same form factor.

Trina Solar - Model PD14 - 72-cell Utility Module

by Trina Solar Limited (TSL)     based in Changzhou, CHINA

PD14 is a 72-cell, high output module designed for ground-mount installations. The module is dual rated 1000V IEC and UL, which enables longer strings, lower BOS, and greater inventory flexibility.

Trina Solar - C&I and Island Micro-grid

by Trina Solar Limited (TSL)     based in Changzhou, CHINA

Trina’s energy storage solution enables electricity bill savings to commercial and industrial customers through an integrated solution of advanced energy storage and cloud-based database, with no change to your business operations. Our micro-grid energy storage solution can provide reliable electricity to remote areas such as islands. - See ...

Solar Panel - Silicon Solar Panel Module

by Shengtai Solar Energy Science and Technology Co.,     based in Zibo, CHINA

Our products include power output of standard 5W to 360W solar panels and customized solar panels. There are both mono-crystalline products and poly-crystal products.We provide green, clean, sustainable solar energy by High-quality PV panels to on-grid and off-grind residential, commercial, industrial and large-scale public facilities around the ...

Plexus Solar - Solar Photovoltaic Modules

by Plexus Solar India Pvt. Ltd     based in Bhavdhan (B. K), INDIA

Plexus Solar offers a wide range of Photovoltaic modules suitable for a variety of applications. These modules are suitable for 12V / 24V battery charging and by connecting these modules in series / parallel combinations, power generation to suit the specific application can be achieved. Photovoltaic modules are finding increased use in the ...

Industrial Solar Drying Systems

by Arjun Energy Corporation     based in Salem, INDIA

For this range of solar drying systems, we use UV Stabilised Transparent PE Sheets, which is used as the Top of the Chambers, where the Copra, Chilly, Spices, and agricultural commodities are dried. The temperature maintained inside the chamber is 20 degree more than the normal outside Temperature. By using these systems we can reduce the drying ...

Sun Solar Techno - Solar Street Lighting System

by Sun Solar Techno Limited.     based in Mumbai, INDIA

This system is designed for outdoor application. This system is an ideal application for Village Street Lighting, City Roads, Highways, Residential Campuses, Industrial & Warehousing Complexes, Township Campuses and even satisfies ones individual needs. The system is provided with battery storage backup sufficient to operate light for 10-11 hours ...

Model MM-JES50 - Junction Box

by Tigo Energy, Inc.     Office in Shanghai, CHINA

The Tigo Energy Junction Box is designed to integrate seamlessly with the industry-leading Smart Module system. The unit is assembled on the PV module at the factory, and together it compiles to a Smart Module. In addition, the Smart Modules can be mixed with Dual Maximizer in the same system – they can be connected on the same string, and ...

NanoPV - Model T-100 - Thin Film Solar Panels

by NanoPV Solar Inc.     Office in Ayyappanthangal, INDIA

NanoPV Solar panels possess one of the highest energy yields in the industry. Backed up with high quality and all international certifications for standards and safety, the panels offer the highest reliability and cost effective solution for any solar applications. Our standard size of the solar panel corresponds to the size of various building ...

Model XS156B3 - X-Cells

by Motech Industries, Inc     based in Tainan City, CHINA

High conversion efficiencies resulting in superior, power output performance, Outstanding power output even in low light or high temperature conditions, Optimized design for ease of soldering and lamination, Long-term stability, reliability and performance, Low breakage rate, Color uniformity, Precision cell efficiency sorting procedures, ...

NanoPV - Thin-Film Solar Farms

by NanoPV Solar Inc.     Office in Ayyappanthangal, INDIA

NanoPV Technology and Manufacturing lines have resulted in various solar farms at different locations. These solar farms have proven the superior perfomance and solid reliability of the solar panels produced with NanoPV technologies, USA. These panels are grid connected and are generating substantial revenues with higher IRR in the industry to the ...

Omega - Model KSG SM/DM - Single Phase String-Type Inverte

by Kstar New Energy Co., Ltd.     based in New Taipei City, TAIWAN

Omega KSG SM/DM Single Phase String-type Inverter series is the ideal solution for roof-top solar system solution.With the characteristics of high efficiency and reliability, compact design and easy installation, it is applicable to distribute power generation system.

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