thin-film solar module Equipment available in Lithuania

  • Model ASM4.013 - Thin Film Solar Module

    0.13Wp / 4.8V / 26.8mA - front glass / protective layer without corner edging - 88.7x30.3x2.3mm

    By SOLARC Innovative Solarprodukte GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Thin Film Solar Module Product line

  • Model SB14W Sunboard 14W - Thin Film Solar Module

    Sunboard 14W. Solar module to charge a 12 V battery

    By SOLARC Innovative Solarprodukte GmbH based in Berlin, GERMANY. from Thin Film Solar Module Product line

  • Thin-Film Solar Modules

    The comprehensive product portfolio for manufacturing thin-film solar modules from Manz sets international standards for increased efficiency while lowering production costs. In contrast to crystalline solar technology, in thin-film solar technology the semiconductor is deposited on a glass substrate. This technology is named for the fact that the ...

    By Manz AG based in Reutlingen, GERMANY. from Solar Product line

  • Model CIGS - BIPV Thin-Film Solar Modules

    Manz has decades of experience in the manufacture and installation of CIGS thin-film solar modules (CIGS = Copper Indium Gallium Diselenide). With this knowledge, we support you in your BIPV projects and together with our partners offer not only the right thin-film solar modules, but also complete, individually tailored system solutions.

    By Manz AG based in Reutlingen, GERMANY. from Solar Product line

  • Model Allegro Series - Laser Machining Thin Film Solar Modules

    Allegro laser systems are used for all processes associated with laser structuring (laser scribing) thin-film solar cells. Whether CIGS, CIS, aSi, aSi/µSi or CdTe, depending on the actual thin-film technology Allegro systems are equipped with the corresponding optimal laser sources and can be equipped for machining from the film- or non-film ...

    By LPKF SolarQuipment GmbH based in Suhl, GERMANY.

  • Utility-Scale Solar Modules

    Sharp’s thin fi lm product pairs amorphous silicon with a layer of Sharp’s proprietary microcrystalline silicon to achieve higher stability and better performance than previously thought possible for thin film solar. This tandem-junction architecture captures more of the solar spectrum and converts more sunlight into electricity. It is ...

    By Sharp Solar Energy Solutions Group based in Huntington Beach, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Thin Film Products Product line

  • Gadir Solar - Model a-SiT - Thin Film Photovoltaic Module

    The GADIR a-SiT solar module is manufactured with amorphous silicon using state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, which offer strong competitive advantages over other technologies.

    By Gadir Solar based in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • QS Solar - 95W Thin-Film Module

    Generate more power at dawn, during twilight or cloudy days due to higher low light sensitivity. In the same location, thin film panels cangenerate 10% to 15% more electricity per year than crystalline silicon panels

    By QS Solar based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Gadir Solar - Model a-SiR - Thin Film Photovoltaic Module

    The GADIR a-SiR solar module is manufactured with amorphous silicon using state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, which offer strong competitive advantages over other technologies.

    By Gadir Solar based in Madrid, SPAIN.

  • Hisunpv - Model HS series - A-Si Thin Film Soalr Module

    Hisun PV can provide A-Si thin film soalr module to our costomer. Size 1300*1100*7mm(Frameless), 1308*1108*40mm(Frame). Efficiency of the single junction is up to 7%, Power 100W. All the product of Hisun PV have been approved by TUV, CQC, MCS, CE and ISO organization.

    By Hisunpv Technology Co., Ltd based in HeBei, CHINA. from Solar Modules Product line

  • QS Solar - Single Glass 100W Amorphous Thin-Film Module

    40% lighter(only 15.25kg per module and 9.9kg/m2) than regular glass/glass thin film panels. Perfect for rooftop (esp.rooftop with weight restrictions)and BIPV/BAPV projects.The reinforced back structure offers the same resistance as regular modules. Delivers 100 Watts at standard test conditions.

    By QS Solar based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • SolarModule - Model TF-lab - Inspection Systems

    The inspection Systems SolarModule TF-lab and TF-lab600 are high resolutions offline electroluminescence inspections Systems optimized for thinfilm solar modules. Many thinfilm technologies produced on glas substrates can be inspected like aSi, CdTe, CIS or CIGS. Thin film modules can be easly loaded into the inspection system using standard ...

    By MBJ Solutions GmbH based in Hamburg, GERMANY. from Module Tester- Special Module Testers for Thin Film Product line

  • NanoPV - Model T-100 - Thin Film Solar Panels

    NanoPV Solar panels possess one of the highest energy yields in the industry. Backed up with high quality and all international certifications for standards and safety, the panels offer the highest reliability and cost effective solution for any solar applications. Our standard size of the solar panel corresponds to the size of various building ...

    By NanoPV Solar Inc. based in Princeton, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Solar Panels Product line

  • Kaneka - Model U-SA110 - 110w Thin Film Solar Panel

    Kaneka Hybrid PV module has tandem junction; the micro-crystalline thin-film silicon layer and the thin-film amorphous silicon layer. This module achieves maximum 42% higher energy conversion efficiency than conventional thin-film amorphous silicon PV module. Kaneka Hybrid PV module is an optimal choice to meet the needs of both residential and ...

    By Dmsolar, LLC based in Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA (USA). from Solar Panels Product line

  • Trosifol - Model Solar UV+ - PVB Encapsulation Film

    Trosifol Solar UV+ is a groundbreaking PVB encapsulation film with a modified formulation. This highly transparent film with outstanding UV transmittance increases the energy yield of crystalline UV-selective solar cells and CIS/CIGS thin-layer solar modules still further. The film shows excellent resistance to heat, UV radiation and other ...

    By Kuraray Europe GmbH - Division Trosifol based in Troisdorf, GERMANY. from Photovoltaics Product line

  • Model JSP series - Solar Module

    The Joyeh Solar Thin-Film panel is made using advanced Amorphous Silicon Technology(a-Si).The Joyeh Solar JSA90 can deliver 90 Watts at standard test conditions.The Joyeh Solar JSA90 can be used for residential and commercial applications as well as for solar farms

    By Ningbo Joyeh New Energy Technology & Science Co., LTD based in Ningbo, CHINA. from Solar Module Product line

  • First Solar - Model FS Series 2 - PV Module

    First Solar® FS Series 2™ PV Modules are IEC 61646 and IEC 61730 certified for use in systems up to 1000 VDC, UL Listed (600VDC), and meet the requirements of Safety Class II. First Solar provides cost effective thin film module solutions to leading solar project developers and system integrators for large scale, grid-connected solar ...

    By Vico Export Solar Energy based in valencia, SPAIN. from First Solar Product line

  • Ultrasonic Welding Equipment (Thin-Film Solar Cells)

    In the photovoltaic industry, for example, welding systems are used to join strip conductors and metal coated glass. CIS, CIGS, CdTe, a-Si and µc-Si thin film modules are among those suitable for the process. Ultrasonic metal welding offers maximum quality and optimum joint properties particularly in these highly sensitive applications. By ...

    By Schunk based in Heuchelheim, GERMANY. from Solar Energy - Photovoltaics Product line

  • QS Solar - 50W Semi-Transparent Module

    Transparent a-Si thin film module developed through CVD technology.Designed & produced for BAPV,BIPV projects.Applied for ecological buildings & agricultural green houses.QS Solar has his own unique manufacturing process giving the lowest sustainable produc on cost & reliable product quality. QS Solar has fully committed to an ...

    By QS Solar based in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • High Power - Model WD-xxx Series - Thin Film Silicon PV Modules

    Our a-Si/mc-Si tandem solar cell products offer high output power while less light induced degradation.

    By Sun Well Solar based in Taoyuan County, TAIWAN.

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